Oct 27, 2008

Elevate This

In Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he quotes another of his infamous "anonymous sources:

According to sources close to one of the "victims" - a lawsuit will be filed in Federal Court regarding damages that are in excess of $15 million dollars for families that lost homes or cannot collect on insurance benifits [sic].

"We are going to get together and sue the county. Then we are are [sic sic] going to get together and get rid of the commissioner and the judge. Then we are are going to have the new county judge fire the engineer. That is what we are going to do," said the source at the courthouse this morning.

We'll revisit this in a few months, but this sounds like the same source who purportedly told Klein that 26,000 cases in Hardin County would be "refilled."  The source also made the same grammatical mistakes as the source "close to the station" concerning the Channel 4 story (see below).

Typically, Philip is confused:

The problem stemmed from DD7 engineers telling the county that their elevations were off by a few feet.

The emphasis is mine - surely Philip's knowledgeable  sources realize that the Country Road Estates are actually in Drainage District 6, not DD 7 as Klein claims.  Perhaps Philip still thinks that addition is in "Hampshire [sic]-Fannett" and not LaBelle.

Note to Phillip: This is more of the "same old think, over and over and over again."  You need to get some new material. 

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