Oct 18, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip R. Klein writes:

Unemployment - Up again in Jefferson County? What a surprise!

By two-fifths of a percent - headline news!  Here's the real story from the Beaumont Enterprise:

Area unemployment sees slight increase

BEAUMONT - Southeast Texas unemployment increased fourth-tenths of a percentage point from 6.7 percent in August to 7.1 percent in September, Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas said this morning.

The news surprised Robert Foster, a labor market analyst, who felt unemployment would surge to double digits after Hurricane Ike. Foster felt the figures would drastically increase after unemployment sky-rocketed past 10 percent after Hurricane Rita in 2005.

"The upside of course is all the industrial expansions are going on," Foster said.

I suspect Philip's pronouncements concerning the death of Jefferson County were greatly exaggerated. 

PAISD / BISD - Scores down again. Strike two? What in the heck are they going to do if TEA comes in and takes both over? Wait...sorry - the new buildings will solve all.

Typically Philip failed to read the article for the rest of the story (emphasis is mine):

Eleven of the region's 41 school districts, 18 campuses and two charter schools failed to meet federal adequate yearly progress standards, according to a Texas Education Agency report released Tuesday.

That compared with six districts, 21 campuses and four charter schools that got an F in 2007. The Beaumont school district passed last year, while Port Arthur failed.

However, in the Beaumont and Port Arthur districts this year, all student groups met standards in reading and math - except for the special education students.

Perhaps I should defer to Philip on this issue, since I suspect that Philip has more experience with special education than I.

Bad Mistake - YMBL leaders freak out and want to change the fair. Smart move guys - screwing with tradition is not a good move. Not at all.

The South Texas State Fair has been canceled twice in the past four years because of hurricanes. Philip's argument of  "screwing with tradition" doesn't stand when considering the bottom line. Occasionally we need to reevaluate tradition  - women weren't traditionally allowed to vote, either.

Stranded Workers - Funny stuff. Came to SET looking for work and there is none? Now they are stuck. We see signs all over the place for employees? Please...media stop it.

One of Philip's half-truths - a group of temporary construction workers came to help with the joint FEMA/COE program, Operation Blue Roof. Upon arrival, they discovered the need for workers had been exaggerated:

Hundreds of angry contractors are in Beaumont, coming from Florida, Georgia and other far away [sic] places. Many of them say they came here days ago because the government promised them work. Now they say they're out of money, out of resources and running out of patients [sic] "we had a contract, with [sic] FEMA for a 6 month [sic] period of time. The minute we got out here it [sic] was different. All the stories have changed. The tools are not here, the work is not here, and there are a lot of things that were promised that didn’t happen, [sic] said Jason Bilbro, a Carpenter [sic] from Florida.

This is from the KBMT website - readers will notice that both Channel 12's reporter Patrick Vaughn and Philip have a lot in common when it comes to punctuation, spelling, grammar, and comprehension. 

The real issue, however, has has more to do with the inept administration of FEMA than any issue involving Jefferson County, but Philip never mentioned that. 

Perhaps it's time to restore FEMA to a cabinet level position as it originally was before the Bush Administration demoted the agency into a new government bureaucracy.  The agency's work during the early years was quite impressive, as anyone who experienced severe flooding during Tropical Storm Allison can confirm.

Care to discuss the real issue, little buddy?

Encoding Center Gets Leased - Hooray! Uh...no. Another government is leasing from another government. It is sick folks. Simply sick. And nobody says anything. Your tax dollars hard at work.

The real story:

Jefferson County commissioners voted to allow the County Judge to enter into an agreement with the General Services Administration, acting on behalf of FEMA, to use the Postal Encoding Building in downtown Beaumont.

FEMA will use the building as a Disaster Recovery Service Center to aid relief efforts for Hurricane Ike victims.

While most residents would agree that housing all recovery efforts under one roof is most convenient and economical for residents, Philip would apparently prefer to see residents burn gas to drive between various offices of government agencies to seek aid.

Polls - It is close. Internal polls have both candidates at an dead heat we hear. The mo is still to Obama. We still see a 6 point win.

Isn't it ironic that Philip's prediction just happens to match the spread on Real Clear Politics, who averages all national polls:

Election 2008 Obama McCain Spread
RCP National Average 49.6 43.2 Obama +6.4

Another of Philip's "sources" uncovered!

Poll of the Week: Should The Review Offer A $1,000 Reward For The Identity Of Sam The Eagle And Gus Pilsbury [SIC]?

  • Yes - I would love to see them squirm: 62%

You want it .....we give it. Stand by for next weeks fun!

This certainly says a lot about Philip's expertise as a private investigator! 

More next week, but here's a hint for Philip - try looking in the phone book for last names beginning with "P."

Powell - Set to endorse Obama. Really? Imagine that?

Philip's racism is showing again. An endorsement from a Republican and former Bush cabinet member seems monumental to me.

Universal Health Care For Children - Hawaii started it seven months ago. It bankrupted the government. Shut down this morning. Funny stuff!

Philip's obviously not conversant with the real issues, which revolve around partisan politics between the Governor's office, a Republican, and the state congress, predominantly Democratic.

The state budget wasn't bankrupted as Klein claims. As an example, while the Governor pulled the plug on the insurance program, citing a simple "budget shortfall," she implemented a $40 billion dollar program for dock improvements to the SuperFerry, Hawaii's version of the "Bridge to Nowhere."

Since Philip has a lot of experience with bankruptcy, he should know the difference. The real budget shortfall came from private insurance companies, who say a lot of middle-class parents dropping privately-funded insurance programs for state-provided insurance.  

Care to discuss the issue in detail, Philip?  It's obvious you're clueless about the real issue and simply making up facts.

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