Sep 22, 2008

Philip R. Klein, Where Are You (Pt II)?

Philip R. Klein has been too busy to update the Southeast Texas Political Review, according to another anonymous source who wishes to remain anonymous. 

"After the storm, Philip attached himself to the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department, especially around meal times when volunteers are given free food at Sanderson's.  Philip's always the first in line and the last to leave - the running joke around here is don't get between Philip and the food if you value your life," said the source.  "Not only that, but he's been sleeping in the A/C at the NFD offices, since they were one of only a few places in Nederland with power until last Friday." 

In addition to running the NVFD as his personal fiefdom during the recovery effort, Philip rescued two dogs, three cats, a goldfish, and sidestepped a gator with bad taste. 

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