Oct 28, 2008

Philip's Idiot Email

In Philip R. Klein's latest reader mail, he writes his own questions and answers them, too:

"....so do you think that Domingues screw up with the people in Hampshire Fannett [sic] will equal votes for any challenger? Is Domingue in political trouble?

Answer : No. Unless a name such as Barnett would step up and run him. I think someone like that may have a chance of beating him. [Gibberish follows] I will have more thoughts post seeing how the swing goes in the Nederland, Pt. Neches and Groves area post election.

It's no secret, except maybe to Philip R. Klein, that Brent Weaver with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department will run against Mark Domingue in the next election.

Isn't it a little ironic that a shrewd political consultant missed that one?  So much for those "anonymous sources close to the [fill in the blank]!

Note to Philip:  If you study real hard and do your homework regularly, perhaps someday you'll learn to spell Hamshire-Fannett correctly.

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