Aug 26, 2008

Reading Philip's Mail

Philip R. Klein writes in Reader Mail on the Southeast Texas Political Review: know we all get mail...I try very hard to treat those who care enough to write - with a little dignity. Yes - some are not on the same level as you and I are - but they have a question and I answer it. Or try too [sic].

I try, too!  Not many people out there are on Philip's level, thank goodness, but let's examine his idea of dignity and respect, shall we?

From Beaumont :

"Have you seen the traffic on Dowlin [sic] Road in Beaumont. [sic] Why do you not write about the horrible traffic flow costing thousands daily in gas?"

Answer : Anyone stupid enough to go to the mall and sit in lines has enough money to spend on the gas? Is that an answer?

Since Philip writes the questions and answers them, too (or is that "to?"), no harm done.

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