Aug 5, 2008

Tazer [sic] This

Philip R. Klein offer his unsolicited and uninformed opinion on the incident in Orange, where a suspect died in custody after being taserd by OPD officers. Philip describes the incident:

In Orange this past week - a man climbed in bed with an elderly woman. The officers that came out found him in the bed refusing to come out. They moved the woman out of the bed and got her out of the house. As they ordered the man to come out of the bed - he refused. So they popped him. Cuffed him and he stopped breathing.

Here's a different account from a more credible source:

According to Orange police, the 46-year-old man followed a woman inside her home unbeknownst to her, threw a blanket over her and tackled her to the ground in her living room.

The senior citizen, whose name was not released, was at her home in the 1500 block of 10th Street around 9:30 a.m. and had gone outside to get her mail.

Fortunately for the victim, who told police she didn't know the attacker nor had she ever seen him before, she was wearing a Medical Alert device and pushed the button, alerting an ambulance service.

Once medics arrived, they could hear the woman inside screaming and they called police.

Kittrell said after officers entered the home, they ordered the man off the woman, but he refused. They finally were able to pull the woman, who police say was not injured, from under the man and then attempted to take the man into custody.

Philip can't even get the details straight.  Neither did Chief Kittrell reveal whether the cameras used to record the crime scene were actually loaded with film.

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