Oct 26, 2008

The Missing

In the days after Hurricane Ike, Philip R. Klein posted a series of hysterical statements filled with juvenile imagery such as this:

Like a big old toilet, [the Bolivar Peninsula] flushed and only the big chunks are left standing.

Among Klein's predictions, from 300 to 400 bodies would be found and that authorities had already discovered over 30 on the peninsula. 

Let's revisit Philip's statements. From the Galveston Daily News (the emphasis is mine):

The Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office lists 15 county residents who died directly or indirectly from the storm and has yet to identify three people found on Goat Island or one woman recovered on Pelican Island.

Readers will note that this is the casualty list for all of Galveston County, not just those on Bolivar Peninsula. 

Likewise, I'm not sure how Philip will account for his claim that 300 to 400 bodies will be discovered, when only 23 are still listed as missing:

23 Ike victims remain missing from Bolivar

"I just called to tell you bye and I love you. ... I'm going to die. Me and Charles Allen are going to drown."

Those were the words of Delores Brookshire, 72, missing since Sept. 12. One month after the storm, that phone call, made to her cousin, echoes across the Bolivar Peninsula where 23 people remain unaccounted for and most are presumed dead.

Again, the emphasis is mine. While the stories of those 23 who are still missing a quite tragic, Philip's outrageous and ludicrous charges based on his own personal agenda only trivialize the deaths of those who died.

Shame on you, Philip R. Klein.

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