Oct 31, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Let's get started (even though there is little of real interest this week)!

Prediction Issue - Will be posted Sunday Night with post mortem Tuesday.

I hope Philip doesn't forget this one:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

I imagine Thurman Bartie is a little peeved right now, without Philip's endorsement, he could have been a candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner.  Readers will remember there is a reason that Philip is called, "Mr. 37.5 Percent."

KBTV - The first couple of morning shows went off....we say give it time. Jack is Jack.

Went off where?

KPRC - We hear it will pick up the slack for NBC. Not sure if that is true - but we will see.

Both Philip R. Kleins "hear' a rumor about KPRC, but missed this story.

Gun Sales - We spoke with three gun dealers this week. Two told us sales were up over 20% in fear of the Obama administration. Go buy ya some!

Maybe Philip will take his own advice and trade that silly Glock for a real gun. I suggest trading in those 9mm AR-15s, as well. 

Cruising - The solution to Orange Counties issues are off shore 10 miles. Uh....FEMA dropped the ball.

Philip is the only person in the world who believes Vidor is in "North Orange County."

Panic - The Beaumont Enterprise may face MORE layoffs says a source close to the Enterprise to the Review this morning. Newsroom cuts coming. Thank you internet.

To be revisited.

Kicked Off Plane - Oh yes they were. The media Kicked off the Obama plane. If they selected McCain in their endorsement. Things to come?

Philip's notion of "the media' consists of three newspaper reporters out of 25 or so,  including the Washington Times and the New York Post.  I only wonder why either of those newspapers (I use the term loosely) ever had a seat in the first place.

The other newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, had this to say in their editorial about the issue:

We think the Obama campaign's decision is to some degree more a function of limited seats, and while we're a large regional newspaper, we're not national and we're not in a swing state. We've been on the road with them at key moments, but we've not been along for the entire ride, like, say, The New York Times and The Associated Press.

For what it's worth, we've had the same trouble with the McCain campaign. One of our reporters dropped off earlier this week when space became an issue, and we're only getting back on with McCain tomorrow for the final weekend because they, unlike the Obama campaign, are adding a second plane.

Interesting reading, don't you think?  Read the entire editorial for a decidedly different take than Philip's wingnut bias.

Dead Deer - Let's go kill deer.

Perhaps my sense of humor has become warped from reading the Southeast Texas Political Review, but the thought of an obese white guy in a tree stand with a .50 caliber sniper rifle strikes me as funny.

Blogger Report - No real report other than our favorite - Mega Dump. And check out the Beaumont Retro - the Silsbee thing is pretty crazy....

What - no mention of the poll this week?  I thought this take from Sam The Eagle was interesting:

When examining the number of votes Philip's current poll has received:

55.......and considering its been up for 12 days, The Count has extrapolated that Philip averages around 4.5 votes per day.

According to Darren Rose of Pro-Blogger, a typical poll will see about 15-20 percent of the visitors vote: The Count now estimates that only about 24 readers actually visit The Southeast Texas Political Review on a given day.

Readers may remember that I've extrapolated similar results.  Did I mention that the company who hosts Philip's website is called "Wingnet Internet Services."  Rather apropos, isn't it?

Oct 29, 2008



Philip predicts the death of Jefferson County (again):

Here is the bottom line - Jefferson County has poised itself for a huge fall. And frankly - the homes values are topped out now. And there is no place to go but down. And frankly - we think it is a matter of time before they fall. Jefferson County has been built on match sticks of hope. And the fire is coming.

Philip can't even agree with himself in the same article:

"...housing starts in Jefferson County are through the roof. In Nederland alone a 120 plus single family home project, with homes in the upper $100 k range will begin added with another project by the lakes already under construction. "

Hopefully readers will be able to decipher to gibberish, such as, "...homes in the upper $100 k range will begin added with another project ...."

I'll also note that Philip has been predicting the death of Jefferson County every year since 1998. I did enjoy this quote from his "anonymous sources:"

They went on to say, "I hear guys like Jamie Smith who has been sitting in the background is going to run Bo Alfred. How is Bo going to get support of those he has to lay off?"

Still no mention of the Brent Weaver/Mark Domingue race!  We'll see which "sources" are more reliable.

Note to Philip: Really, Philip, you need to get some new material. This stuff isn't old, it's ancient.

On a related issue, I noticed the appraisal on your house - when said you put in a new swimming pool, I pictured something bigger than a wading pool.  Did you finance that with an SBA loan, too?

Concerning your sources, I did some fact checking on those changes you claimed were taking place at Channel 4. Typically, your sources were uninformed. The real story is that local viewers won't see any of the Fox News anchors on KBTV4. Instead, you'll see almost five hours of local news each day, including the area's only local newscast at 9pm.  Not exactly what you predicted, is it?

Hot Tip for Philip


So I walk into the doors this morning (boy, did that ever hurt) - on this cool crisp morning - and the phone is ringing at 6:32 a.m.?


"Are you listening to KLVI?" Says the caller.

In a midnight surprise - KBTV 4 superpower John Garner showed up on KLVI's morning program as .... Cowboy John?

And I said huh?

Sources close to the descion [sic] claimed that Cowboy John would now host KLVI's afternoon talk show, with co-hosts John "Black Bart" Stevens, Sr., and Leroy.

Note to Philip: You should check this out - it's big breaking news! If so, perhaps you could use your supernatural powers to channel Uncle Willie for The Southeast Texas Political Review.

The Southeast Texas Political Review On the Radio


Readers won't find much political content in Philip R. Klein latest article except his typical name-calling, mangled information, manufactured statements from "anonymous" sources, and self-aggrandizement:

In a midnight surprise - KLVI superpower Jack Pieper showed up on KBTV's new morning program as .... host?

Apparently, this was a surprise to no one except Philip Klein, since the station, by Philip's own admission, had time to post a job opening. Readers may remember this article from Monday, where Philip commented on Channel 4/KBTV:

It was a Friday shocker that even we did not believe and had to make some phone calls. But after talking to those close to the decsion [sic] - we seem to agree that this may be a huge move for KBTV.

Philip is frequently shocked, but I thought it was rather ironic that those "sources close to the descion [sic]" apparently didn't inform him about Jack Pieper's move. 

Regarding name-calling, Philip writes this gibberish:

Left leaning [sic] Jack Pieper is now the morning host at KBTV morning show...You are putting a political guy that at best p****s people off which makes for good radio on TV where everyone wants to be happy?

I hear more content on Jack Pieper's like that coin guy, World War II veterans, and Dr. Nick Pomonis than politics, but as I've frequently pointed out, Philip's argues from a political position slightly to the right of Attila the Hun. Even most conservatives are "left leaning [sic]" compared to Philip.  This doesn't sound like a flaming liberal to me:

Jack Pieper's plea to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Att: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

With public confidence in government at an all-time low wouldn't it be prudent for you, as Speaker of the House, to give 75% of the American people what they are asking for..an open vote on off-shore continental shelf and ANWR drilling. I believe the nation's life-blood is at stake both economically and in terms of national security. It's also imperative to increase our domestic refining capacity.

At the same time while securing our own oil and natural gas, I support an aggressive program of alternative energy development, ultimately to take us off fossil fuels. Congress has already failed us on comprehensive immigration legislation. Please don't make it two for two by failing to enact a meaningful energy bill. Most of my callers tell me they want Congress to act now.

Jack Pieper
Host: Afternoon Talk
KLVI radio, Beaumont

Isn't that the same position that Sarah Palin as a purported conservative Governor of an oil rich state shares?

I'm sure that most readers can spot Philip's professional jealousy throughout his article; if rumor about radio ratings is correct (and I suspect it is), Jack Pieper had a huge audience for his Saturday morning fix-my-car show, while Philip had approximately 30 regular listeners.  Nevertheless, Philip writes:

And as for you rumor people - no - the Review has not been contacted by KLVI to do a show. They do not have guts. It would be like putting the chicken in the hen house. The phones would not stop ringing and they cannot afford that right now. Stop calling with the suggestion. And they do not have that kind of money. Even if they are "Clear Channel."

But KOLE radio had "that kind of money?"  Right,  and all 30 of Philip's regular listeners are burning his phones up.  I'm still trying too figure out what Philip meant when he claimed his phones "couldn't afford that right now."

I distinctly remember hearing Philip on KLVI a few times back in 90s.  Apparently, the station figured out early on that an audience of only 30 people wasn't acceptable.  The rumor I heard held that Al Caldwell fired Philip because he couldn't follow direction. 

Really, this has nothing to do with politics, but rather Philip's bruised ego, who's apparently a little miffed that "the Review has not been contacted by KLVI."

One of my favorite moments of Philip's short-lived radio show came when one of his two regular callers offered a different opinion on the VX waste controversy.  Philip berated him:

Joe, Joe, Joe, now come on, now come on with me here, Joe, now listen to me. This stuff has already been...before it's even been brought here to Southeast Texas, Texas, it's already been dissolved to a point where you would need to wallow in it for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect. Now talk educated on this show, we demand our people to talk educated on this show, you're not talking educated, Joe...God Dang it, you just gotta get educated.

Philip, never cited his source for that figure of "one point of one-tenth of a side effect." Rather than "talking educated," I think Philip sounds like he's "wallowing" in stupidity.

Special note to Philip: Whatever happened to that archive of your past radio shows that you promised to put up after they finally pulled your plug?

This site will archive the Southeast Texas Political Review Radio show that was formally broadcast on KOLE Fox Radio.

And, how is Dominick Brascia's syndicated radio show doing? I remember this posting from July of 2007:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the radio show will be broadcast syndicated [sic] nationally on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year."

And what about this one from last summer:

From The Talk Show Grave - Dominick Brasha [sic] comes from the talk show grave and will be starting his new show back on KOLE Radio on Monday the 5th of May. Good luck Dominick. The Review has been asked to do the Tuesday the 6th show as a co-host thing. We will be there.

I was listening that morning, but neither Philip or Dominick Brasha [sic] showed up.   Maybe they couldn't come up with enough money.

Oct 28, 2008

Philip's Idiot Email


In Philip R. Klein's latest reader mail, he writes his own questions and answers them, too:

"....so do you think that Domingues screw up with the people in Hampshire Fannett [sic] will equal votes for any challenger? Is Domingue in political trouble?

Answer : No. Unless a name such as Barnett would step up and run him. I think someone like that may have a chance of beating him. [Gibberish follows] I will have more thoughts post seeing how the swing goes in the Nederland, Pt. Neches and Groves area post election.

It's no secret, except maybe to Philip R. Klein, that Brent Weaver with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department will run against Mark Domingue in the next election.

Isn't it a little ironic that a shrewd political consultant missed that one?  So much for those "anonymous sources close to the [fill in the blank]!

Note to Philip:  If you study real hard and do your homework regularly, perhaps someday you'll learn to spell Hamshire-Fannett correctly.

Oct 27, 2008

Elevate This


In Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he quotes another of his infamous "anonymous sources:

According to sources close to one of the "victims" - a lawsuit will be filed in Federal Court regarding damages that are in excess of $15 million dollars for families that lost homes or cannot collect on insurance benifits [sic].

"We are going to get together and sue the county. Then we are are [sic sic] going to get together and get rid of the commissioner and the judge. Then we are are going to have the new county judge fire the engineer. That is what we are going to do," said the source at the courthouse this morning.

We'll revisit this in a few months, but this sounds like the same source who purportedly told Klein that 26,000 cases in Hardin County would be "refilled."  The source also made the same grammatical mistakes as the source "close to the station" concerning the Channel 4 story (see below).

Typically, Philip is confused:

The problem stemmed from DD7 engineers telling the county that their elevations were off by a few feet.

The emphasis is mine - surely Philip's knowledgeable  sources realize that the Country Road Estates are actually in Drainage District 6, not DD 7 as Klein claims.  Perhaps Philip still thinks that addition is in "Hampshire [sic]-Fannett" and not LaBelle.

Note to Phillip: This is more of the "same old think, over and over and over again."  You need to get some new material. 



Philip comments on the pending change in Networks at KBTV/Channel 4:

It was a Friday shocker that even we did not believe and had to make some phone calls. But after talking to those close to the decsion [sic] - we seem to agree that this may be a huge move for KBTV.

Here's the story from the Beaumont Enterprise.  I particularly liked this part of his article:

Late Friday afternoon - the Enterprise broke the story that KBTV would be dropping their relationship with NBC. Meaning - there will be no more NBC for the Southeast Texas area unless someone picks them up or KPRC Houston is picked up by Time Warner. And that by dropping NBC - they would be picking up FOX as their flagship.

Meaning, Philip felt obliged to explain what dropping NBC meant to his readers.  While Philip claims that KPRC/Houston is the logical choice, he's apparently not aware that KPLC/Channel 7 in Lake Charles is already carried on several local cable franchises and that the station's broadcast signal already covers portions of the Beaumont/Port Arthur market.  We'll revisit this in the future.

I especially liked Philip's "sources close to the descion [sic]:

"The move is being made by the management for a couple of reasons. The NBC brand is really not as popular as it used to be. Especially the news division of NBC. The management feels that FOX is the future for TV in the United States and this will be our change to tag on to good programming that families will enjoy and the news division is the most popular name in news. It fits the station," said a source close to the station.

I always find it interesting when Philip's so-called sources make the same grammatical train wrecks as Philip's signature mistakes.  Interested readers can find better insight into Nextar's attitude about Fox TV by examining the company's affiliate list here.

Finally, Philip offers his take:

Our take?

We like it. But it brings up many questions. We could careless about the prime time - it stinks. But the news division is a loss. As NBC has gone far left - there is a place for far left news as equal to the far right news. Mandated no. But the left needs to be heard. If it sells it sells.

As for Southeast Texas - it is a huge win. And NBC will be picked up by someone. And if it needs to come from Houston so be it.

FOX is in and the PEACOCK is out. And so it is written and so it is done. Southeast Texas gets a real Fox Channel. And that may put the media upside down!

Somehow, the notion of Philip Klein offering his opinion on local media seems silly. This is the same Philip R. Klein who had only about 30 regular listeners on his radio show on KOLE according to local ratings, but I sincerely hope that KBTV does better as a Fox Network television Affiliate than KOLE Radio did as a Fox Network radio affiliate. 

Note to Philip: When can we expect the big announcement about your "return to the radio?"  From one of Philip's recent polls:

Should The Review Accept An Offer To Return To The Radio?

Yes - I Enjoyed The Show:  78 %

And all 30 of Philip's listeners voted!

Oct 26, 2008

The Missing


In the days after Hurricane Ike, Philip R. Klein posted a series of hysterical statements filled with juvenile imagery such as this:

Like a big old toilet, [the Bolivar Peninsula] flushed and only the big chunks are left standing.

Among Klein's predictions, from 300 to 400 bodies would be found and that authorities had already discovered over 30 on the peninsula. 

Let's revisit Philip's statements. From the Galveston Daily News (the emphasis is mine):

The Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office lists 15 county residents who died directly or indirectly from the storm and has yet to identify three people found on Goat Island or one woman recovered on Pelican Island.

Readers will note that this is the casualty list for all of Galveston County, not just those on Bolivar Peninsula. 

Likewise, I'm not sure how Philip will account for his claim that 300 to 400 bodies will be discovered, when only 23 are still listed as missing:

23 Ike victims remain missing from Bolivar

"I just called to tell you bye and I love you. ... I'm going to die. Me and Charles Allen are going to drown."

Those were the words of Delores Brookshire, 72, missing since Sept. 12. One month after the storm, that phone call, made to her cousin, echoes across the Bolivar Peninsula where 23 people remain unaccounted for and most are presumed dead.

Again, the emphasis is mine. While the stories of those 23 who are still missing a quite tragic, Philip's outrageous and ludicrous charges based on his own personal agenda only trivialize the deaths of those who died.

Shame on you, Philip R. Klein.

Oct 25, 2008

Another Look


Let's revisit one of Philip's previous Nitwit Tidbits from last week:

Stranded Workers - Funny stuff. Came to SET looking for work and there is none? Now they are stuck. We see signs all over the place for employees? Please...media stop it.

As I pointed out, the real story concerns a group of temporary construction workers, who came to help with the joint FEMA/COE program, Operation Blue Roof. Upon arrival, they discovered the need for workers had been exaggerated:

As it turns out, this same problem has surfaced in several other counties. Here's another example in Galveston County.

Here's my take on Klein's take:

Oct 23, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Philip posts a long distance edition of his Weekly Nitwit Tidbits:

Greetings from the land of milk and honey on the West Coast. Let's get started.

Philip needs to check his house. Someone visited the Operation Kleinwatch blog several times between 6 and 7 pm tonight from Philip's home computer, which has Windows XP, MSIE 7.0, and a monitor with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.  I wonder if Philip leaves the lights off and sits in the dark so his neighbors will think he's gone, as well?

Silsbee Rape - It has overshadowed the news people(s) [sic). All the while......read on. Media - shut the hell up. Leave these kids alone. Someone has to say it. Headlines? Kids, Sex, Drinking - High School? Is it really a headline?

Perhaps it's not as big as Hilton Kelley's missing Eagle Scout Award or his exclusion from the IMDB entry for Nash Bridges, but I think the sexual assault of a 16-year-old cheerleader by two adults and a minor, each of whom are free under a $100,000 bond, is newsworthy.

But, perhaps I'm old fashioned - maybe this type of conduct occurs regularly at Philip's house. I'll note that the story ranks as one of the most commented on both the Channel 6 and the Beaumont Enterprise websites, so someone apparently else thinks it's news, too.

Perhaps Philip thinks the media should pay more attention to those multiple police calls to investigate reported snakes inside a Nederland apartment complex.

Note to Philip: the word "people" is already plural, so it doesn't need an "s" or even an "(s)."

County Getting Tough - Giggle...either reopen the cafe in the courthouse or get out......giggle. Giggle. Giggle.

Philips gets tough (snicker) - offers a $1,000 dollar reward for information leading to the identity of Sam The Eagle (snicker, snicker).

KFDM Goes After Them Again - This time another reporter went after Walker and Co at the Jefferson County Courthouse. This time over permits. Get this...if you apply today it will take over two weeks to get to you for an inspection for electricity. Giggle again....

After Philip claims someone collected the reward for Sam The Eagle's identity, he drops the entire subject like a hot rock (snicker again).

There is More - Seemingly you have to have a permit - to have a permit - to get a permit - to try to get a permit - and then get the permit. This is really funny! It is just about silly - really silly.

No relevant content - Philip's gibberish is not remotely similar to reality as most people know it.  Read the article for yourself and decide.

More FEMA Housing Is Coming - Huh? Rightttttt????

Let's see, 4,000 homeless residents in Orange County, 116 mobile homes provided by FEMA - Huh? Rightttttt????

Port Arthur EDC - They are working with the EPA and getting reports on pollution? What and why? Another example of wasted tax dollars. Those would be your tax dollars.

Perhaps Philip would like to lead a group of volunteers to clean up those storage tanks that were washed all over South Jefferson County during Hurricane Ike.  So far, the EPA has responded to more than 3,000 reports  - the marshland is scattered with numerous tanks still containing diesel, oil, and toxic chemicals.  

Crockett Street - Thank goodness. Crockett street is coming back according to developers! More booze and more wrecks that kill people. At least it keeps the legal community going in SET.

Another issue where Philip sits solidly on both sides of the fence - few people can do this successfully unless they have the proper anatomy.

But seriously, after predicting that no new clubs would open on Crockett Street, Klein now finds another reason to complain when they do.  This is the same wingnut who questioned whether a party with alcohol that resulted in multiple sexual assaults of a teen-age girl was newsworthy.

Screwing With The Fair - We say it again this week...you do not fool with the fair. Stupid move. Tradition (s).

We'll revisit in the Spring - with cooperation from the weather, I suspect attendance could set new records.

Poll of the Week :

We are going to keep it up.......for another week!

Oh, look - only 35 votes were cast in Philip's poll! Disregarding the 16 votes that Philip cast himself, that leaves about 19 real votes:

Has anyone else noticed that Philip never includes the total number of real votes?

8600 - How is that bail out working for you? Pretty darn good huh? Funny stuff.

Philip's numerical reference is to the Dow-Jones average on October 9, 2008 (two weeks ago), when the Dow fell to its lowest point since 2003.  Apparently, Philip reads very slowly.

I noticed he didn't comment on the Bush Administration tax cuts to the wealthy and corporate America.  They didn't work in 2003, and they're obviously not working now.   But, it only took 12 years to recover from the Great Depression, hopefully this recovery won't take quite as long.

For a more up-to-date take on the situation, I suggest this article. I'll expect a comment from Philip sometime before Thanksgiving, since this article has a lot of multi-syllabic words.

Al Gore - Speaking at Harvard on Global Warming. Uh.....get this......coldest time in the US in 136 years. Funny stuff.

I'm aware of Gore's speech at Harvard, but I have no clue where Philip got his figure concerning the "coldest time in the US in 136 years."  Readers can leave a link if I missed this, but I suspect Philip's citing figures from the Guy from Boston again.

Blogger Report : Nothing. It has been very slow so we just do not have much to say about the local bloggers.

Philip probably missed this, since it was very funny.  On a related issue, did anyone notice how Klein's messianic complex was showing when he titled his editorial "It Is Done?"

Philip's New Editorial


In his latest editorial, Philip reprints an op-ed piece from Orson Scott Card. Not being a reader, it's pretty obvious that Philip has no idea who Orson Scott Card is:

Sometimes someone writes something so profound it is best that I say nothing. This is a reprint from Orson Card - of the Meridian. Wow.

Card doesn't work for the "Meridian," The Meridian Star, or any other newspaper.

Actually, he's primarily a science fiction writer, who also occasionally writes a political column. While Card identifies himself as a Democrat, he's well-known for his support of the Bush-Cheney White House and frequent criticism of the Democratic Party and the media.

Philip's wingnut partisanship is showing again.

On a related note, I thought it was rather odd that the subject of Philip's reward for the identity of Sam the Eagle has disappeared after three days from the entire Southeast Texas Political Review site. 

So, Philip, who's Sam the Eagle?

Oct 22, 2008



After reading Philip's latest article, I'm reminded of a favorite movie scene:

Does anyone see a resemblance?





It's interesting to note that both the Port Arthur News and  the Beaumont Enterprise broke the story on the same day.  It's also interesting to note that the County Road Estates are in LaBelle, not Hamshire-Fannett.

The story deserves follow-up, but for readers looking for a fair account of the real truth, you won't find it on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Typically, Philip's mangles the story so bad with his own agenda that his article, like the title, bear little resemblance to the real facts of the case.

Concerning Philip's Discharge on Section 8


A real reader writes:

Flapjack Phil's latest ramblings about the Section 8 complex in Nederland only serve as evidence of his irrational approach to issues. First, as previously pointed out on your site many complexes in Nederland are Section 8 qualified. It appears once again Philip has some personal agenda concerning this particular complex.

Further, he provides what we are to accept as accurate records of call sheets for the address. Even if we take his evidence at face value (which given his track record has no basis) that is only 4.6 call per month for a multi-family complex. Doesn't sound like an overwhelming burden to me. Philip says it's an 18 unit complex. That's an average of one call every four months per unit. Where is the issue?

On another note I can't wait to see the developments of Philip's latest adventure. We'll call it the "The Adventures of Dumber and Dumber and the 1k caper"! Gus, what ya gonna spend that thousand bucks on?

Ironically, I think of Corporal Maxwell Klinger whenever Philip R. Klein mentions "Section 8."

Any Comment, Buddy?


Philip R. Klein has consistently expressed his profound admiration for VP candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Philip has further stated on several occasions that Palin represents the future of the Republican Party.

I though Philip might find this interesting:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Gov. Sarah Palin charged the state for her children to travel with her, including to events where they were not invited, and later amended expense reports to specify that they were on official business.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has charged the state $21,012 for her three daughters' plane flights.

The charges included costs for hotel and commercial flights for three daughters to join Palin to watch their father in a snowmobile race, and a trip to New York, where the governor attended a five-hour conference and stayed with 17-year-old Bristol for five days and four nights in a luxury hotel.

In all, Palin has charged the state $21,012 for her three daughters' 64 one-way and 12 round-trip commercial flights since she took office in December 2006. She also has charged the state for hotel rooms for the girls.

Alaska law does not specifically address expenses for a governor's children. The law allows for payment of expenses for anyone conducting official state business.

Considering the results of the first inquiry into her abuse of power and recent developments in the second ongoing inquiry, I think this looks like more of Philip's "same old think, over and over and over again:"

Oct 21, 2008

Poppy's Problems


Philip R. Klein's obsession with Hilton Kelley is front and center in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. There is nothing new, just more of Philip's ad hominem attacks:

As for Mr. Kelly  [sic] - we did a check on IMDB - again - and the same. No Nash Bridges. And we called IMDB and again - no Nash Bridges.

Here's an interesting question for Philip,  who wrote:

So we called Washington to the Non-Profit division of the IRS that was really helpful. They too confirm they do not have a tax return on file for CIDA? What? Say it is not so? They further confirm that the tax returns are...well....never been on time and .... well....the biggest contributor to CIDA was the EPA?

So, Philip, if the IRS has no tax return on file from CIDA, Inc, how would they know that the organization's biggest contributor was the EPA?  

I suspect that the IRS doesn't release that sort of information over the phone to any wingnut who calls. As I've pointed out before, if Kelley's organization, the Community In-Power and Development Association, is delinquent in their taxes, the Texas State Comptroller didn't get the memo.  

Philip didn't comment on whether he was able to find any information on Hilton Kelley's Eagle Scout Award.

While the Gadfly Foundation has disappeared from Philip's website in recent months, I think it's important to note that Philip R. Klein solicited donations for many years under the guise of a "Not for Profit Foundation" that could never be confirmed with any official source:

The History of the Gadfly Foundation

In 2000 Klein Investments, Inc. in conjunction with Philip and Inga Klein established a Not for Profit Foundation. It was named the "Gadfly" foundation.

The foundation is headed by Philip and Inga Klein.  Donations are always welcome from Corporation and families around the United States. A goal of this foundation is to keep in on a small scale to help in a large way in changing a child's chance for the future. Mostly we are looking for people that want to help and not want all of the hype. We call our contributors the silent majority!

If you would like to help or make a contribution, please contact us at :

The Gadfly Foundation
P.O. Box 1212
Nederland, Texas 77627

I can understand why Philip sought "silent" contributors who didn't ask too many questions. 

Deep Thoughts from Philip. R. Klein


In a response to a purported letter from one of his readers: PRK writes:

America must be brought to its knees for this generation to understand what true socialism is. They have had it spoon fed to them. Everything - free this and free that. It is time that they get a taste of what real government is that controls their everyday lives.

Only a wingnut would put his own partisan ideology first before the welfare of his own country. Philip isn't patriotic, he's a wingnut.

A Quick One While He's Away


In his latest poll, Philip R. Klein poses the question (again):

If the election were held today, I would vote for:

  • Barack Obama
  • John McCain
  • Another Candidate
  • Neither

Technically, the election is being held today, since early voting started on the same day that Klein posted his new poll.

Note to Philip: I've already voted - as an independent moderate who's not bound to a straight ticket, I've voted for the candidate that won the White House in 10 of the past 11 presidential elections. Most voters should have been paying closer attention to the Nixon administration in 1972.  However, my choice had more to do with a vote against Nixon than a vote for McGovern, but you can't win 'em all!

In the primaries, I've voted for 8 of the candidates who later went on to become President. How about you, Philip?

Deja Vu


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest editorial:

We want to thank those of you that gave us tips. At 6:10 p.m. tonight we have a winner. As we review the information given to us and the person behind the blogspot - we are not shocked. But we are satisfied.

Again - with that - it is done. Over the next couple of weeks we will work on the second of the DOKS. Right now - we have some work to do and some decisions to make.

Less than 24 hours is all it took. And you say we have enemies?

Philip R. Klein wrote in September, 2007:

Our talkback line has now hit 400 after a huge purge post us telling our talk back line that we turned over the list to the authorities during an investigation. And yes - we caught the person responsible and they are getting a Christmas Surprise (hint - turn yourself in now to avoid the crush of what is going to happen to you).

We have all been here before!

Oct 20, 2008

Philip Reneges on Reward Offer


After promising to offer a $1,000 dollar reward for the identity of both Sam the Eagle and myself, Philip is now only offering a reward for information leading to the identity of Sam the Eagle.

I'm so disappointed:

Today - the Southeast Texas Political Review - puts on the table the following offer of $1,000 cash for any person that can give me the name and identity of Sam The Eagle Blogspot's author or author's [SIC] ( who is behind the site ). There are conditions to this offer and they are as follows :

1) The person with the tip may not be Sam The Eagle or any author or writer that works with Sam the Eagle.

2) The person with the tip may not be a family member of Sam the Eagle.

3) The person must offer and give the Review definitive proof and that proof must lead to the identity of Sam The Eagle.

Consider the terms:

We will have a code system - you can send your emails to setreview@gtbizclass.com or mail to P.O. Box 1212, Nederland, Texas 77627 or call our offices. If your information checks out - we will post you a message by a number. On your message just pick a number between 1 - 999 and put it on your letter. On reader mail we will send you a message by your number. If you win it - we will find a way to get you your cash.

His scheme sounds quite confused like most of Philip's wingnut positions, but virtually guarantees he won't have to actually pay the reward. Try running that gibberish through the court system.

Oct 19, 2008



In Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he tries hard to rationalize why he won't vote in the Presidential Election.   In reality, Mr. No-Credibility is simply regurgitating his typical bumper sticker mentality with little understanding of the real issues:

Reason # 1 : Neither candidate is willing to cut down the size of government.

Simply put - both candidates want to increase the size of government.

Philip frequently argues that all government is bad.   If so, then perhaps he'd be happier in another country - the U.S. Federal Government isn't perfect, but it's the best thing out there, in my humble opinion, and I don't think it's inherently bad. 

Simply put: People want effective government for their money, not anarchy with little or no government as Philip apparently advocates.  If we have cops on Main Street, we should have cops on Wall Street, too.

Reason # 2 : Both are part of the problem.

Okay - get this. They pass a billion dollar bailout package - and now the problem is worse. And frankly not getting any better. Why? Because now you have government involved in the private banking business and in private business in holding stock.

Actually, that was a $700 billion bailout package - Philip clearly doesn't even know the real facts. 

Furthermore, he's totally confused  about what this bailout package really means - no one, either the government or the private sector, can fix the current economic problems in a day, a week or a month.    It took several years of wildly speculative lending to get into this position, due primarily to the lack of regulation in the lending markets. 

Philip hysterical statements prove he's completely ignorant of the real dynamics involved in the economic downturn:

Seriously - this is socialism. This is the government take over of private business and our banking industry.

In reality: no private banks have been nationalized and no private businesses have been taken over by the Fed.  In September, the  Federal Housing Finance Agency became the conservator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac  - as someone  who is quite familiar with bankruptcy, Philip should realize this is not uncommon.

Philip's confusion is further evident in his next statement:

Both supported Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac - that began this crash that we see today.

Actually, the problems began when regulations were loosened and private financial institutions, such as Countrywide, were allowed to make risky loans. These lenders made a tidy profit from the commission on the loans, then sold the risky paper to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who bundled them into securities and sold them to other banks as part of their investment portfolios. When those loans started going south, the banks were left with worthless investments. Hence, the credit meltdown, where banks are now afraid to lend money to each other.

In the emergency relief package that Philip claims is "socialism," the U.S. Federal government has simply agreed to guarantee these risky investments.  This has nothing to do with nationalizing banks or the "take-over" of operations at any private bank, but rather serves as good faith investment in the future of America.  As most financial analysts point out, it's possible, perhaps probable, that the U.S. Taxpayer will actually see a profit.

I'd love to debate these issues with Klein, but his ignorance of the real issues preclude any serious discussion.   This is why he's forced to fall back the "same old think, over and over and over again."

Reason # 3 : Neither Show Bold Leadership.

But only change in your everyday life. Like the government taking more of your money and telling you more of what to and not to do.

Philip's third rationalization reads like something a middle-school student would come up with at the last minute for a homework assignment they forgot to do.

Barack Obama is the first African-American candidate to secure a major party's nomination for the presidency, while accepting NO public funding for his campaign. Not only did he secure the nomination, but he did so against the Clinton machine after pundits and party officials alike said he'd never make it to the finish line. That sounds quite bold to me.

Regarding John McCain's leadership, how about McCain-Fiengold? Gramm-Rudman? The Line Item Veto Act of 1996?  The tobacco industry?  Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee?  Did I mention Viet Nam?

Reason # 4 : Both Candidates want to tax the upper income class and corporations

Philip again proves he's not remotely conversant with real economics - consider this statement:

1) Raise the cost of products to cover the costs of increase taxes (inflation - and you pay)

I've already commented on Philip's erroneous definition of inflation in this article, but reiterating, Philip is describing recessionary pressure, not inflation, which is caused by increases in aggregate demand due to escalating private and government spending, or when the money supply exceeds productivity, leading to a loss of consumer purchasing power.

The rest of his statement is just as addled. For instance:

Any further debt could start a recession.

Send the jobs overseas to a less expensive labor market

Large ticket items that are commonly spent by the upper class will be reduced. Meaning - hard dollars used to create those luxuries and the jobs and services that provide such will leave.

All of this has been happening for several  years, even with the huge corporate and upper class tax cuts from the Bush Administration, but I suppose Philip thinks the upper class is buying Chevrolets and Fords manufactured in the U.S.

Reason # 5 : We want the United States and its citizens to taste socialism

Spoken like a true patriot!  This is the same person that has predicted the death of Jefferson County each year for the past 10 years.

In addition, Philip would also like to know the identity of Sam the Eagle and myself.  Since his crack team of investigators and attorneys haven't been able to figure out who we are, he's now placed a $1,000 dollar bounty on each of us.  To collect, please contact Philip R. Klein, but get the money up front and don't take any wooden nickels or promises of proceeds from an SBA loan.

Real Readers Write


Here are some recent comments concerning Philip's offer of $1,000 dollars for any information leading to the identification of Sam The Eagle or myself:

"Who does Filup think he is, the FBI?"

"Didn't Klien already positively ID you as Beverly Parker?"

"Philip Klein wants to offer a $1000 reward to the party who'll ID his critics, Gus and Sam the Eagle. To collect, you'll need to co-sign Klein's loan with the Small Business Administration. Please contact him ASAP."

"Didn't Klien already positively ID you as Joe Deshotel, Jr.?"

"Gus, Klein can't even spell your name right in his reward offer."

"Didn't Klien already positively identify you as Dr. Bruce Drury?"

"Philip must not realize how stupid this make him look chasing after you...goes well with the rest of his blog."

"Didn't Klien already positively identify you as Rhonda Dugas?"

"Congratulations, Gus. You've officially made the PRK Most Wanted List."

"Didn't Klien already positively identify you as Dr. Richard Kimble?"

For more information on Philip's reward, see this website.

Oct 18, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Philip R. Klein writes:

Unemployment - Up again in Jefferson County? What a surprise!

By two-fifths of a percent - headline news!  Here's the real story from the Beaumont Enterprise:

Area unemployment sees slight increase

BEAUMONT - Southeast Texas unemployment increased fourth-tenths of a percentage point from 6.7 percent in August to 7.1 percent in September, Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas said this morning.

The news surprised Robert Foster, a labor market analyst, who felt unemployment would surge to double digits after Hurricane Ike. Foster felt the figures would drastically increase after unemployment sky-rocketed past 10 percent after Hurricane Rita in 2005.

"The upside of course is all the industrial expansions are going on," Foster said.

I suspect Philip's pronouncements concerning the death of Jefferson County were greatly exaggerated. 

PAISD / BISD - Scores down again. Strike two? What in the heck are they going to do if TEA comes in and takes both over? Wait...sorry - the new buildings will solve all.

Typically Philip failed to read the article for the rest of the story (emphasis is mine):

Eleven of the region's 41 school districts, 18 campuses and two charter schools failed to meet federal adequate yearly progress standards, according to a Texas Education Agency report released Tuesday.

That compared with six districts, 21 campuses and four charter schools that got an F in 2007. The Beaumont school district passed last year, while Port Arthur failed.

However, in the Beaumont and Port Arthur districts this year, all student groups met standards in reading and math - except for the special education students.

Perhaps I should defer to Philip on this issue, since I suspect that Philip has more experience with special education than I.

Bad Mistake - YMBL leaders freak out and want to change the fair. Smart move guys - screwing with tradition is not a good move. Not at all.

The South Texas State Fair has been canceled twice in the past four years because of hurricanes. Philip's argument of  "screwing with tradition" doesn't stand when considering the bottom line. Occasionally we need to reevaluate tradition  - women weren't traditionally allowed to vote, either.

Stranded Workers - Funny stuff. Came to SET looking for work and there is none? Now they are stuck. We see signs all over the place for employees? Please...media stop it.

One of Philip's half-truths - a group of temporary construction workers came to help with the joint FEMA/COE program, Operation Blue Roof. Upon arrival, they discovered the need for workers had been exaggerated:

Hundreds of angry contractors are in Beaumont, coming from Florida, Georgia and other far away [sic] places. Many of them say they came here days ago because the government promised them work. Now they say they're out of money, out of resources and running out of patients [sic] "we had a contract, with [sic] FEMA for a 6 month [sic] period of time. The minute we got out here it [sic] was different. All the stories have changed. The tools are not here, the work is not here, and there are a lot of things that were promised that didn’t happen, [sic] said Jason Bilbro, a Carpenter [sic] from Florida.

This is from the KBMT website - readers will notice that both Channel 12's reporter Patrick Vaughn and Philip have a lot in common when it comes to punctuation, spelling, grammar, and comprehension. 

The real issue, however, has has more to do with the inept administration of FEMA than any issue involving Jefferson County, but Philip never mentioned that. 

Perhaps it's time to restore FEMA to a cabinet level position as it originally was before the Bush Administration demoted the agency into a new government bureaucracy.  The agency's work during the early years was quite impressive, as anyone who experienced severe flooding during Tropical Storm Allison can confirm.

Care to discuss the real issue, little buddy?

Encoding Center Gets Leased - Hooray! Uh...no. Another government is leasing from another government. It is sick folks. Simply sick. And nobody says anything. Your tax dollars hard at work.

The real story:

Jefferson County commissioners voted to allow the County Judge to enter into an agreement with the General Services Administration, acting on behalf of FEMA, to use the Postal Encoding Building in downtown Beaumont.

FEMA will use the building as a Disaster Recovery Service Center to aid relief efforts for Hurricane Ike victims.

While most residents would agree that housing all recovery efforts under one roof is most convenient and economical for residents, Philip would apparently prefer to see residents burn gas to drive between various offices of government agencies to seek aid.

Polls - It is close. Internal polls have both candidates at an dead heat we hear. The mo is still to Obama. We still see a 6 point win.

Isn't it ironic that Philip's prediction just happens to match the spread on Real Clear Politics, who averages all national polls:

Election 2008 Obama McCain Spread
RCP National Average 49.6 43.2 Obama +6.4

Another of Philip's "sources" uncovered!

Poll of the Week: Should The Review Offer A $1,000 Reward For The Identity Of Sam The Eagle And Gus Pilsbury [SIC]?

  • Yes - I would love to see them squirm: 62%

You want it .....we give it. Stand by for next weeks fun!

This certainly says a lot about Philip's expertise as a private investigator! 

More next week, but here's a hint for Philip - try looking in the phone book for last names beginning with "P."

Powell - Set to endorse Obama. Really? Imagine that?

Philip's racism is showing again. An endorsement from a Republican and former Bush cabinet member seems monumental to me.

Universal Health Care For Children - Hawaii started it seven months ago. It bankrupted the government. Shut down this morning. Funny stuff!

Philip's obviously not conversant with the real issues, which revolve around partisan politics between the Governor's office, a Republican, and the state congress, predominantly Democratic.

The state budget wasn't bankrupted as Klein claims. As an example, while the Governor pulled the plug on the insurance program, citing a simple "budget shortfall," she implemented a $40 billion dollar program for dock improvements to the SuperFerry, Hawaii's version of the "Bridge to Nowhere."

Since Philip has a lot of experience with bankruptcy, he should know the difference. The real budget shortfall came from private insurance companies, who say a lot of middle-class parents dropping privately-funded insurance programs for state-provided insurance.  

Care to discuss the issue in detail, Philip?  It's obvious you're clueless about the real issue and simply making up facts.

Oct 16, 2008

Thank Goodness!


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein again proves that, like John McCain, he doesn't "really understand the economy very well."  As an example, consider Philip's definition of inflation:

Well......business is going to do one of two things - either pass the costs to you the taxpayers through goods and services (inflation) which will stop buying or at least slow it down or lay off employees to try to cut their costs. Or maybe both.

Philip is clueless: inflation is caused by increases in aggregate demand due to escalating private and government spending, or when the money supply exceeds productivity, leading to a loss of consumer purchasing power. 

As readers can plainly see, Philip self-manufactured definitions aren't even close to reality. His definition of inflation really describes recessionary pressure.  When consumers stop spending, demand lessens and productivity decreases.

Who needs the Oracle of Omaha when we've got the Wingnut Of Nederland?  Joe the Plumber, meet Philip the Idiot. 

Philip is still arguing supply-side economics:

Ask yourself this - have you ever been hired by a poor man or a company that was not making a profit in a long term situation?

When Reagan left office after 8 years of his trickle-down economic theory, the federal deficit had reached an all-time high and real productivity on a unit-worker basis had fallen to its lower level ever, leading to the recession of 1990-1991. 

While most wingnuts who "don't understand the economy very well," point to the early years of the Reagan administration as proof that supply-side economics work, the gains made in the US economy were directly attributable to two reasons:

  • The three year contraction of the money supply by the Federal Reserve under Paul Volcker, which were initiated in the last year of Carter's presidency

  • The long term easing of supply and pricing in oil during the 1980s oil glut

Compare this with Philip's notion of a good economy:

Good economy - higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

The current Bush Administration resurrected this notion of supply-side economics and granted huge tax cuts  to the wealthy through 2010, so here's a question for Philip. Since those tax cuts to corporate American and the rich were the biggest ever granted during a single administration, why is our economy in the toilet today if this trickle-down theory is indeed fact? They call it a theory for a reason, Philip. 

Here's the key to a good economy: tax cuts to America's middle class, which is the economic engine that has always driven the expansion of the US economy. As an example, the economic boom of the 1960s were directly attributable to the middle-class tax cuts enacted by the Kennedy Administration.  

I've looked at the cuts proposed by both Obama and McCain - under Obama, tax cuts to the middle-class are three times those proposed by McCain. And with McCain's proposed taxes on health insurance benefits paid by employers, that tax cut to the middle-class actually turns into a tax increase. 

Here's the dirty little secret that Philip won't admit. He's not a true fiscal conservative. Rather, true fiscal conservatives, like Ron Paul, advocate a pay-as-you-go approach. Consumers can't spend more money than they bring in, not for long anyway. Neither should the government and the best thing for the American consumer is a balanced federal budget, right Philly boy?

I do so love it when Philip talks economics!

Philip's Silence on David Bradley is Deafening


After missing the point of the news story in The Examiner (see article below), Philip has still not addressed the real issue concerning David Bradley, who was elected to the State Board of Education as District 7 representative.   Instead, Philip obscured the original subject of the story and launched another attack on the Jefferson County District Attorney, based on his own  obsession with Tom Maness.

Here's the question to Philip again: How can a person who owns a home in Jasper, for which he receives a homestead exemption, claim to be a resident of Beaumont?  Texas state law requires certification from the property owners that the home is their principal residence to successfully receive a homestead exemption yet Bradley's voter registration in Jefferson County lists his office on North Street as his residence.

Oct 15, 2008

Do Whut?


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on a news story in The Examiner about the controversy over where David Bradley lives:

David Bradley, a Beaumont insurance agent and real estate investor, was first elected to the State Board of Education (SBOE) in 1996. Since he stood for re-election in 2000, the issue of exactly where Bradley lives has been raised in every election cycle by the campaigns of his opponents.

The 2008 general election is no different, with Democratic nominee Laura Ewing openly questioning Republican Bradley’s eligibility to represent SBOE District 7, which includes Jefferson, Chambers and Galveston counties and parts of Brazoria and Harris counties.

The reason his residence is an issue of contention is because in 2000, Bradley and his wife Barbara bought a house and property in Jasper County on which they claim a homestead exemption.

I find it amazing how Philip can miss the main thesis of the story:

 Gezzzz [sic].....thanks to the Examiner for exposing Maness and how he thinks. And a strong message to Maness - not all government thinks and acts like you.

An excellent example of Philip R. Klein's obsession with Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness.  

Typically, Philip's article is filled with hate speech. For example:

  • You see there are "powers to be" in Jefferson County that tell each other how to cover each others ass. And you are either the chief politico or chief.....well...liar.

  • Shall we go back two years ago when certain officials were leaving office and a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT was made that computers were "erased" but after the political damage was done and the true hard copies of the documents were FOUND right under your stupid nose you backed off and went silent?

  • Why go on folks? You have just seen the mind thought of one of the most POLITICALLY CORRUPT District Attorney's in Texas.

Actually, we've seen the thought process of a biased wingnut who can't comprehend the real issue. Now that Philip has missed the point of article, here's the real question to Klein:

How can a person who owns a home in Jasper, for which he receives a homestead exemption, claim to be a resident of Beaumont?  Texas state law requires certification from the property owners that the home is their principal residence to successfully receive a homestead exemption yet Bradley's voter registration in Jefferson County lists his office on North Street as his residence.

No comment on the real issue, buddy?

Oct 14, 2008

Season of the Political Witch


With a nonsensical title like this, readers can expect Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review to be more of the"same old think, over and over and over again."

Typically, Philip portrays himself as a political insider in a condescending manner to his readers:

Now for those of you not in the business - there is a tradition that some of those in the business do in the fall. That is some of us have little side bets that we all make on who and what will win and happen.

If publishing a badly-written blog filled with hate speech, half-truths, outright lies, unsubstantiated rumor, rampant racism, libelous remarks, and biased, wingnut opinions counts as being "in the business," then I suppose Philip is indeed a shrewd political consultant. I wonder if Bugs Coe has an opinion on this matter, or is he busy with those 27,000 cases that were to overturned in Hardin County? 

Given that Philip has an accuracy rate of only 37.5 percent in predicting recent elections, readers can probably place their side bets against Philip and make a bundle.   Here's another post mortem on Philip's post mortem.  Some advice: make sure you see the color of Philip's money before making a wager with him.

Regarding his predictions, we'll revisit in November:

  • We are giving 2-1 on Obama!
  • Nick Lampson acting like a conservative in drag - may just pull this mother out.
  • Tuffy will beat Hunter.
  • Ed Cain has the lead.
  • Brent Plunk should win it.
  • Cornyan will another six.

Surely a connected politico like Philip R. Klein would know that Judge Plunk's first name is Britt, not Brent, and that the Junior Senator from Texas is John Cornyn, not John Cornyan.

I'll note that even if Obama wins the Presidency, Philip still gets no credit for this prediction. Readers will remember that he changed his original prediction made on Aug. 31, 2007:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson enters the race.

Philip committed a rookie mistake by believing the hype. As it turned out, Thompson dropped out of the race after the first primary.  Oops! Or is that "Opps," Philip? And, if McCain wins, Philip misses that prediction twice!

Since Philip enjoys missing information, here's a race that he failed to mention:

  • Mayor for the City of Groves: Billy Job vs. incumbent Brad Bailey

Philip's silence is deafening, considering his past history with Billy Job.  While we're on the subject of predictions, I promised to revisit these:

Per Barrel (May 9, 2008) - Estimated at $150 per by August 1. It will make it. And $5 per gallon is coming. There is no stopping it.

Oil (May 16, 2008) - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

Crude and Gas (June 27, 2008) - By end of summer $200 per barrel and $7 a gallon. Drill now.

$200 By The End of Summer (July 11, 2008)  - Washington Whispers. That means gas at 7 per gallon.

If DC insiders were truly whispering to Mr. Politico, I suspect they were saying, "You are an idiot."

Oct 13, 2008

Home by the Sea


Philip R. Klein plays the class warfare card in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

[The Bolivar Peninsula] is now going to be the playground to the rich from Jefferson County and Houston. Like a big old toilet, it flushed and only the big chunks are left standing.

You are going to pay. Now for the average guys like you and me - no more beach.

What an interesting position for someone who has repeatedly defended tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. 

Typically, Philip is clueless - consider this statement:

The fees may be waved [sic] - but that may be the only wave [sic] many may enjoy. Get this - you must build to the new hurricane standards as prescribed by Galveston County. You must have plans, a contractors license and most of all - land?

I suspect that Philip meant "waive" and "waiver."  I'm not sure what Philip is advocating, but most places in the U.S. require ownership of the property upon which one builds a home.  Is Philip advocating building a vacation home on someone else's property?

Philip is quite confused about this issue of "new" standards, since the State of Texas ultimately determines coastal building rules and the state legislature must approve all construction standards. For information on requirements, interested readers can refer to the Texas Coastal Construction Handbook here, published by the General Land Office (GLO). 

After Hurricane Ike, the GLO has waived some of these regulations under emergency provisions.  More information on those waivers can be found on the Galveston County website.

While reading this gibberish, readers should remember Philip's claim from last Friday, Oct. 10, 2008:

1 year - The time period that we hear it will be before any permits for building are issued on Bolivar and Crystal Beach.

As I pointed out, Philip's statement is a blatant lie, according to information on the Galveston County website:

Bolivar Peninsula Update

The Galveston County Engineering Department will begin issuing building permits in five to six weeks.

The rest of Philip's points in this latest article are just as misleading. Consider this statement:

The items hanging around your property from everywhere is now your problem. If you have it - you must remove it. Now that is easy - just clean up.

Property owners are responsible for cleaning up their own property, whether they live on Crystal Beach, Nederland, or Beaumont.  Or, consider this:

There is serious talk from insurance companies and county officials - as well as state officials that some of the county property must be re-plated. Meaning - there has been soil and sand shifting and it is very hard to determine the true property lines.

I think Philip meant that beachfront property must be re-platted, not re-plated. 

This is quite common for beachfront property, since the Texas Open Beaches Act preserves the beachfront as a public resource. Homeowners who purchase beachfront property are advised that they they're purchasing the property at their own risk.  Since the average rate of erosion for the upper Texas Coast averages about 10 feet per year, it's quite possible that a 150' deep lot could disappear before the 30-year mortgage is paid. In the event of a hurricane or other severe weather event, what was once private beachfront property could become public property overnight.

Regarding Philip's complaint about stricter building codes along the Upper Texas Gulf Coast, those codes were adopted by the Texas Legislature, not Galveston County, after Hurricane Rita. The Beaumont Enterprise had an interesting story about those homes built to the newer standards adopted after Hurricane Rita. Read the article here.

Philip even claims that insurance rates are under the control of a conspiracy by the Democrats of Jefferson County:

You see the libs from Jefferson County have formed all of these committees...you are living a pipe dream if you think that you are going to build a beach house for anything less than a quarter of a million dollars. And get insurance? You are going to pay. Now for the average guys like you and me - no more beach.

Philip is obviously not aware of the real estate market in Galveston County, where the average value for a single family dwelling was  $173,400 in 2007.  Expect to pay more for beachfront property.  Readers will also note that the 2007 price is actually down from the 2006 price when the average value for a single family dwelling peaked at $176,500.

Readers will also remember that Philip claimed there are over 300 bodies hidden somewhere on the Bolivar Peninsula:

Did we mention the search for bodies of the dead? Shhhhhhhhh.....do not talk about that.

Let me make this perfectly clear - this is the worst disaster to hit Galveston County since 1947, when 2,300 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer aboard a ship exploded and leveled Texas City. However, the Hurricane Ike death toll in the entire state of Texas is less than half of that from the Texas City explosion. 

Survivors and homeowners on the Bolivar Peninsula need factual information, not irresponsible rumor repeated with a reckless disregard for the truth as part of a wingnut's partisan agenda.

Rampant Racism


In a recent article on Going Underground, Mike Aguilar took Philip R. Klein to task for his racist remarks about Port Arthur.  Philip R. Klein's responded in a posting on his Reader Mail page:

And Mike - I never said nor did anyone on this web site say anything about race.

Here's one of Philip's "non-racist" comments from July:

And you folks in the black community - shut up.

Here's one from August:

How About Some Music ? : "Barack the 'Magic Negro'"

This was an interesting comment on MLK Day:

Martian [sic] Luther King wanted one thing...

Not content with bashing Martin Luther King, Klein went on to denigrate Cesar Chavez, a US citizen who was born in Arizona and a true Latino hero to many people of all races:

Kids At Fletcher - The Hispanic community could not understand why the kids did not want to change the name of their school to a Mexican Man they know nothing about? 

By Philip's standards, I suppose all Hispanics look alike, but there is a big difference between an American citizen and a "Mexican Man." 

I have more examples - any comment, Philip?

The City of Nederland


Philip R. Klein displays his confusion of Section 8 Housing assistance, after publishing a photo of an apartment complex in Nederland purportedly taken yesterday afternoon:

Welcome to the 1900 Block of Avenue H. On the front page of this web site you see the prime example of what can happen. The picture was taken at 6:30 p.m. this Sunday - October 12, 2008.

Over four years ago - this complex - became Section 8 Status. And it has gone down hill since its designation.

From shootings, stabbings, police calls night and day and most of all an owner that will not take care of the property? Well let's just say that the neighbors around the complex have begun to have enough.

In reality, almost every apartment complex in Nederland accepts Section 8 funding for low-income residents. 

Philip makes a stab at the ultimate cause, but further confuses the issue:

Zohreh is considered by many to be a classic "slum lord" and there have been many complaints against the complex. All of which have been acted upon by the city and its departments.

In one paragraph, Philip claims the City of Nederland has acted upon those complaints against the complex. Yet, Philip claims elsewhere in his story:

The city has to do something. Like enforce the codes of the city? Maybe do a fire inspection? Maybe a building inspection? Maybe even a trash inspection of the property...The City of Nederland needs to get off its butt and shut the complex down or firmly insure that the complex is either sold or demolished. Or - bring it up to code.

So, if enforcing are viable options, then the city hasn't really acted upon all complaints, have they?

I'd love to discuss the issue with Philip, but apparently his knowledge of the issue is limited to inflammatory photographs.

$1,000 Dollar Reward


Philip poses this question to his readers:

Should The Review Offer A $1,000 Reward For The Identity Of Sam The Eagle And Gus Pilsbury [SIC]?

My response.  Here's a question for Philip!

Here's a comment from a real reader:

While Klein frets about a Beaumont waterfront development that may never be built, he has failed to mention the hurricane protection levee that saved Port Arthur and Groves from being swamped. Maybe it's because he doesn't want to give credit to that old Yellow Dog Democrat, Jack Brooks, the Congressman who wrote the legislation to create the system and then battled for funding.  

Interesting point!  Any comment, Philip?

Oct 12, 2008

Two Stupid Examples


I had a hard time determining whether Philip meant the two examples in his article, or Philip R. Klein and the other Philip R. Klein that make up the "we" with which he commonly refers to himself.

Example 1

Philip castigates the City of Beaumont for its failure to sell the building at 750 Pearl, which formerly housed the Postal Encoding Center:

This entire matter of buying buildings and thinking that government can solve it is simply crazy. 

Typically, Philip's facts are as confused as his opinions. The City of Beaumont doesn't own that building, rather it' s owned by Jefferson County. Neither did the county pay for it; instead, Vic, Ben, Nate, and Sol Rogers donated the building to the city in in the mid-90s at no cost to Jefferson County, who promptly leased it to the U.S. Postal Service. This generated a tidy profit over the years until the Postal Encoding Center closed.

As the Beaumont Enterprise article clearly pointed out, the county failed to advertise the property nationally.  Philip doesn't mention this, but resorts to the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

Here is a reality check for the Enterprise and Commissioners. Nobody wants to move into Jefferson County. It is ANTI-BUSINESS. Taxes are high, crime is high (ask FEMA Reps in Port Arthur) and there is NO TRAINED WORKFORCE.

Question for Philip: If Jefferson County is as "ANTI-BUSINESS" as you claim, why is your business located here?  The City of Port Arthur has approximately 30 tax-abatement agreements currently in effect - both the City of Beaumont and Jefferson County have more.  This is clearly not "ANTI-BUSINESS" as you claim.

Example 2

Philip comments on "Park Street" in Port Arthur:

Seemingly there is a street called "Park Street" that is privately owned by a few lawyers and Doctors. They are mad because seemingly the public is driving their cars and trucks down the private road. In the normal wear and tear of everyday driving - the road has failed. So - instead of fixing the private road that they own - the are forcing the city into fixing it on the threat of a lawsuit.

Actually, Philip is referring to Park Plaza, not Park Street. 

This private section stretches between 34th and 39th streets, but still handles heavy traffic by motorists who are either unaware of the street's status, or simply disregard the private nature of that section.

I'm not sure what the proper solution is, since the road is used as a normal street by local residents.  I'm sure of this however: the City of Port Arthur's agreement to spend up to $15,000 in repairs seems to be very business-friendly. 

Typically, Philip has come down on both sides of the fence.



In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:

Lots of talk this past week in the back rooms of the City of Beaumont. Sources tell the Review that there is "major" concern regarding the proposed downtown water way gig!

The "concern?"

If the same storm surge would have come post the building of the waterway system in Downtown Beaumont - it would have put the downtown business area and three subdivisions including most of old town under water.

Readers may wonder how Philip is privy to discussions in the "back rooms of the City of Beaumont."  The answer is simple - it's another of Philip's "anonymous sources:"

A source from the Jefferson County Drainage District tells the Review that they are "very concerned" that plans for the waterway ignored the possibility of "storm surge" to the magnitude that was seen during the most recent hurricane.

"Look - we live on the coast. The storm surge this time actually moved the Neches and Sabine from north to south - to south to north. The water changed direction and moved into many low areas. If Beaumont had that waterway built - the natural barrier would have been gone. That water would have flowed into the city of Beaumont at rates that could not have been handled. The way we see it is that old town could have been under water," said the source.

I loved that "north to south" reference, which shows that Philip and his "source " have no clue about storm surges. Changing the direction of water flow isn't unusual; rather, it's a normal phenomenon. Neither did Klein's purported "source" explain how a 12-foot storm surge would affect points that are over 30 feet above sea level.  If Klein's source is factually correct, then areas  around the LNVA Canal would have flooded during the storm surge. Instead, only 37 homes on Pine Street actually flooded. 

Philip documents his own confusion:

The Review did some searches for photos of similar projects, like Kemah boardwalk. And frankly - it did not fare well.

The Kemah Boardwalk sits directly on the Galveston Bay at sea level - does anyone see any differences?

While many reasons exist to oppose the proposed waterway in downtown Beaumont,  an invented threat based on a confused understanding of storm dynamics is not one.



Philip R. Klein writes:

This past week - a FEMA worker was robbed while trying to assist families with assistance. That was bad - but it gets even more worse.

According to sources that contacted the Review from the Port Arthur Police Department - FEMA workers are scared to go into some parts of Port Arthur because of "anger" towards FEMA and misunderstandings of benefits of those who rent verses those who own homes. FEMA representatives have been threatened by citizens and told "they don't know where they are."

So we picked up the phone and called some sources at the Port Arthur Police Department who admittedly deny the FEMA claim.

"We have heard nothing of that. If they have a problem they can call us and we will take care of it," said once source very close to the command structure.

So we called our source back at PAPD and got nothing but laughter.

"Watch and see," said our source.

Typically, Philip's purported  sources apparently didn't have the whole story - according to The Examiner, the suspect was arrested by the Port Arthur Police Department on site at the time of the original complaint.   

Perhaps Philip has a suggestion for a local business that provides bodyguard services of questionable value.

Investigation - Updated


Oh, look!  Philip R. Klein claims that Justice of the Peace is being "investigated:"

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned early this afternoon that Justice of the Peace Pct. 8 Thomas Gillam is the focus of an investigation regarding an alleged assault against former candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner Court Mark Menard.

The outcome of the investigation:

The Review has learned from sources, late this afternoon, that is [sic] close to the Jefferson County Sub-Court House and Police Sources that the Investigation of Justice Gillam has been completed and that no charges will be filed in the investigation.

Findings of the investigation:

Post that argument - Menard perceived a threat by justice Gillam that which included a "perceived threat" and that officers deemed not hitting the level of a "crime being committed."

If I understand Klein correctly, Menard perceived a threat that included a "perceived threat."  Philip's articles frequently are so absurd that they require no comment.

Oct 10, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire


Consider Philip R. Klein's first item in this week's Nitwit Tidbits on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

2005 - The  BE Lied - We love this stuff. The Beaumont Enterprise came out with a little blurb story on the security equipment being installed at the Jefferson County Courthouse. It seems now that according to "Enterprise Archives" that history has changed. Seemingly now the lock down of the courthouse was going to happen in 2005 but Rita stopped it. Uh...that is a lie. According to the Review archives - Griffith, Woods and Judge Gersen [sic] did not want it because it was too expensive and did not want to hinder the taxpayers [my emphasis]. For those of you in North Orange County - the Enterprise is trying to dump the cost issue on Carl Griffith - which is a lie.

The only liar  is Philip R. Klein, since the Beaumont Enterprise article actually said the plan was only considered, not approved:

The purchase was first considered in 2005 in the wake of courthouse shooting elsewhere in the country, according to the archives, but the project was stalled by the arrival of Hurricane Rita.

Most readers will understand the difference between consideration and approval.  The Beaumont Enterprise first documented concern about the issue in an article on March 15, 2005.

A closed door meeting was held in April, according to another article in the Beaumont Enterprise on April 2:

County to discuss courthouse safety
April, 2, 2005

BEAUMONT - Fear generated by recent shootings at courthouses in Tyler and Atlanta have Jefferson County officials planning to meet Friday to talk about ways to try to prevent similar problems here.

The county's judges, sheriff and district attorney will meet in a closed session to discuss courthouse security concerns.

District Attorney Tom Maness said he wants Commissioners Court to revisit the idea of implementing perimeter security at the courthouse to make sure no one, other than peace officers, enters the building with guns.

The Beaumont Enterprise documented the outcome of that meeting in another article on April 5, 2005:

Judging Security
April, 5, 2005

BEAUMONT - Judges at the Jefferson County Courthouse plan to renew a push for staffed security checkpoints at building entrances.

Nine judges met behind closed doors Friday with the sheriff, district attorney and Commissioner Eddie Arnold to discuss security concerns.

After the meeting, 317th District Judge Larry Thorne said all judges attending agreed the courthouse needs perimeter security, an option that has been considered, then dropped, in recent years.

Note to Philip:  The Beaumont Enterprise Archives are pretty easy to access - how about yours? And, I think you meant Judge Al Gerson, not "Gersen."  

The rest of Philip's nitwit tidbits are just as muddled:

1 year - The time period that we hear it will be before any permits for building are issued on Bolivar and Crystal Beach.

Philip "heard" wrong - from the Galveston County website:

Bolivar Peninsula Update

The Galveston County Engineering Department will begin issuing building permits in five to six weeks.

Is this a reckless disregard for the truth?  It took me less than five minutes to verify Philip R. Klein's bogus claim.   Even at face value, he failed to exercise due diligence before publishing confirmed rumor as fact.

Consider this statement:

6 Months - Before all the bodies will be found. Some maybe never

So far, no bodies have been found on Bolivar Peninsula and only 15 fatalities have been confirmed in all of Galveston County. Readers should remember that Philip has claimed that over 30 bodies have already been discovered and that ultimately, 400 will be found. 

Philip's poll:

Should The Review Accept An Offer To Return To The Radio?

Yes - I Enjoyed The Show
78 %

Oh, look - all 30 of Philip's listeners voted! So, when can we expect an announcement, Philip?  A reader left this comment:

PRK's current poll about his possible return to radio gives voters three choices: Yes, No, and "I do not listen to political shows." How about a fourth option: "Didn't know you ever had a radio show so why should I give a crap if you return?"

By the way, Philip never mentioned the poor response to his poll calling for Hal Ross's resignation. Of the 30 or so people who voted, 80 percent approved of Hal's performance as manager of the SETRA. I suspect the other three were just mad because they were limited to only three free hamburgers at the airport during Hurricane Ike.

One Hero - Carl Thibodeaux. One hell of a leader.

Another One Hero - Kirk Roccaforte.

Both diehard Democrats - isn't that funny?  But, I have to agree with Philip concerning Carl Thibodeaux. I've known Carl since he was filling prescriptions for a living and he's indeed a true hero. No wonder the people of Orange County have elected him to three consecutive terms - the first ever in the history of Orange County.  He'd make a great State Rep or State Senator.  

12 Years Ago - Today - the SET Political Review went on the net.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't Philip write the following in an editorial last year?

We began the SET Political Review in 1998...

Philip's math is as fuzzy as ever.  I suspect he'll claim he invented the internet next year.