Sep 24, 2008

A Likely Story

From Philip R. Klein's front page on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

To Our Clients And Customers

Our server - PNX has been sold to a new company. We are having some software troubles and we are working those out as we speak. We will have the new site up when the servers change on Thursday. However, if the software issues are not solved with not be up until Monday [sic]. We thank all of you for your understanding regarding this matter. PNX / Wing / Caldwell Global is working on the issue.

Philip R. Klein, Editor

If Philip is truly having "software troubles," I wonder why his website for Klein Investigations seems to be working just fine?  See for yourself at this link.

Note to Philip: a server is a computer, so I think you actually meant, "The company that hosts our website..."  I thought this was quite apropos from your rate card:

Computer / Internet Investigative Rate - $85 Per Hour
Includes All Computer Diagnostics and Analysis at Home or in the Office.

I wonder how you can justify charging these rates when you can't tell the difference between a server and a hosting company. is cheaper and apparently a lot more dependable. The security is pretty darn good, too - I know at least one private detective has tried to secure some personal information about me through Google and ended up at a dead end.

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