Oct 13, 2008

Rampant Racism

In a recent article on Going Underground, Mike Aguilar took Philip R. Klein to task for his racist remarks about Port Arthur.  Philip R. Klein's responded in a posting on his Reader Mail page:

And Mike - I never said nor did anyone on this web site say anything about race.

Here's one of Philip's "non-racist" comments from July:

And you folks in the black community - shut up.

Here's one from August:

How About Some Music ? : "Barack the 'Magic Negro'"

This was an interesting comment on MLK Day:

Martian [sic] Luther King wanted one thing...

Not content with bashing Martin Luther King, Klein went on to denigrate Cesar Chavez, a US citizen who was born in Arizona and a true Latino hero to many people of all races:

Kids At Fletcher - The Hispanic community could not understand why the kids did not want to change the name of their school to a Mexican Man they know nothing about? 

By Philip's standards, I suppose all Hispanics look alike, but there is a big difference between an American citizen and a "Mexican Man." 

I have more examples - any comment, Philip?

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