Oct 23, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip posts a long distance edition of his Weekly Nitwit Tidbits:

Greetings from the land of milk and honey on the West Coast. Let's get started.

Philip needs to check his house. Someone visited the Operation Kleinwatch blog several times between 6 and 7 pm tonight from Philip's home computer, which has Windows XP, MSIE 7.0, and a monitor with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.  I wonder if Philip leaves the lights off and sits in the dark so his neighbors will think he's gone, as well?

Silsbee Rape - It has overshadowed the news people(s) [sic). All the while......read on. Media - shut the hell up. Leave these kids alone. Someone has to say it. Headlines? Kids, Sex, Drinking - High School? Is it really a headline?

Perhaps it's not as big as Hilton Kelley's missing Eagle Scout Award or his exclusion from the IMDB entry for Nash Bridges, but I think the sexual assault of a 16-year-old cheerleader by two adults and a minor, each of whom are free under a $100,000 bond, is newsworthy.

But, perhaps I'm old fashioned - maybe this type of conduct occurs regularly at Philip's house. I'll note that the story ranks as one of the most commented on both the Channel 6 and the Beaumont Enterprise websites, so someone apparently else thinks it's news, too.

Perhaps Philip thinks the media should pay more attention to those multiple police calls to investigate reported snakes inside a Nederland apartment complex.

Note to Philip: the word "people" is already plural, so it doesn't need an "s" or even an "(s)."

County Getting Tough - Giggle...either reopen the cafe in the courthouse or get out......giggle. Giggle. Giggle.

Philips gets tough (snicker) - offers a $1,000 dollar reward for information leading to the identity of Sam The Eagle (snicker, snicker).

KFDM Goes After Them Again - This time another reporter went after Walker and Co at the Jefferson County Courthouse. This time over permits. Get this...if you apply today it will take over two weeks to get to you for an inspection for electricity. Giggle again....

After Philip claims someone collected the reward for Sam The Eagle's identity, he drops the entire subject like a hot rock (snicker again).

There is More - Seemingly you have to have a permit - to have a permit - to get a permit - to try to get a permit - and then get the permit. This is really funny! It is just about silly - really silly.

No relevant content - Philip's gibberish is not remotely similar to reality as most people know it.  Read the article for yourself and decide.

More FEMA Housing Is Coming - Huh? Rightttttt????

Let's see, 4,000 homeless residents in Orange County, 116 mobile homes provided by FEMA - Huh? Rightttttt????

Port Arthur EDC - They are working with the EPA and getting reports on pollution? What and why? Another example of wasted tax dollars. Those would be your tax dollars.

Perhaps Philip would like to lead a group of volunteers to clean up those storage tanks that were washed all over South Jefferson County during Hurricane Ike.  So far, the EPA has responded to more than 3,000 reports  - the marshland is scattered with numerous tanks still containing diesel, oil, and toxic chemicals.  

Crockett Street - Thank goodness. Crockett street is coming back according to developers! More booze and more wrecks that kill people. At least it keeps the legal community going in SET.

Another issue where Philip sits solidly on both sides of the fence - few people can do this successfully unless they have the proper anatomy.

But seriously, after predicting that no new clubs would open on Crockett Street, Klein now finds another reason to complain when they do.  This is the same wingnut who questioned whether a party with alcohol that resulted in multiple sexual assaults of a teen-age girl was newsworthy.

Screwing With The Fair - We say it again this week...you do not fool with the fair. Stupid move. Tradition (s).

We'll revisit in the Spring - with cooperation from the weather, I suspect attendance could set new records.

Poll of the Week :

We are going to keep it up.......for another week!

Oh, look - only 35 votes were cast in Philip's poll! Disregarding the 16 votes that Philip cast himself, that leaves about 19 real votes:

Has anyone else noticed that Philip never includes the total number of real votes?

8600 - How is that bail out working for you? Pretty darn good huh? Funny stuff.

Philip's numerical reference is to the Dow-Jones average on October 9, 2008 (two weeks ago), when the Dow fell to its lowest point since 2003.  Apparently, Philip reads very slowly.

I noticed he didn't comment on the Bush Administration tax cuts to the wealthy and corporate America.  They didn't work in 2003, and they're obviously not working now.   But, it only took 12 years to recover from the Great Depression, hopefully this recovery won't take quite as long.

For a more up-to-date take on the situation, I suggest this article. I'll expect a comment from Philip sometime before Thanksgiving, since this article has a lot of multi-syllabic words.

Al Gore - Speaking at Harvard on Global Warming. Uh.....get this......coldest time in the US in 136 years. Funny stuff.

I'm aware of Gore's speech at Harvard, but I have no clue where Philip got his figure concerning the "coldest time in the US in 136 years."  Readers can leave a link if I missed this, but I suspect Philip's citing figures from the Guy from Boston again.

Blogger Report : Nothing. It has been very slow so we just do not have much to say about the local bloggers.

Philip probably missed this, since it was very funny.  On a related issue, did anyone notice how Klein's messianic complex was showing when he titled his editorial "It Is Done?"

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