Sep 7, 2008

Prediction - The Next President

Philip predicts the next President (again) in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. He tells his readers than Obama will win, so in reality, I suspect McCain may actually pull this out.

But seriously, folks, I'm  not sure how anyone can take a self-proclaimed expert on political relations seriously with such rookie mistakes as this:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

Poor Fred didn't even make it through the second primary before dropping out and Klein missed his first prediction by an Alaskan mile.  Or, how about these idiot mistakes from our wannabe pollster (emphasis is mine):

There seemingly is a consensus between all pundants [sic] that Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as the next president.

I suspect Philip meant pundits, but he's obviously just repeating something he misheard on TV.  In order to "talk educated," Philip wrote some gibberish about "the Bradley effect" on polling data, which means absolutely nothing.  For evidence, look at the movement in the most recent polls between Thursday (see article below) and today:

Date Sample
Obama McCain Spread
Gallup Tracking
09/04 - 09/06 2765 45 48 McCain +3
Rasmussen Tracking
09/04 - 09/06 3000 48 48 Tie
Hotline/FD 09/02 - 09/04 916 46 40
Obama +6
CBS News
09/01 - 09/03
734 42 42 Tie
08/29 - 08/31 927 49 48
Obama +1

As most people know, one generally throws out the high and low numbers, then uses an average of the middle to get a real feel. We can see that the race is still really too close to call.

For those readers who'd like to look at real data, rather than a bogus internet poll with less than 75 responses and run by a wingnut, try this map at  This makes a lot more sense than Philip:

The Southeast Texas Political Review is calling the race already post [sic] our weekend of listening in on meetings with pollsters and those in the political business that do this business [sic]  for a living.

Those in the "political business who do this business for a living" think Philip is a nut - if Philip is as connected as he claims, why has he never attended the RNC? 

Question for Philip: Did you ever make good on the campaign pledge to Kay Bailey Hutchison, or is your name still Philip R. Mudd?

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