Oct 27, 2008


Philip comments on the pending change in Networks at KBTV/Channel 4:

It was a Friday shocker that even we did not believe and had to make some phone calls. But after talking to those close to the decsion [sic] - we seem to agree that this may be a huge move for KBTV.

Here's the story from the Beaumont Enterprise.  I particularly liked this part of his article:

Late Friday afternoon - the Enterprise broke the story that KBTV would be dropping their relationship with NBC. Meaning - there will be no more NBC for the Southeast Texas area unless someone picks them up or KPRC Houston is picked up by Time Warner. And that by dropping NBC - they would be picking up FOX as their flagship.

Meaning, Philip felt obliged to explain what dropping NBC meant to his readers.  While Philip claims that KPRC/Houston is the logical choice, he's apparently not aware that KPLC/Channel 7 in Lake Charles is already carried on several local cable franchises and that the station's broadcast signal already covers portions of the Beaumont/Port Arthur market.  We'll revisit this in the future.

I especially liked Philip's "sources close to the descion [sic]:

"The move is being made by the management for a couple of reasons. The NBC brand is really not as popular as it used to be. Especially the news division of NBC. The management feels that FOX is the future for TV in the United States and this will be our change to tag on to good programming that families will enjoy and the news division is the most popular name in news. It fits the station," said a source close to the station.

I always find it interesting when Philip's so-called sources make the same grammatical train wrecks as Philip's signature mistakes.  Interested readers can find better insight into Nextar's attitude about Fox TV by examining the company's affiliate list here.

Finally, Philip offers his take:

Our take?

We like it. But it brings up many questions. We could careless about the prime time - it stinks. But the news division is a loss. As NBC has gone far left - there is a place for far left news as equal to the far right news. Mandated no. But the left needs to be heard. If it sells it sells.

As for Southeast Texas - it is a huge win. And NBC will be picked up by someone. And if it needs to come from Houston so be it.

FOX is in and the PEACOCK is out. And so it is written and so it is done. Southeast Texas gets a real Fox Channel. And that may put the media upside down!

Somehow, the notion of Philip Klein offering his opinion on local media seems silly. This is the same Philip R. Klein who had only about 30 regular listeners on his radio show on KOLE according to local ratings, but I sincerely hope that KBTV does better as a Fox Network television Affiliate than KOLE Radio did as a Fox Network radio affiliate. 

Note to Philip: When can we expect the big announcement about your "return to the radio?"  From one of Philip's recent polls:

Should The Review Accept An Offer To Return To The Radio?

Yes - I Enjoyed The Show:  78 %

And all 30 of Philip's listeners voted!

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