Sep 3, 2008

On Philip's Editorial and Ego

First, let's get the funny part out of the way:

So then I get an email from a friend at NBC about four hours before the media breaks the story that Governor Palin is going to be given the vice presidents [sic] slot for McCain.

Right!  How's that new radio show coming along,  Philip?

The rest of Philip's rambling editorial loosely comments on his opinion of Sarah Palin, Republican pick for the "vice presidents slot" on the GOP ticket.  Philip's bottom line:

I want to hear her speech Thursday night. I want to hear what she says. I want to know what she is about. I could careless about her daughter. I could careless about the babies daddy. I just want to hear if she is going to take more control of my life and my money.

That is what I want to hear. And if it is all good - I will red rover and come on over. But do not take bets on that. It is going to have to be clear - convincing and over the top. I want to hear about less taxes, my gun rights, my rights as a citizen and getting rid of government to a manageable size.

Actually, Palin is speaking tonight (Wednesday), not tomorrow night when McCain takes the podium. Did I mention Philip R. Klein is an idiot?

I'm not even sure why he's putting so much stock in her speech, where she'll undoubtedly tout the McCain party line. Philip won't be able to understand the big words anyway:

And I always gage her response...

I'm sure he meant "gauge her response."

However, if Philip were truly a shrewd political analyst as he claims, he could actually research the issue and let the facts speak for themselves:

  • Palin is governor of a state with roughly the same population as Southeast Texas.
  • She was mayor of a town that had roughly a third of the population of Nederland during her tenure.
  • During her 6 years as mayor, she increased general government expenditures by over 33%.
  • She also increased the amount of taxes collected by the city of Wasilla by 38%.
  • She increased the city sales tax, which even taxed food.
  • She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with a debt of over $22 million.
  • Palin pushed an infrastructure project through that cost over $15 million. The infrastructure: a multi-use sports complex. I'm not sure whether it's called "Ford Park," but in her haste to get the project done, she okayed construction on a piece of property to which the City of Wasilla didn’t have clear title. The issue is still in litigation today, seven years after the fact.

Isn't it funny that a shrewd political analyst like Philip Klein can't intelligently discuss her record?  Instead, he has to wait to "gage her response."

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