Oct 6, 2008

Philip is Back!

Philip R. Klein's latest editorial is a grandiose announcement that "We Are Back!"  While he wanders from subject to subject, most of this poorly-written editorial is self-aggrandizement under the guise of "news" about the Southeast Texas Political Review.
Concerning his recent problems with the site, Philip wrote:
We simply had to change servers and it is like dealing with the IRS.
Here are the real facts: In June of 2008, Philip's original hosting company, PNX.com in Orange, outsourced their hosting business to a new firm, Caldwell Global Communications in Cleveland, TN.  The switchover took place on August 15, 2008, so I suspect any software-related issues had more to do with Philip's inability to run a proper website. With a hurricane and free meals at Sanderson's to consider, I'm sure Philip was too busy to keep his site updated.
But, I suppose this could happen to a company that does business as "Wingnet Internet Services."  Rather apropos, isn't it?
Philip also writes:
We had the biggest month in our history. We had over 154,000 hits for September. Maybe folks were just checking on us - or hitting the link sites to Ike - but for whatever we had a great September. Again - we have grown so far this year almost 12% in readership. It is amazing and I thank you.
I noticed that Sam the Eagle took pictures - see for yourself.  Typically, the figures don't add up for Philip's claim.
Philip's statement that the Southeast Texas Political Review had the most traffic in its history during September seems rather preposterous, since most residents of Jefferson, Orange, and Hardin counties experienced significant power outages because of Hurricane Ike. 

But, let's put this into perspective.  Philip claims that 154,000 people visited his site in September, which is roughly two-thirds of the total population of Jefferson County, so he's claiming that more people view his website than the total market share of any TV station, radio station, or newspaper in Southeast Texas.  Readers can make up their own minds about Philip's wild claims concerning traffic to his site, but if true, I wonder why he had only eight people who regularly contributed to the "Talk Back Line?"

Philip abruptly changed directions in mid-posting and made this claim concerning Hurricane Ike fatalities on the Bolivar Peninsula:
Sadly - the officers that I am know and are friends with in that area tell me that over 300 bodies will be found.
We'll revisit this statement in time, because the officers that "I am know" tell me that's a hysterical rumor with no basis in truth.

Concerning Philip's solicitation of donations for his non-existent charity:
We have dropped the Gadfly Foundation Project to the public. My wife and I will effectively give our money to the Reading Projects in Jefferson County. We dropped it along time ago to the public - but we still get calls from people who want to give.
Philip did indeed drop that page soliciting money under the guise of the Gadfly Foundation  "along time ago," shortly after Judge Gillam filed a defamation suit against Klein. I first commented on the disappearance of that page on Oct. 11, 2007.

Philip solicited money for years through the Gadfly Foundation, Gadfly, Inc, or any of the other names that Philip invented for the purported charity. Its mission:
The Jacobs House will be our first project. In a private effort between Gadfly, Inc., private donors and corporate sponsors, the first project will be the building of two houses near St. Mary's Hospital and St. Elizabeth's Hospital for family members, siblings and parents of Premature Babies. This house will be a place, a haven so to call it, for family members to rest, visit and stay overnight free so that they can be near their new babies that are in PICU or NICU at both hospitals.
The Jacobs House was never built.  As it turned out, there was never a "Gadfly, Inc.," registered too PRK, nor was a "Gadfly Foundation" ever registered as a legitimate charity in the State of Texas.

While it's possible that Klein's Gadfly Foundation was an unincorporated nonprofit association and not a 501(3)c not-for-profit corporation, there are certain provisions for this type of charitable organization that must be met under the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (TUUNAA).

Unfortunately, Philip didn't meet the regulations,  even though he claimed that thousands of dollars were collected.

Does anyone know the statute of limitations for soliciting money by offering people a tax deduction for a charitable gift to a non-existent not-for-profit corporation?

Philip then wandered to the subject of his now-defunct "Talk Back Line:"
The Talk Back Line is dead. We have gotten so many attacks on he list - from those who have tried to get a copy, those who have attempted to sign in with names that are not true and actually two hackers that did get in and dissolve the list and names. It has gotten to be to much work to monitor the personal attacks. Okay - democrats - you win. It is shut down. Whoever you are in Oregon - do not be surprised when they come knocking. 
I'm reminded of an article that Philip wrote in September of 2007, where he claimed that the FBI was investigating someone who posted a bogus message to his list:
Our talkback line has now hit 400 after a huge purge post us telling our talk back line that we turned over the list to the authorities during an investigation. And yes - we caught the person responsible and they are getting a Christmas Surprise (hint - turn yourself in now to avoid the crush of what is going to happen to you).
I never heard anything else about that - shouldn't that have made the news?  After all, if it has Philip's name on it, it will sell!
Despite Philip's claim that "two hackers...dissolve the list and names [sic]," the truth is more mundane: Wingnet Internet Services doesn't host mailing lists, even those that only get an average of 15 postings from a total of about six subscribers each month over the past six months.  See for yourself here.
Both Philip and I saved the best for last - Philip cites a litany of the red herrings and claims he's been making for years:
Lastly - to our detractors - I send this notice publicly - which you will probably after mentioning go into your little rooms and whack your little key boards until you spew your sick words on your enormous web sites - you are scared and have more to lose if your real name (s) were told to the public.
I addressed the issue of anonymity in February. Obviously, I was correct - my anonymity really bugs Philip.   As I've repeatedly shown, credibility comes not from signing one's name, but from whether one's arguments are factually correct.  For example, Philip never commented on how those "27,000 Cases Refilled in Hardin County," turned out.  Or, did David Sheffield get it right?
Next, Philip resurrects the claim that I've attacked his family and resorts to threats again:
My family is off limits. I publicly am announcing that I have hired and retained an Austin law firm to monitor two sites in particular - and we know who those sites are. As well, post our emails and talks with the Bayou and other web sites to which "anonymous" sites post personal information on my wife and children through posts - they have promised to take them down as soon as they see them. As well, Google / Blogspot have agreed to track the incoming for action under Federal Law. I felt it necessary to spend the money and start the action (s) simply because of the hurt to my family. My kids have done nothing to anyone - and my wife - she is simply a wonderful woman that has nothing to do with anything. By trying to get to me through them did not work. But it will work - for me.
Here's a novel idea - if Philip doesn't want his family discussed, then why mention them on a website supposedly about politics in Southeast Texas?
Since I began Operation Kleinwatch, Philip has posted frequent comments about his family.  These included saccharine articles about graduations, maudlin postings about his relationship with his father, and many other stories and comments that have nothing whatsoever to do with politics in Southeast Texas.
For the most part, I've ignored them.  However, I commented in-depth on this issue when Philip's daughter, Caroline, purportedly wrote an editorial which Philip published on the Southeast Texas Political Review.  I'm still not sure whether those was truly Caroline's words, since Philip was previously exposed when he posted messages allegedly from his son on his now-defunct mailing list.  At the time, Philip didn't realized the message headers included the originating email addresses, so while the messages were signed by his son, they originated from Philip's own personal email account.  Oops!  Or, is that "Opps?" I'll dig them out at some point in the future and publish them.  
Exploiting one's children because of one's own insecurity is a sad commentary on the nature of one's personality.
Personal Note to Philip:  Glad you're back! Based on what I've read thus far, this is your last hurrah.  But, maybe two-thirds of Jefferson County really are anxiously awaiting your return to radio.  Now, if you can just figure out a way to manipulate the ratings like your "hit counter!"

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