Sep 25, 2008

For More Information:

Readers who are curious about Philip's progress should join the Southeast Texas Political Review Talk Back Line:

This list is brought to you by SouthEast [sic] Texas Political Review

Please post topics pertinent to issues related to SouthEast Texas.

This is a public forum so profanity and explicit sexual tones are of course not allowed.

This forum is also completely anonymous. There is a blacklist that other members can find your name if they wish. Members of the list will not know your name, or email address.  If you wish to have it known who the message is from you will need to place your email address or name in the body of the message (sign your name)

To JOIN  the list, send an email message to with the word JOIN in the body of the message.

To POST a message to the list, send email to

I'm sure most readers can find the latest "News Behind the News" during Philip's "server problems."

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