Sep 1, 2008

To Early?

Or, not to early - that is the question that Philip R. Klein raises in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review.  I suspect that Philip probably meant "Too Early?"

The long answer will only be answer [sic] by history. "

According to sources with Emergency Managment [sic] in Jefferson County

13 families in the mid and south county residence, who are bed ridden [sic], were left leaving [?} local EMS services to check on their welfare.

Philip's apparently having his own hurricane party - drunks, stay away from computers while intoxicated or else, you could be left leaving, too. .

On a serious note, I'll note it's easy to be an armchair quarterback after the fact.  Philip attributes blame to Greg Fountain and Judge Ron Walker:

In the line of fire it Greg Fountan [sic], the Emergency Coordinator for the County and Judge Ron Walker - who will have to come up and tell everyone that it was better to be safe than sorry.

However, Jefferson County is only one of several counties covered by the Southeast Texas Emergency Management Office. Philip is apparently unaware that both Orange and Hardin Counties issued mandatory evacuation orders as well.

To the members of the Southeast Texas Emergency Management Office, thanks for all you do - your efforts and judgement are greatly appreciated by the majority of residents; in the case of criticism, please consider the source.

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