Sep 24, 2008

Real Readers Write:

A reader left this comment [edit is mine]:

Gus, thought you'd like to know that Klein's explanation about his website problems is phony. If there was a server problem like he claims, the page wouldn't load at all, so the software problem is on Philip's side.

Most likely it's an IBC problem...Idiot Behind Computer. If you know how to read code, you'll know his website is as screwed up as his spelling. Here he's got TWO counters running:

<img src="_vti_bin/fpcount.exe/?Image=1|Digits=6" alt="Hit Counter">

<!-- Start of StatCounter Code -->; <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

He can manipulate that "Hit Counter" (the one that's visible) because FrontPage lets you set it to any number you want.

The statcounter is invisible so you can't see the real numbers, but he's tracking all IP addresses, the originating city, the service provider, the mac address of the originating computer and a bunch of information from each visitor. This and all the rest of this paranoid c**p he's got just slows down his website until the pages take forever to load.  

And he's only got about 30 people who check out his website regularly. Watch his "Hit Counter" and you'll see when Philip doesn't change the numbers over a couple of days.

So it's not the server, it's Philip's idiot website that's having problems.

Henry Stamper

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