Oct 10, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Consider Philip R. Klein's first item in this week's Nitwit Tidbits on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

2005 - The  BE Lied - We love this stuff. The Beaumont Enterprise came out with a little blurb story on the security equipment being installed at the Jefferson County Courthouse. It seems now that according to "Enterprise Archives" that history has changed. Seemingly now the lock down of the courthouse was going to happen in 2005 but Rita stopped it. Uh...that is a lie. According to the Review archives - Griffith, Woods and Judge Gersen [sic] did not want it because it was too expensive and did not want to hinder the taxpayers [my emphasis]. For those of you in North Orange County - the Enterprise is trying to dump the cost issue on Carl Griffith - which is a lie.

The only liar  is Philip R. Klein, since the Beaumont Enterprise article actually said the plan was only considered, not approved:

The purchase was first considered in 2005 in the wake of courthouse shooting elsewhere in the country, according to the archives, but the project was stalled by the arrival of Hurricane Rita.

Most readers will understand the difference between consideration and approval.  The Beaumont Enterprise first documented concern about the issue in an article on March 15, 2005.

A closed door meeting was held in April, according to another article in the Beaumont Enterprise on April 2:

County to discuss courthouse safety
April, 2, 2005

BEAUMONT - Fear generated by recent shootings at courthouses in Tyler and Atlanta have Jefferson County officials planning to meet Friday to talk about ways to try to prevent similar problems here.

The county's judges, sheriff and district attorney will meet in a closed session to discuss courthouse security concerns.

District Attorney Tom Maness said he wants Commissioners Court to revisit the idea of implementing perimeter security at the courthouse to make sure no one, other than peace officers, enters the building with guns.

The Beaumont Enterprise documented the outcome of that meeting in another article on April 5, 2005:

Judging Security
April, 5, 2005

BEAUMONT - Judges at the Jefferson County Courthouse plan to renew a push for staffed security checkpoints at building entrances.

Nine judges met behind closed doors Friday with the sheriff, district attorney and Commissioner Eddie Arnold to discuss security concerns.

After the meeting, 317th District Judge Larry Thorne said all judges attending agreed the courthouse needs perimeter security, an option that has been considered, then dropped, in recent years.

Note to Philip:  The Beaumont Enterprise Archives are pretty easy to access - how about yours? And, I think you meant Judge Al Gerson, not "Gersen."  

The rest of Philip's nitwit tidbits are just as muddled:

1 year - The time period that we hear it will be before any permits for building are issued on Bolivar and Crystal Beach.

Philip "heard" wrong - from the Galveston County website:

Bolivar Peninsula Update

The Galveston County Engineering Department will begin issuing building permits in five to six weeks.

Is this a reckless disregard for the truth?  It took me less than five minutes to verify Philip R. Klein's bogus claim.   Even at face value, he failed to exercise due diligence before publishing confirmed rumor as fact.

Consider this statement:

6 Months - Before all the bodies will be found. Some maybe never

So far, no bodies have been found on Bolivar Peninsula and only 15 fatalities have been confirmed in all of Galveston County. Readers should remember that Philip has claimed that over 30 bodies have already been discovered and that ultimately, 400 will be found. 

Philip's poll:

Should The Review Accept An Offer To Return To The Radio?

Yes - I Enjoyed The Show
78 %

Oh, look - all 30 of Philip's listeners voted! So, when can we expect an announcement, Philip?  A reader left this comment:

PRK's current poll about his possible return to radio gives voters three choices: Yes, No, and "I do not listen to political shows." How about a fourth option: "Didn't know you ever had a radio show so why should I give a crap if you return?"

By the way, Philip never mentioned the poor response to his poll calling for Hal Ross's resignation. Of the 30 or so people who voted, 80 percent approved of Hal's performance as manager of the SETRA. I suspect the other three were just mad because they were limited to only three free hamburgers at the airport during Hurricane Ike.

One Hero - Carl Thibodeaux. One hell of a leader.

Another One Hero - Kirk Roccaforte.

Both diehard Democrats - isn't that funny?  But, I have to agree with Philip concerning Carl Thibodeaux. I've known Carl since he was filling prescriptions for a living and he's indeed a true hero. No wonder the people of Orange County have elected him to three consecutive terms - the first ever in the history of Orange County.  He'd make a great State Rep or State Senator.  

12 Years Ago - Today - the SET Political Review went on the net.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't Philip write the following in an editorial last year?

We began the SET Political Review in 1998...

Philip's math is as fuzzy as ever.  I suspect he'll claim he invented the internet next year. 

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