Oct 20, 2008

Philip Reneges on Reward Offer

After promising to offer a $1,000 dollar reward for the identity of both Sam the Eagle and myself, Philip is now only offering a reward for information leading to the identity of Sam the Eagle.

I'm so disappointed:

Today - the Southeast Texas Political Review - puts on the table the following offer of $1,000 cash for any person that can give me the name and identity of Sam The Eagle Blogspot's author or author's [SIC] ( who is behind the site ). There are conditions to this offer and they are as follows :

1) The person with the tip may not be Sam The Eagle or any author or writer that works with Sam the Eagle.

2) The person with the tip may not be a family member of Sam the Eagle.

3) The person must offer and give the Review definitive proof and that proof must lead to the identity of Sam The Eagle.

Consider the terms:

We will have a code system - you can send your emails to setreview@gtbizclass.com or mail to P.O. Box 1212, Nederland, Texas 77627 or call our offices. If your information checks out - we will post you a message by a number. On your message just pick a number between 1 - 999 and put it on your letter. On reader mail we will send you a message by your number. If you win it - we will find a way to get you your cash.

His scheme sounds quite confused like most of Philip's wingnut positions, but virtually guarantees he won't have to actually pay the reward. Try running that gibberish through the court system.

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