Oct 21, 2008

Poppy's Problems

Philip R. Klein's obsession with Hilton Kelley is front and center in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. There is nothing new, just more of Philip's ad hominem attacks:

As for Mr. Kelly  [sic] - we did a check on IMDB - again - and the same. No Nash Bridges. And we called IMDB and again - no Nash Bridges.

Here's an interesting question for Philip,  who wrote:

So we called Washington to the Non-Profit division of the IRS that was really helpful. They too confirm they do not have a tax return on file for CIDA? What? Say it is not so? They further confirm that the tax returns are...well....never been on time and .... well....the biggest contributor to CIDA was the EPA?

So, Philip, if the IRS has no tax return on file from CIDA, Inc, how would they know that the organization's biggest contributor was the EPA?  

I suspect that the IRS doesn't release that sort of information over the phone to any wingnut who calls. As I've pointed out before, if Kelley's organization, the Community In-Power and Development Association, is delinquent in their taxes, the Texas State Comptroller didn't get the memo.  

Philip didn't comment on whether he was able to find any information on Hilton Kelley's Eagle Scout Award.

While the Gadfly Foundation has disappeared from Philip's website in recent months, I think it's important to note that Philip R. Klein solicited donations for many years under the guise of a "Not for Profit Foundation" that could never be confirmed with any official source:

The History of the Gadfly Foundation

In 2000 Klein Investments, Inc. in conjunction with Philip and Inga Klein established a Not for Profit Foundation. It was named the "Gadfly" foundation.

The foundation is headed by Philip and Inga Klein.  Donations are always welcome from Corporation and families around the United States. A goal of this foundation is to keep in on a small scale to help in a large way in changing a child's chance for the future. Mostly we are looking for people that want to help and not want all of the hype. We call our contributors the silent majority!

If you would like to help or make a contribution, please contact us at :

The Gadfly Foundation
P.O. Box 1212
Nederland, Texas 77627

I can understand why Philip sought "silent" contributors who didn't ask too many questions. 

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