Sep 28, 2008

Philip R. Klein Writes:

From the Southeast Texas Political Review Talk Back Line:

Subject: Editors Note

To All :

This past evening the Review learned of a blog spot that was mirroring this web site. Accordingly, it is a violation of Title 17 and our law firm is aggressively pursuing this issue this morning.

Unfortunately for the poster, whenever you download a picture, said picture has a code and usually has a hit and time of hit from the original source of the download (called a fingerprint). Said fingerprint leads directly to the download IP address which leads directly to the account to which is being used.

Accordingly, we have our suspect.

We believe that we are open to discussion and even web sites that parody. However, there is a line. And there are some that continue to attempt to cross that line because of either a serious issue or a lack of understanding of the law. For whatever it is - any reproduction of this web site will be dealt with strongly. As such - you will hear about it in it's proper time.

Thank you for your readership.

Philip R. Klein, Editor

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