Oct 13, 2008

The City of Nederland

Philip R. Klein displays his confusion of Section 8 Housing assistance, after publishing a photo of an apartment complex in Nederland purportedly taken yesterday afternoon:

Welcome to the 1900 Block of Avenue H. On the front page of this web site you see the prime example of what can happen. The picture was taken at 6:30 p.m. this Sunday - October 12, 2008.

Over four years ago - this complex - became Section 8 Status. And it has gone down hill since its designation.

From shootings, stabbings, police calls night and day and most of all an owner that will not take care of the property? Well let's just say that the neighbors around the complex have begun to have enough.

In reality, almost every apartment complex in Nederland accepts Section 8 funding for low-income residents. 

Philip makes a stab at the ultimate cause, but further confuses the issue:

Zohreh is considered by many to be a classic "slum lord" and there have been many complaints against the complex. All of which have been acted upon by the city and its departments.

In one paragraph, Philip claims the City of Nederland has acted upon those complaints against the complex. Yet, Philip claims elsewhere in his story:

The city has to do something. Like enforce the codes of the city? Maybe do a fire inspection? Maybe a building inspection? Maybe even a trash inspection of the property...The City of Nederland needs to get off its butt and shut the complex down or firmly insure that the complex is either sold or demolished. Or - bring it up to code.

So, if enforcing are viable options, then the city hasn't really acted upon all complaints, have they?

I'd love to discuss the issue with Philip, but apparently his knowledge of the issue is limited to inflammatory photographs.

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