Oct 12, 2008


Philip R. Klein writes:

This past week - a FEMA worker was robbed while trying to assist families with assistance. That was bad - but it gets even more worse.

According to sources that contacted the Review from the Port Arthur Police Department - FEMA workers are scared to go into some parts of Port Arthur because of "anger" towards FEMA and misunderstandings of benefits of those who rent verses those who own homes. FEMA representatives have been threatened by citizens and told "they don't know where they are."

So we picked up the phone and called some sources at the Port Arthur Police Department who admittedly deny the FEMA claim.

"We have heard nothing of that. If they have a problem they can call us and we will take care of it," said once source very close to the command structure.

So we called our source back at PAPD and got nothing but laughter.

"Watch and see," said our source.

Typically, Philip's purported  sources apparently didn't have the whole story - according to The Examiner, the suspect was arrested by the Port Arthur Police Department on site at the time of the original complaint.   

Perhaps Philip has a suggestion for a local business that provides bodyguard services of questionable value.

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