Sep 3, 2008

This One Cost You

It seems like just a few days ago that Philip R. Klein was complaining about several gas stations who sold out of gas prior to the mandatory evacuation order for Hurricane Gustav:

Sadly - the evacuation of Jefferson County - which did not see a drop of rain - will cost you the taxpayer over $2,000,000 to local revenue streams and the cost of overtime and evacuation systems in total will top well over $30,000,000 according to the state of Texas.

Come to think of it, it was just a few days ago, but I'd like to see that citation, since Philip has a tendency to lie make up exaggerate numbers. Show me the figures!

Poor Philip is one of those perennial complainers who are never happy and will undoubtedly find the cloud in any silver lining. 

Unfortunately, local emergency management officials are almost always in a no-win situation. They're criticized by whiners if they don't call an evacuation, yet criticized  by the same whiners if they do call an evacuation.

Of course, Philip throws in an anonymous source:

Some of the old timers who rode out many a hurricane tell us here at the Review : "This new generation of people act like a bunch of scared little girls."

"Scared little girls" -  what self-proclaimed editor and political consultant uses that phrase on a regular basis?

Gus is a scared little girl whose [sic] too afraid to sign his name.

This is obviously another of Philip R. Klein's manufactured sources, but as one of those "old timers" who went through Hurricanes Audrey, Carla, Cindy, Alicia, Chantal, Bonnie, Rita, and a couple of others that I've forgotten, emergency management officials deserve thanks, not criticism and complaints, when they call an evacuation.

Besides, I suspect their success rate is much better than Philip's political predictions.

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