Sep 16, 2008

Philip R. Klein Stuck in Time Warp

In his latest edition of the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein has reposted articles from the week of August 29, 2008.

Freak Out

There are some really mad retailers right now in Southeast Texas. The reason? A press release from the Port Arthur Police Department calling for all citizens to "prepare" for a storm.

The problem?

Nobody told the gas suppliers

Imaging Port Arthur

There are a few things that gets us fired up around here. And one of them is spending tax dollars for crap. And that is what Port Arthur got this week - crap.

Get this - Port Arthurs [sic] new image is "Oil and Water Mix?" What?" How about "Blood and Roses" in the graves of those who have been murdered, robbed and / or afraid to leave their homes in the middle of the night.

Start is a start.

Eddie Arnold made his voice heard and voted against the .... tax rate. But wherever. It is a start.

We have been pretty hard on Eddie around here. The token GOPER that continues to try to play along with the Gang of Seven - and loses every time - seemingly did the right thing on the tax rate.


You have to admit...this is a good one on Joe Jr.'s part.

As the media does the GAGA dance over the DNC show in Colorado - the media fell hook line and sinker into a free plug for Joe Deshotel's web site called "POLLABEAR."


A source close to The Southeast Texas Political Review told Operation Kleinwatch, "So what's new? Klein just keeps putting up the same old think over and over and over again, so I'm pretty sure no one will notice except you. He's only got 30 regular readers, anyway. "

Meanwhile, Philip may find this of interest:

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