Oct 21, 2008

A Quick One While He's Away

In his latest poll, Philip R. Klein poses the question (again):

If the election were held today, I would vote for:

  • Barack Obama
  • John McCain
  • Another Candidate
  • Neither

Technically, the election is being held today, since early voting started on the same day that Klein posted his new poll.

Note to Philip: I've already voted - as an independent moderate who's not bound to a straight ticket, I've voted for the candidate that won the White House in 10 of the past 11 presidential elections. Most voters should have been paying closer attention to the Nixon administration in 1972.  However, my choice had more to do with a vote against Nixon than a vote for McGovern, but you can't win 'em all!

In the primaries, I've voted for 8 of the candidates who later went on to become President. How about you, Philip?

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