Oct 15, 2008

Do Whut?

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on a news story in The Examiner about the controversy over where David Bradley lives:

David Bradley, a Beaumont insurance agent and real estate investor, was first elected to the State Board of Education (SBOE) in 1996. Since he stood for re-election in 2000, the issue of exactly where Bradley lives has been raised in every election cycle by the campaigns of his opponents.

The 2008 general election is no different, with Democratic nominee Laura Ewing openly questioning Republican Bradley’s eligibility to represent SBOE District 7, which includes Jefferson, Chambers and Galveston counties and parts of Brazoria and Harris counties.

The reason his residence is an issue of contention is because in 2000, Bradley and his wife Barbara bought a house and property in Jasper County on which they claim a homestead exemption.

I find it amazing how Philip can miss the main thesis of the story:

 Gezzzz [sic].....thanks to the Examiner for exposing Maness and how he thinks. And a strong message to Maness - not all government thinks and acts like you.

An excellent example of Philip R. Klein's obsession with Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness.  

Typically, Philip's article is filled with hate speech. For example:

  • You see there are "powers to be" in Jefferson County that tell each other how to cover each others ass. And you are either the chief politico or chief.....well...liar.

  • Shall we go back two years ago when certain officials were leaving office and a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT was made that computers were "erased" but after the political damage was done and the true hard copies of the documents were FOUND right under your stupid nose you backed off and went silent?

  • Why go on folks? You have just seen the mind thought of one of the most POLITICALLY CORRUPT District Attorney's in Texas.

Actually, we've seen the thought process of a biased wingnut who can't comprehend the real issue. Now that Philip has missed the point of article, here's the real question to Klein:

How can a person who owns a home in Jasper, for which he receives a homestead exemption, claim to be a resident of Beaumont?  Texas state law requires certification from the property owners that the home is their principal residence to successfully receive a homestead exemption yet Bradley's voter registration in Jefferson County lists his office on North Street as his residence.

No comment on the real issue, buddy?

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