Oct 22, 2008

Concerning Philip's Discharge on Section 8

A real reader writes:

Flapjack Phil's latest ramblings about the Section 8 complex in Nederland only serve as evidence of his irrational approach to issues. First, as previously pointed out on your site many complexes in Nederland are Section 8 qualified. It appears once again Philip has some personal agenda concerning this particular complex.

Further, he provides what we are to accept as accurate records of call sheets for the address. Even if we take his evidence at face value (which given his track record has no basis) that is only 4.6 call per month for a multi-family complex. Doesn't sound like an overwhelming burden to me. Philip says it's an 18 unit complex. That's an average of one call every four months per unit. Where is the issue?

On another note I can't wait to see the developments of Philip's latest adventure. We'll call it the "The Adventures of Dumber and Dumber and the 1k caper"! Gus, what ya gonna spend that thousand bucks on?

Ironically, I think of Corporal Maxwell Klinger whenever Philip R. Klein mentions "Section 8."

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