Sep 9, 2008

Where Is He

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Let's get this straight - it is not us - it is whispers in the media. They are asking where County Judge Ron Walker has been and why he has not done very many interviews on the tube during this last hurricane and the previous one. Interestingly enough - his surrogates have been doing all of the talking.

"During the last hurricane and the previous one?" At least Philip's writing abilities are better than his information-gathering skills. 

Channel 6 apparently had no problem finding Judge Ron Walker:

"We are prepared for that," said County Judge Ron Walker. "Those people in East Texas better pay close attention; they're gonna get wet. What kind of resources would it take to get those people back by Tuesday or Wednesday? Buses, ambulances, manpower. It would take an army of people. That's what it takes."

Klein quotes a source in the media:

"Greg <Fountain> is around and all over the place. But when we ask to speak with the Judge on Camera we get a firm no. They say he is too busy. I think the people need to see him and not just on the phone for a phoner or simply a written interview. It is time to see the man and let him tell everyone what is going on. We never had this problem with Griffith," said the source.

"Greg Fountain is around and all over the place?" Hmmm - that sure sounds a lot like his last statement and the previous one.

Given that Philip is at war with the Beaumont Enterprise, all of the local TV stations, and can't find a job at any of the the local radio stations, I suspect this is another of Philip's manufactured quotes.

Note to Philip: This is the best you can do?  How about the fed take-over of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - isn't this an example of your notion of "Nanny Government?" Or, is this okay?

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