Oct 12, 2008

Investigation - Updated

Oh, look!  Philip R. Klein claims that Justice of the Peace is being "investigated:"

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned early this afternoon that Justice of the Peace Pct. 8 Thomas Gillam is the focus of an investigation regarding an alleged assault against former candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner Court Mark Menard.

The outcome of the investigation:

The Review has learned from sources, late this afternoon, that is [sic] close to the Jefferson County Sub-Court House and Police Sources that the Investigation of Justice Gillam has been completed and that no charges will be filed in the investigation.

Findings of the investigation:

Post that argument - Menard perceived a threat by justice Gillam that which included a "perceived threat" and that officers deemed not hitting the level of a "crime being committed."

If I understand Klein correctly, Menard perceived a threat that included a "perceived threat."  Philip's articles frequently are so absurd that they require no comment.

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