Oct 23, 2008

Philip's New Editorial

In his latest editorial, Philip reprints an op-ed piece from Orson Scott Card. Not being a reader, it's pretty obvious that Philip has no idea who Orson Scott Card is:

Sometimes someone writes something so profound it is best that I say nothing. This is a reprint from Orson Card - of the Meridian. Wow.

Card doesn't work for the "Meridian," The Meridian Star, or any other newspaper.

Actually, he's primarily a science fiction writer, who also occasionally writes a political column. While Card identifies himself as a Democrat, he's well-known for his support of the Bush-Cheney White House and frequent criticism of the Democratic Party and the media.

Philip's wingnut partisanship is showing again.

On a related note, I thought it was rather odd that the subject of Philip's reward for the identity of Sam the Eagle has disappeared after three days from the entire Southeast Texas Political Review site. 

So, Philip, who's Sam the Eagle?

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