Nov 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Message to Readers


As I previously mentioned, I'll be out of state for the next week, to return on Dec. 1, 2008.  I'll be on a hunting trip, so I won't have access to a computer in the back country since space and weight are limited on horseback.  Readers will note the difference between my type of hunting and that of Philip R. Klein.

PRK apparently enjoys sitting in a tree stand with a .50 cal sniper rifle, shooting at tame whitetail deer who've been fed for months from an automated feeder.  That's not hunting - it's target practice. I hope to bag an elk this season, but this is a greater challenge than shooting bambis at a feeder from a tree stand. We'll see how it goes, but I promise to bring back pictures.

Since this is my last posting before the Thanksgiving Holiday, I wish all readers a happy holiday.   This includes Philip - have fun cranking your hot tube in the back yard.

There is little in Philip's posting today upon which to comment.  Readers will notice that instead of fulfilling his promise of providing more relevant commentary when he resumed posting after Hurricane Ike, Philip has actually gone the other way and is even less relevant today that he's been in the past years.  As examples, consider his preoccupation and the amount of space he's devoted to Channel 4 and NBC, the Christina Delgadillo misdemeanor, and that "defining" moment in Texas Tech history. 

Or, consider the ruse where Philip offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the identity of Sam The Eagle. Klein further promised to publish the results of a month-long investigation into Sam's background, but so far, no word.  While I've had a lot of fun with this, it's only one of many other examples where Philip clearly demonstrates his desperation to gain some shred of credibility and assuage his lack of self-esteem. 

As another example, I promised to revisit he issue of Hurricane Ike casualties on the Bolivar Peninsula.  Philip predicted:

Sadly - the officers that I am know and are friends with in that area tell me that over 300 bodies will be found.

Including the latest victim, a total of 19 deaths in all of Galveston County have been attributed to Hurricane Ike.  See for yourself here. Readers will also note that approximately only 10 people or so are still missing from the Bolivar Peninsula. This is radically different than "over 300 bodies" that Philip predicted. These deaths are tragic, but Philip's hysterical histrionics du a extreem disservice to their memory. He's trivialized their deaths with his bogus claims to further his own agenda.  I think this is disgusting, but perhaps I'm just not sympathetic to a "real conservative"  viewpoint.

On this subject of partisanship, I think the following makes a good point. While Philip clings to those outdated 1994 Republican talking points about Democrats as advocates of "tax-and-spend" policies, "big government," and "socialism,"  here are some facts to ponder. Notice that these are in easy to digest graphs, since Philip doesn't do well with written explanations.

On the subject of health care reform, Philip has repeatedly argued that the current health care system is just fine.  Here are the facts, again presented in an easy-to-understand table for those who have a hard time digesting multi-syllabic words.

These are the G8 countries. Of these industrialized nations, only the US doesn't have some sort of universal health care system in place:

Country Per Capita Spending Life Expectancy* Infant Mortality**
United States $7,026 78 6.9
Canada $3,912 81 5.3
France $4,056 81 3.9
Germany $2,983 80 4
Italy $2,314 81 5.6
Japan $2,690 83 2.8
Russia $369 66 11.5
United Kingdom $3,361 79 5

* As of 2008
** Per 1000 births

Even someone as dense as Philip R. Klein should see the disparity in numbers between the amount spent and tangible results.  When compared to all countries in the world, the US spends the most but ranks only 34th in life expectancy.

Readers deserve proper local discussions on these issues from a truly informed and conservative viewpoint, however Philip R. Klein has repeated proven that he has neither the prerequisite comprehension of the issues nor the intellectual capacity to argue his opinions without reverting to Republican Party talking points from 1994.  He's a bully who's adept at sneak attacks and spinning specific issues into those old cliches, but like most bullies,  he's really a coward who's aggressive behavior hides  his fear and self-doubt.

As an example, I'll repeat a question that Philip has repeatedly ignored - if the Reagan tax rate on Americans making $250,000 per year or more was just fine, why is the same tax rate under Obama wrong?  Any comment, buddy?

I suspect that Philip's only answer is that Reagan was a Republican, and Obama is a Democrat.  As an independent moderate, I'm really tired of the partisanship, name-calling, and underwear sniffing that we've seen in recent years, as exemplified by Philip R. Klein, the biggest turkey of all on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Nov 25, 2008



In Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he comments on an alternative source of funding for the Jefferson County Sheriff's river patrol, based on a KFDM/Channel 6 news story.  The Sabine Neches Navigation District is proposing a 2 cents per ton security fee on incoming cargo at the Port of Beaumont. The money generated would fund river and port patrols by the Jefferson County Sheriff's office.

As I've previously done on several occasions, let's first put this entire issue of a port and river patrol by the Jefferson County Sheriff's office into proper perspective.  Here are the five busiest ports in the US, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Data Center.

Rank Port Total Tonnage
1 Port of South Louisiana (Baton Rouge and NOLA) 225,489,499
2 Houston, TX 222,146,750
3 Port of New York (NY and NJ) 157,630,099
4 Long Beach, CA 84,393,795
5 Port of Beaumont 79,485,704

Here are two questions which Philip refuses to answer:

  • Which waterway carries the most combined military and petroleum cargo, but is the only port without supplemental harbor, municipal, or county law enforcement?
  • Of those other four waterways, how are funds generated to cover the cost of port and river patrols?

Under an unfunded mandate in the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, all ports, cargo terminals, and oil port facilities in the US were required to develop general facility security plans.  Some funding was later made available through grants from the Department of Homeland Security.

Locally, those grants included funding to  the Jefferson County Sheriff's office for three boats to be used for river and port patrols. 

Readers should note that Philip has consistently displayed ignorance about this issue, as I've documented in several  previous articles. See the most recent articles here and here as examples.The fee isn't a bad idea, since it shifts the tax from local citizens to those businesses who directly benefit from the security patrols. 

Typically, Philip manufactures quotes from two anonymous "plant managers" who both speak in the same mangled grammar, use the same imagery, and  express themselves with the same tired cliches as Philip.

We spoke with two plant managers this week that are seriously concerned.

"They just have to tax us. That is all they know how to do. We do not need the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department running up and down the river patrolling the fish and the alligators. We have the US Coast Guard to protect us. They do a damn good job and they are already paid for. It seems to me that maybe the Sherriff [sic] might want to put his resources on the drunks and crime in Jefferson County rather than pick on us again," said the source very close to one of the major plants in the area.

Another told us : "More goofball ideas by guys that have way too much time on their hands," said the source.

Readers will notice that Philip lost his train of thought by the end of the quote. What started out as "two plant managers," ended as a "source very close to one of the major plants in the area."

I have a different story. Over the past months, I've spoken to the managers of the four largest refineries in Jefferson County, none of whom expressed the opinions that Philip claims. Instead, all expressed concern with the current protection offered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

But, don't take my word based on "anonymous" sources. See for yourself at the Southeast Texas Plant Managers Forum website here.  In a powerpoint presentation that you can read at this link, note the following issue in implementing those Maritime Security Regulations. The emphasis is mine:

Anyone allowed unescorted access to secure areas of U.S.-flagged vessels, facilities, and Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) facilities subject to 33 CFR Parts 104, 105, and 106 respectively (hereafter referred to as vessels and facilities); 33 CFR parts 104, 105 and 106

Part 105 of 33 CFR regulates security at “maritime facilities”

The Coast Guard’s method of extending this to refineries is problematic but relates to facilities taking in crude or shipping out product through harbor terminals.

If Philip didn't manufacture those quotes, then his source "close to one of the major plants" actually lives in the Magnolia Gardens apartment complex. 

On the subject of Philip R. Klein, one of the plant managers responded:

"Philip who?" she said.

Okay, I made that quote up, but the sentiments expressed were very similar.

Nov 24, 2008

Dyslexic Heart


With a nonsensical title like this, I was expecting something more than Philip's typical petty partisanship:

Do you want to guess who made the top one hundred [sic] most dangerous places to live? And that after Jefferson County hit number one in the highest unemployment rating in Texas.

How are the democrats doing now we ask? Are they running this county in a good way? Or do we have problems?

We catch a bunch of grief around here at the SET Political Review. We even have two web sites that tell us that we are wrong. That we make things up. That we are simply out of tune.

I read the Sam the Eagle Political Review, and my take is that Sam thinks Philip is just plain nuts. Since I can only speak for myself, however, I plead guilty as charged.

On the charge of accusing Philip of making things up, see the article immediately below. On the charge of accusing Klein of being out of tune, see the article immediately before that.  On the charge of being wrong, let's look at the rest of Philip's statement:

It is the State of Texas and the national crime figures that seem to back up what we have been saying for years.

Philip is referring to a new annual list of  crime rankings by city, published (and sold for a profit) by CQ Press. Note that this is a ranking of crime in the top 385 cities, not a subjective list of "the top one-hundred most dangerous places to live," as Philip claims. So, either Philip is intentionally deceiving his 25 regular readers, or he's blatantly wrong. 

But, it's also obvious that Philip didn't really look at the report, which has a number of statistical anomalies. For instance, Beaumont is ranked at number 73, but Los Angeles is ranked at #159 and New York City is ranked at #239 (see rankings above right).

This clearly shows that if the report is to be accepted at face value as Philip suggests, then the governments of New York and Los Angeles, dominated by Democrats, are on the right track in their approach to crime. This negates Philip's central thesis that a Democratically-controlled municipal or county government leads to higher crime. 

Philip's fallacious logic and erroneous manipulation of the facts prove that his central thesis is wrong, but there are greater issues that cast doubts on the overall credibility of this report.  Unfortunately, Klein didn't read that far.

The CQ Press issues these rankings after the FBI discontinued the Crime Index in 2004. Real FBI personnel found that the index was no longer a true indicator of crime, due primarily to inflated figures from the ratio of larceny-thefts to more serious, but less frequently reported, offenses like murder and rape.  Consider this disclaimer concerning the methodology used in the rankings (the emphasis is mine):

While the FBI considers how it will replace the Crime Index, City Crime Rankings continues to provide total crime numbers, rates, and trends for U.S. cities and metropolitan areas as a service to readers. We offer a cautionary note, however, that in 2007, larceny-theft comprised 58 percent of all reported crimes.

Readers should also note the other disclaimer included with the Crime Reports widget (above right).  These rankings are indeed controversial and here's why.

The figures are derived from a rather complicated formula, rather than a simple per capita ranking of the six types of major crimes:

1. For each of the six categories of reported crime, the crime rate per 100,000 residents of a city or metropolitan area is calculated from the reported crime and population data provided to the FBI by local law enforcement agencies for that type of crime.

2: The percent difference between the metro area/city rate and the national rate for each of the six crimes is then computed...The formula for this calculation is:

Metro Area/City Rate – National Rate * 100
National Rate

3. The number is then scaled to be one-sixth of the index to make it comparable to scores in the previous editions of this book. 

4. The final comparison score for each metro area and city is the sum of the individual scores for the six crimes.

5. The scores are then sorted from highest to lowest to produce the rankings. 

I'd pay money to see Philip try to apply that formula with his limited math skills.

Furthermore, readers will see that the report does not give a confidence interval or margin of error, so the calculations in this report do not follow accepted practices of standard statistical analysis.  Philip probably missed this, since he never made it into advanced calculus. I suspect Philip never made it into simple business statistics or basic college math, either.

Most importantly, it's difficult to compare crime rates from one disparate region to another, since a number of socioeconomic factors impact crime in a given geographic area. I won't go into further detail - if Philip doesn't understand the basic issues, he certainly can't the discuss the finer points knowledgeably. But, comparing crime in Beaumont to crime in Boston is roughly analogous to comparing apples to oranges - another fallacy in logic.

For those readers who wish additional proof, compare this ranking of #73, with Beaumont's ranking at #94 on this list of the "top 100 most dangerous cities in America."  This is only slightly greater than its ranking in population by the 2000 US Census.  I'm not sure what the population ranking will be in 2010, since unlike Philip, I don't have second sight, nor do I see dead people.

Philip's ultimate take:

Jefferson County is dying. We need new leadership. We need new ideas. 

Oh, look - more of Philip's "same old think, over and over and over again!"

Jefferson County indeed has problems, like most comparable cities with a blue-collar economic base. See the rankings for Flint, MI, and Lawton, OK, as examples.

However, melodramatic pronouncements of the "death of Jefferson County," don't address the real issues or offer solutions; rather Philip can only parrot the same redundant wingnut hysteria "over and over and over again."

If you seek real answers and insight, look elsewhere.

NOTE TO PHILIP: Still too scared to go website-to-website on the real issues? Since I've repeatedly proven you have no credibility, you have nothing to lose!

Evidence of Things Unseen


Philip writes:

According to pre-census numbers the Review has seen - Jefferson County will be 57.2% minority (black).

Most readers will wonder how Philip could have seen "pre-census" numbers, since the next census is not scheduled until 2010 and requires citizen participation. 

Fortunately, Philip has already addressed this in a previous editorial:

Strange? I think not. I firmly believe in the business I am of the 6th sense.

Philip will channel your departed loved ones or divine your future for a modest sitting fee.

Call now: (409) 729-8798.

Nov 23, 2008



Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this weekend from three independent sources that Administrative Deputy Brent Weaver will run Mark Domingue for Jefferson County Pct. 2 commission this next year. According to sources close to Domingue - Weaver has already made it clear to Domingue of his intentions.

Apparently Philip is the last person in Jefferson County to find out.  I mentioned this a month ago on Oct. 28, 2008, while commenting on one of Philip's self-written letters to himself. Philip's "reader mail" question and his response are italicized, while my response is in standard but indented font:

" do you think that Domingues [sic] screw up with the people in Hampshire Fannett [sic] will equal votes for any challenger? Is Domingue in political trouble?

Answer : No. Unless a name such as Barnett would step up and run him. I think someone like that may have a chance of beating him. [Gibberish follows] I will have more thoughts post seeing how the swing goes in the Nederland, Pt. Neches and Groves area post election.

It's no secret, except maybe to Philip R. Klein, that Brent Weaver with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department will run against Mark Domingue in the next election.

As I pointed out, Philip is clueless, since the news was already a month old when I first mentioned it. To verify, I simply asked Brent if the rumors were true, but perhaps Philip had to assign one person from his office to look into every aspect of Brent's life for a month two months.

And look!  Philip manufactures his own rumor to bolster his feelings of inferiority:

Rumors abound that the GOP has a fresh face waiting in the wings to run Domingue. The Review has been asked not to leak the name.

Readers may remember this item from the smartest man in the room earlier this year:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Philip was asked not to leak those names either. Meanwhile in the real world, Eddie won reelection by default when no one, either Republican or Democrat, ran against him.

Readers will also note that Philip's "reader" made the same stupid mistake as Philip when referring to Hamshire-Fannett. Ironic, don't you think?

NOTE TO PHILIP: How about those Raiders? See article below!

On Philip's Analytical Skills


Philip offered this melodramatic analysis of the TT/OU game in his Nitwit Tidbits on Friday:

Item Last :   Every person in every walk of life has a defining moment. This is it for TTU!  Wreck Em!


The No. 5 Oklahoma Sooners defense shut down the No. 2 Texas Tech Red Raiders’ offense and scored 35 points in the second quarter in a 65-21 rout.

Apparently, TT didn't come back to the field after half-time. Here's another interesting take:

OU just dealt Texas Tech its worst loss in eight years

Considering that Philip's writing and comprehension skills are equivalent to those of a middle school student, readers should not be surprised that Philip's only contact with post-secondary education came to an ignominious end after apparently flunking out of his freshman year at TT.  Considering his writing skills, I suspect he would have flunked out of high school if not for social promotion.

Compare Philip's skills in sports analysis with his previous analyses in:

  • Political Science
    • Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.
    • We think unless [Thurman] Bartie is found with a man in bed he is the next county commissioner.
  • Economics:
    • Per Barrel [May 9, 2008] - Estimated at $150 per by August 1. It will make it. And $5 per gallon is coming. There is no stopping it.
    • $200 By The End of Summer [July 11, 2008]  - Washington Whispers. That means gas at 7 per gallon.
  • Mass Communication:
    • According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the radio show will be broadcast syndicated [sic] nationally on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year."
    • Big layoffs coming at Channel 6.....mostly in the newsroom
  • Business Administration:
    • Our sources in HOU say that SET Regional is on the chopping block. Note that we had the story 24 hours before the mainstream. 
    • The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that two local car dealerships are in the process of consideration of closure. 

On the subject of Wildlife Management, I'll be out of state from Thursday, Nov. 27,  through Saturday, Dec. 6, on a hunting trip.  While some may consider proper hunting to be an obese man in a tree stand shooting tame whitetail deer at a feeder with a .50 caliber sniper rifle, I prefer tracking an elk herd through the back country before selectively taking a trophy with a one-shot kill. This precludes Philip, since they don't make horses in his size.

I'll post the pictures when I get back.

Nov 21, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Let's note this item first:

MISSING IN ACTION - No Mention of Philip's "Polling Question" with "Results Daily And Up To The Minute!"

Philip asks the biased question:

Amazingly, Philip had a 100 percent response rate, with all 25 of his regular readers participating!  Philip, is your "hit counter" broken?

Funny Stuff Bag - The Port Arthur EDC is going to discuss how to train the "childrens" for their success in the work place.

Oh, look - Philip displays his racist prejudice again.

Bun B - Big concert in PATOWN. All the bangers will be attending. Too funny!

Racism is never funny.

Gore Off His Meds - Telling the world of civilization collapse. Not funny. Just sad.

If Al Gore is truly "off his Meds," then he and Philip R. Klein share something in common.

However, Philip obviously didn't actually read Gore's op-ed piece, which appeared in the November 9th edition of the New York Times. Read it for yourself here and see if you can find anywhere that Gore tells "the world of civilization collapse."   These mistakes happen when Philip steals his material from another wingnut blog without actually checking to see whether the statement is true by reading the source material.

Bell Comes To Beaumont - Uh....Chris...why waste your time? This is blueville. These folks in this county look at the blue and pull the lever. You might want to spend some time in Redville. Oh...that too is a waste of time.

Note the results in the Nov. 4, 2008 State Senate District 17 special election:

  • (D) Chris Bell.....................38.39%
  • (R) Austen Furse...............10.11%
  • (R) Grant Harpold..............04.05%
  • (R) Joan Huffman..............26.13%
  • (R) Ken Sherman...............07.49%
  • (D) Stephanie Simmons....13.81%

While Philip's math skills are roughly equivalent to that of a pre-k student, most readers should be able to see that 52.2 percent of all voters voted Democrat, while 47.8 percent voted Republican. A runoff is a different breed of election, but Philip has still not commented on the seats gained by Democrats in both the state house and senate during this election cycle.

NOTE TO PHILIP: Did you know that the state house is almost evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, and that your own state representative, Alan Ritter, is running for the Speaker of the House?  Obviously not.

Of course, if Chris Bell actually comes to Jefferson County, he'll have visited one more time than Kyle Janek did in his entire time as State Senator District 17.  Klein apparently wasn't aware that Janek held a series of town hall meetings regarding Hurricane Rita recovery in Brazoria, Galveston, and Harris counties, but never held a meeting in Jefferson County, which had more damage from Hurricane Rita than all three of the other counties combined.

Media Stuff - Lot's [sic] of gossip regarding Kelli Phillips and her biker jacket gig this past week on the news. A bunch of hens talking. We thought is was hot! Oh...wait...we will get a phone call.

Philip has repeatedly proven that he knows nothing about the media. As proof, see the ratings on his now-defunct radio show, where only 30 people or so regularly listened. We can assume that those are the same people that voted on this week's "polling question." While Philip may believe there is "lots of gossip regarding Kelli," I seriously doubt that anyone cares what she was wearing.

Examiner Set To Break - Killing dogs? With needles to the heart?

Big political story! Philip's take: a local "democratic" conspiracy exists against all pets in Jefferson County. Read about it here.

Examiner II - Filed a PIR request for all the records from the TABC, including cell phone records and the such. The TABC response? They are all being investigated and are therefore exempt from the PIR law. This should be fun.

Philip's confusion over the issue of a request for information under the Texas Public Records Act is obvious. As an example, his manufactured acronym, PIR,  is referring to a public information request PIR) request. While that probably impresses most of his regular 25 readers, those who are actually familiar with state law on the issue recognize Philip's ignorance.

Readers should note that records related to active investigation are not subject to open records request.  Read about it for yourself here.

Chambers County Sherriff Got "Gouged" - Was to be billed $95 bucks for a hotel post Ike - but was billed $132. Gezzz. Please.

Gezzz?  Did Philip mean "Jeez?"  I liked the manager's explanation:

When asked how the price jumped $40.00 a night, [hotel manager Harry] Patel said when they changed the room, they accidentally had the rate set at the AAA rate of $134.99 and forgot to switch it back to the government rate of $94.99.

Too bad Philip wasn't involved, else he would have sued the hotel.

Pee Wee Dads Fight - No charges for whipping each others a** at a 7 year old football game. Folks - these parents are your future leaders. Feeling secure yet?

Philip's description is distinctly different from the account from  Lumberton Police Sergeant Kenneth Powell:

"You'll see a lot of arguing, a lot of shoving, back and forth, nothing major."

Decide for yourself by watching the video here.  Too bad Philip didn't say anything about bulldogs with lipstick.

Philip will probably find this of interest:

SBA will host disaster recovery workshop in Bridge City Saturday

I'll offer a $50 dollar reward for pictures of Philip attending the event and a $100 dollar reward for pictures of Philip actually working on an application for an SBA loan.

Nov 20, 2008



In his latest update on the misdemeanor case of Christina Delgadillo, Philip R. Klein claims that the TABC will seek raw video from local TV stations:

The Enterprise broke the story this morning that officers were looking into Delgadillo and had expanded their investigation to include alcohol that was either being sold or given away at the Democrats calibration at the Neches Room on election night. All three stations had TV camera's going and the investigators want to look at the raw video to see if alcohol was being sold and consumed.

Rather than take Philip's interpretation (I use the term loosely) at face value, I suggest readers see the actual Beaumont Enterprise story for themselves. The story mentions nothing about raw video from local TV stations. I'll note, however, it's not uncommon for press coverage to be introduced into a trial.

Furthermore, Philip and his so-called sources contradict themselves. Note the following:

That puts news directors in a position of assisting in an investigation to which one source said they would have to have a subpoena and even then their legal team would decide to cooperate or not to.

However, there is a clipping service in Jefferson County that the cops could go to. It is owned by KFDM's morning guy - Dan Gresham's wife according to sources at BPD.

"All they have to do is go ask her for a copy of the tapes," said one officer this morning.

By definition, a clipping service only has access to published reports, so such a service would be unable to provide raw video. D'oh!

Philip's motive in his latest round of rumor-mongering becomes clear later in the story:

Drama for the media? Will they cooperate? What will they do?

Okay - this now might get fun. Welcome guys to the legal fun that you reported on this web site with glee. Funny how things come around? Huh?

Apparently, Philip thinks this is some sort of payback. His take:

Our bet - they say no. It is in their blood to say no. Protecting their work product.

I'd take that bet if Philip was good for it, but unfortunately he apparently has a long history of not paying his financial obligations.

Readers should note that Philip's account has changed since he first commented on Christina Delgadillo last week:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that local TABC agents that raided Crockett Street this past weekend and confiscated alcohol because the venue was not licensed are "p****d off" and taking the case to senior supervisors in Austin.

Here's the real issue, as succinctly outlined by the Beaumont Enterprise in their story:

Cagle disputed Delgadillo's account, saying it was an insistence to host the event without a license that turned his agency's attention toward the club.

"They came in or made contact with my office on Friday, wanting to know if their permit had been issued, and they were told no it had not," Cagle said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "They informed us they had a function (they) were not going to cancel. They went as far as to ask us what the punishment would be if we caught them selling without a permit. It was pretty obvious that they were going to go forth without a permit."

While Philip thinks that Christina is a "king maker [sic]," a "power broker," and "the most powerful democrat [sic] in the county," most readers will realize that Christina is simply a loose cannon. Remember the Judge Carl Griffith reelection campaign?  When she was issued a citation (a Class B misdemeanor), she apparently flaunted her connections even though she irresponsibly and arrogantly acted with impunity regarding her liquor licensing.

Does this issue warrant the attention that Philip R. Klein is giving it? I think not, unless he has a hidden agenda. This could very well be the case, if one follows Philip's lead and believes unsubstantiated rumors on the street. Christina is obviously still not returning Philip's calls, even though she's made a point of responding personally to all legitimate media outlets in Southeast Texas with her side of the story.

Reiterating, hell hath no fury like a wingnut scorned.

While Philip is devoting pages and pages to Christina Delgadillo, he apparently missed this story:

Negotiations between Port Arthur, area plants continue for another week

And, what about Sam the Eagle's identity? I'm beginning to think that Philip never had a taker on his $1,000 dollar reward, and that he just made all of that up - how about you?

Nov 19, 2008



Philip R. Klein's preoccupation with Christina Delgadillo is readily apparent in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

one of the democrats powerful king makers had her photo taken by the division run by one of her candidates. And many are shaking their heads this evening with the decision by District Attorney Tom Maness to prosecute the powerful Christina Delgadillo for selling alcohol without a license.

If Christina is as powerful as Klein claims, why did she get a ticket for selling alcohol without a license?

As I've previously pointed out, Christina's big moment came when she ran former County Judge Carl Griffith's reelection campaign.  Griffith didn't make it into the final round, after suffering a knock-out in the party primaries.  There was so much finger-pointing afterwards that it seemed straight off the pages of Philip Klein's Southeast Texas Political Review.  Unfortunately, Philip missed the whole debacle.  "King maker [sic]" indeed.

I loved this part of Philip's story (emphasis is mine):

However, Degadillo is getting a taste of the democrat machine herself, when the warrant that was issued for her release was leaked to the media. According to sources in the Jefferson County Courthouse, Degadillo was not informed of the warrant - but the media at KFDM was tipped off.

Philip is obviously confused about the way our legal justice system works.  Warrants are usually issued for an arrest, not a release. He's confused about Christina's name, too. It's Delgadillo, not Degadillo.  I wonder how Philip looked up her priors if he can't spell her name correctly?

Philip's "sources at the courthouse" and I apparently read the same news article  on the KFDM/Channel 6 website, although the information came directly from Sgt. Steve Cagle with the TABC, not a "leak" in the courthouse as Klein claims:

Sgt. Steve Cagle with the TABC office in Beaumont tells KFDM News the arrest warrant for Christina Delgadillo, 37, was issued late Wednesday morning by County Court at-law No. 2 after the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office accepted the case from the TABC.


When contacted by KFDM News late Wednesday morning, Delgadillo said she didn't know there was a warrant for her arrest.

"I need to call the District Attorney's Office," said Delgadillo. "I didn't know there is a warrant for my arrest. Is that how the system works? The media finds out before I do?"

I'll also note that the warrant division of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office will confirm whether a warrant has been issued, since this is public record.  Readers can call to verify for themselves at 409-835-8408.  Ask them if they have any outstanding warrants for Philip R. Klein of Nederland.

Here's another example of more misinformation  from Philip R. Klein:

Anyway - the mainstream got it - two weeks late. Breaking news? Please.

While Philip is apparently trying to take credit for "breaking this story," at least four local media outlets published the original story up before Klein, including the Examiner, Channel 6, Channel 4, and the Beaumont Enterprise.

I also enjoyed Klein's  speculation on the prosecution:

First, what will the DA do? Special prosecutor would be appropriate? Or will they send in Ramon for a misdemeanor. Remember that Ramon Rodriguez is one of the only up there in the DA's office that NOBODY questions on ethics.

Second, you know that she may pull a jury. But the evidence is pretty clear. So deals? Maybe or maybe not. There are some issues long ago - but those will not come into play.

Perhaps it's important to remember that this is a Class B Misdemeanor, for which a $250.00  (that's tw0-hundred, fifty dollars, Philip) bond was set. Delgadillo received a ticket on the night of the incident, yet Klein thinks a special prosecutor is appropriate.  How funny.

Note to Philip: Has Christina returned your calls yet?  And, what about that rumor that you have more than a "casual:" relationship with her?

Where's That Stuff on Sam the Eagle?


Would someone wake Philip up and let him know that all 30 of us regular readers of the Southeast Texas Political Review are waiting?

Maybe Philip should push back his happy hour(s) until at least 10:00 am:

Nov 18, 2008

Cop Talk


Philip offers another reward in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

If you see a BISD cop car out there working on off duty time - click a pic and send it to the Review for a $50 reward.

Considering Philip's results from his reward on the identity of the person behind the Sam The Eagle Political Review, I suggest getting the reward money first before giving anything to Philip.  Isn't that 30 days up tomorrow?

I'm not sure what relevance Philip's reference to penises and vaginas inside a local police department has to do with using BISD Patrol Cars while not on duty.  I doubt Philip has a clue either - I suspect he started manufacturing a source on one subject, forgot what he was writing about in mid-paragraph,  and veered off the tracks into an entirely different subject.

NOTE TO PHILIP: Really, Philip, if this is the best you can do, I suggest writing while sober.

On Philip's Latest Editorial


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest editorial, "Let Them Die," on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

There is a reason for the bankruptcy laws. That is there are bad deals and bad decision makers.

In spite of Philip's sentence fragment and grammatical train wreck, I agree with his reasoning in this statement. The following makes for some interesting reading:


In the Matter of PRK Enterprises Cause No. 99-01053

In the Matter of Klein Investments Cause No. 99-10415

I wonder where the proceeds of that $800,000 SBA loan went?

Nov 17, 2008

The Levee


Philip R. Klein's anonymous sources told him on November 17, 2008:

"...housing starts and housing being sold in Jefferson County are at an all time low."

Philip's same sources told him on Oct. 29, 2008

"...housing starts in Jefferson County are through the roof."

Readers will find nothing new in this article, just more of Philip's "same old think, over and over and over again:"

The levee is getting ready to collapse - and now with budgets that have nothing but gotten bigger by the minute and the false hopes of the local plants growing - the collapse may just collapse some local governments.

From Philip's gibberish and broken grammar, we can probably assume that Philip's happy hour(s) started somewhere around 9:00 am today. Nevertheless,  he's been predicting the collapse of Jefferson County almost every month for the past 10 years.  At the same time, he's made a lot of other predictions, too. Here are a few of my favorites:

We think unless [Thurman] Bartie is found with a man in bed he is the next county commissioner.

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

Per Barrel [May 9, 2008] - Estimated at $150 per by August 1. It will make it. And $5 per gallon is coming. There is no stopping it.

Oil [May 16, 2008] - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

Crude and Gas [June 27, 2008]- By end of summer $200 per barrel and $7 a gallon. Drill now.

$200 By The End of Summer [July 11, 2008]  - Washington Whispers. That means gas at 7 per gallon.

Need I say more?

The Messenger


Philip R. Klein throws mud at David Bellow of Lumberton:

Bellow has politically attempted to make himself the story rather than the issue that he has taken on. And that is not good for anyone. Especially the issue itself.

David Bellow is what GOPERS call a right winger - meaning he puts religion well over any and all political decisions. And basis all of his decisions and political input on his religious belief. This is good for about 25% of those who vote. And it upsets about 50% of the electoral. That leaves about 25% that he must try and pull together. And most of them like a cold beer or glass of wine.

I could comment on the irony of a wingnut like Philip R. Klein calling  Bellow a "right winger [sic]."  I could also disprove Philip's manufactured statistics concerning the voter makeup in Lumberton or provide evidence that Bellow is leading several faith-based constituencies, rather than "attempting to make himself the story,"  as Klein claims. I could even mention that Philip has again missed the real issue, and that he's indeed attacking the "messenger."

However, I've previously made comments about these errors on a regular basis.

Instead, I'll note that Philip apparently has a hidden agenda, since he likes to have his picture taken while intoxicated:

My take? 

  • Philip should avoid wearing white near the beach, lest others try to push him back in the water.
  • Drunk and ignorant is no way to go through life.
  • David Bellow has already done more in politics than Philip has at twice David's age, and that's not including David's degree in Political Science from Texas A&M University. Philip flunked out of TT after a couple of semesters. 
  • If David can get enough signatures to put the proposition before voters in a public referendum, why not?  I thought that's what our democratic republic is all about.

Nov 16, 2008

Your Time Is Up, Philip!


On October 19, 2008, Philip R. Klein offered a $1,000 dollar reward for any information on the true identity of Sam The Eagle:

Today - the Southeast Texas Political Review - puts on the table the following offer of $1,000 cash for any person that can give me the name and identity of Sam The Eagle Blogspot's author or author's [SIC] ( who is behind the site ). 

Philip made this promise:

I will assign one person from my office for an entire month to look into every aspect of their lives. And I will post it.

Less than 24 hours later, Philip made this claim on Oct. 20, 2008:

We want to thank those of you that gave us tips. At 6:10 p.m. tonight we have a winner. As we review the information given to us and the person behind the blogspot - we are not shocked. But we are satisfied.

I certainly hope it's been a productive month!   We'll be watching carefully this week for the real identity of Sam The Eagle.

Of course, there is the possibility that no one provided a tip, Philip didn't really pay a $1,000 dollar reward, and that he made the entire thing up. 

Visit Sam's website here.

Real (and Unreal) Readers Write


A real reader left this comment concerning Philip R. Klein's nitwit tidbit on Friday over MSNBC:

As usual, PRK has leaped to a conclusion and suffered a hard landing: MSNBC was only briefly unavailable on some televisions sets because of a cable glitch. I'd recommend MSNBC as an antidote for the far right ravings of Faux News, echoed by our resident Wingnut.

Excellent point! I watch all of the news channels anyway for a more balanced look.  I think it beats forming erroneous opinions based on reading headlines and not the story.

Regarding reader mail, Philip hasn't updated his "Reader Mail" page in several weeks. Apparently Philip's hasn't needed to bolster his weak sense of self in recent days.

Readers will note that Sam the Eagle documented Philip's deceit, when Klein posted his self-congratulatory message just seconds after posting the editorial upon which the message was based:

Readers will notice this was first published on November 5, 2008.  After Sam's article, Philip changed the date to November 11, 2008. Unfortunately, he changed the date on November 10:

Opps [sic]!  Readers should also consider the content of the message in question,

"The editorial you wrote today is one of the best I have ever read Mr. Klein. As I do not agree with you not voting for President I fully understand your motives. In Hardin County we are ready to start electing those that share our views as conservatives. Watch us over the next two years."

I count five signature grammatical errors of "Mr. Klein," such as his bad punctuation, faulty sentence construction, and grammatical train wrecks. How can readers not agree with Philip not writing this?

Note to Philip: Time so sit down and write yourself a new letter, Philip!

Nov 14, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Oh Look! No mention of Christina Delgadillo - only more of Philip's typical gibberish. For example:

Front Lawn - This is another example of what you can expect nationwide over the next few years. More government control over what you own and how you use what you own. Port Arthur? Cars in front yards? Socialism folks.

Only Philip Klein would connect a city ordinance on parking in Port Arthur to President-Elect Obama, and then connect both to socialism.  Perhaps Philip should furnish readers with his unique definition of socialism, I'm sure we could have a few laughs over that.

Bail Out - How is that bail out helping you this week? Paulson - get out.

Once again, Klein argues from the Herbert Hoover School of Economic Thought.  While Philip supports laissez-faire capitalism, most people recognize that we need cops on both Main Street and Wall Street, else you'll have some enterprising entrepreneur taking out $800,000 loans from SBA before going bankrupt on a regular basis.

Secretary of State Clinton - Oh God help us now.

I don't think God is inclined to help anyone who uses his name in vain - isn't that one of the 10 Commandments?

MSNBC - Off the air at Time Warner? Subscribe? Like anyone would pay a penny?

Who cares?

Car Bail Out - How about this. Go Bankrupt. Reorganize your contracts - make your self lien and mean and compete.

Oh look - a Freudian slip! That is, unless Philip is too stupid to know the difference between "lean" and a "lien."  I wonder how many liens Philip has on his property?

Guns and Hoses - Go out and support these guys this weekend. Our check is already made out. You need to make one out also.

Proof positive that every donation counts, even a check for $1.99.

Lock It Down - The Jefferson County airport looks like ..... oh....the Jefferson County Courthouse. It really is too funny. And the media spin is even more funny.

I've always wondered whether commercial airlines require Philip to purchase two seats, and whether he has to go through the freight security check-in.

Headline : "Ted Poe warns of Inaugural Scams" - Stop laughing. We had to leave the room laughing.

Too bad Philip didn't read the rest of the story, but typically, Philip forms his opinions without considering pesky facts.

It's also interesting to note that Klein apparently considers Ted Poe to be a RINO, too.

See photo on right.

Retail Sales Drop - Here is an idea. Everyone gets a bail out check and we buy Christmas!

Here's a better idea - stop whining and actually become part of the solution.

Was it only two years ago that Klein was making noises about running for Chair of the Jefferson County Republican Party at one point?  I'm sure U.S. Rep. Poe and Senator Hutchison would be glad to endorse his campaign.  He did eventually make good on that campaign pledge, right?

Of course, an extramarital affair typically sidelines political aspirations for any seeker of public office.

Is The Jefferson County Marine Division A Waste Of Your Tax Dollars?

Total response: 44 readers. Since maximum participation in any online poll is considered to be about 20 percent of all visitors to a given website, we can extrapolate that Philip had a total of 220 readers this week.

As I pointed out earlier this week, Philip blatantly lied when he claimed:

Another source inside the SO told us that there are some training "issues" and some overall organizational staffing that is underway.

According to the Beaumont Enterprise, Jefferson County Commissioners grounded the fleet in late July for budgetary reasons.  Isn't it disingenuous of Philip not to mention that?

Nov 13, 2008

Christina Delgadillo: The Musical


Philip R. Klein continues to beat a dead horse unmercifully:

A source close to Christina Delgadillo tells the Review this morning that Delgadillo has not been avoiding the media.

D'oh!  From my article on Tuesday, November 11, 2008:

For those who can't wait, Christina [has already] talked to the Examiner, Channel 6, Channel 4, and the Beaumont Enterprise.

So apparently, Philip is the only person in Southeast Texas that can't get Christina on the phone.

Here's another interesting comment from Philip:

According to records - the class "b" [sic] charges have not been dismissed and the source close to Degadillo state that she was told that she would get a call from the Jefferson County District Attorney's office regarding the charge.

As I pointed out yesterday, Philip is apparently determined to tie Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness into this huge scandal (said with tongue firmly in cheek), even though county officials have no jurisdiction whatsoever in the case - it's a state matter, not a local offense.

Another reader left this comment:

Philip is trying to make this out to be some kind of power struggle in Jefferson County. It's a Class B misdemeanor, for cryin' out loud. She got a ticket. She DOES now have a legal license and who cares?  I guess this is Phillip trying to stir a controversy so he has something to talk about.

As always, your comments and insight are greatly appreciated.

I've heard some interesting rumors myself over the past two days concerning a previous relationship between Christina and Philip. I hinted at the rumor in my article yesterday, "More to the Story (Is There Ever)," but Sam the Eagle apparently opened the whole sordid can of worms

Readers can decide whether the rumor is plausible or not, but I've shown several incidents in the past where Philip uses the SETPR to further his own private agenda.  In this case, he's certainly devoting a lot of time to a simple ticket given to a person with whom he clearly had some sort of previous relationship and now won't return his calls. 

Hell hath no fury like a wingnut scorned.

Hot Tip for Philip


Philip, can you check this out ASAP?  It should provide you with many future articles:

Nov 12, 2008

More to the Story (Is There Ever!)


Philip continues to flog a dead horse with the promise of more revelations concerning the misdemeanor arrest of Christina Delgadillo. Unfortunately, Philip fails to deliver anything substantial beyond more hearsay which he attributes to three spurious sources who have a hard time agreeing on the details. As an example:

Once source tells the Review that Delgadillo was to be the person in charge of the event and in fact was the planner. This was not confirmed by the other two sources.

Of course, Philip has the inside scoop on the TABC agents:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that local TABC agents that raided Crockett Street this past weekend and confiscated alcohol because the venue was not licensed are "p****d off" and taking the case to senior supervisors in Austin.

However, Philip later admits:

We attempted to contact the headquarters in Austin - however they stated they do not comment on pending cases.

Philip's entire premise that this is a big "story and it is getting bigger by the minute" rests on statements that Christina allegedly made during the bust:

Degadillo [sic] was being interviewed and was charged with a class B misdemeanor. Further, they state that Degadillo [sic] began to name off names of those that were "friends" of hers and that she worked for in the past...When these cops started hearing judges names, the district attorney's name and elected officials names being thrown around - they knew they needed to tell someone the story.

Oh, look, Philip mentions Judges and Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness!  Readers can decide for themselves whether Philip is trumping up a routine TABC bust to further his own political agenda.

Readers will note Philip's statements about Christina. For instance:

Degadillo [sic] is well known in political circles and is considered one of the most talented political operatives for the democratic party in Southeast Texas. She is connected to almost every single judge sitting on the bench and she is well known in the legal community and the turn to girl when politicos need money in political elections.

Interesting allegation, but I suspect Christina's political currency was bankrupted with the defeat of County Judge Carl Griffith, who selected Christina as his campaign manager.  Readers may remember the finger pointing that erupted after that fiasco. 

Furthermore, considering that Philip's mudslinging, half-truths, and manufactured charges against Ron Walker during Griffith's campaign, I suspect Christina served as a source of information for Philip during the campaign.  Subscribers to Philip's now-defunct Talkback Line may remember postings to the list at large from Christina.

As an example, here's an interesting message:

X-Originating-IP: []
X-Originating-Email: []
To: <>
Subject: Re: Important Message from The Editor

Philip,   this is Christina Delgadillo.  can I call you.  what is a good number?

Of course, this is purely speculation on my part, but readers can decide for themselves about Philip's agenda here. Perhaps this may shed some light on why Christina won't return Philip's phone calls.

Philip also failed to acknowledge my big question in the previous article - why did the TABC chooses to raid the Neches Room on a relatively innocuous charge, a Class B misdemeanor, when there are more fertile grounds to plow, say for instance Mae's, Essence, or Expressions?

What, no comment, Philly boy?

RINO (Open Letter to Philip R. Klein)


Dear Philip;

I thought your article entitled "RINOS" this week deserved special consideration, hence my open letter.  I have a couple of questions and observations. Regarding this item:

There is a purge coming in the Republican Party in the United States. That is the Purge [sic] of the RINO Republicans. And that is a good thing.

I'm curious how that will work - can you explain? 

For instance, will those people who identify themselves as Republicans have to take a test so that we'll know they're not a RINO?  Or, if they vote in a Republican primary, will their vote not be counted?  And, who will determine exactly what constitutes a RINO?  As a suggestion, maybe you could talk the RNC into spending money with Klein Investigations and Consulting, Inc., on your Double Cheese Whopper Background Checks for everyone who claims to be a Republican, so we'll know they've been officially approved by Philip R. Klein, Private Investigator and Editor, Southeast Texas Political Review.

Regarding this item:

There is a question regarding RINO's [sic] in this area. Being those that seemingly have power and speak for the Republican Party of Southeast Texas [sic]. Being influenced by outside sources or democrats directly [sic].

Who raised the question? Being some wingnut in Nederland? Being someone who has a hard time stringing together a subject and a verb into a simple and complete sentence? Being a shrewd political consultant who predicted that the next president of the U.S. would be Fred Thompson?

In your article, you claimed that two local examples of RINOs were Eddie Arnold and Dr. David Teuscher.  I congratulate you on spelling Tish's name correctly for the first time! Unfortunately, your logic is typically flawed and rife with red herrings.

As an example regarding Eddie, you claimed as your primary complaint:

Arnold, elected to another term in office, has overseen and voted for an almost 30% increase in spending at the Jefferson County Court House.

Actually, I was under the impression that County Judge Ron Walker oversaw the process!  Are you alleging that Jefferson County had a super-secret special election, where Eddie is now the new County Judge?

Regarding that alleged 30 percent increase in spending, I suggest checking the actual figures before making up numbers:

  • Approved Expenditures for 2009: $129,591,900
  • Approved Expenditures for 2008: $121,612,715

According to my math, that's spending increase of only 6.15 percent, which is only slightly more than the current rate of inflation.  Maybe you should check the batteries in your calculator!

I also found it interesting that you mentioned Eddie's election.  Weren't you the one who claimed that other Republicans were lining up to run against  him:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Actually, no one ran against Eddie Arnold, either Democrat or Republican, so he won the seat by default in the March primaries. 

I particularly liked your second complaint:

Secondary [sic], the shut down [sic] of the opinion time or the speaking time at the Jefferson County Commissioners Court meetings [sic]. Fill out a form and see if you are approved to speak in front of the commissioners? Talk about controlled speech?

As I remember, the rules were enacted when a few wingnuts began turning each comment section into an Elect Billy Job campaign rally.   That's not really relevant, however, since the real issue is confusion over privileges and rights.  

Here's a deal for you, Philip - I'll reimburse your cost of one coach class round-trip ticket for one seat to Washington, D.C., so that you can exercise your right to speak before the U.S. House of Representatives (your term, the  "People's House") during the next session of Congress.  To collect, you have to actually speak (shouting from the Visitors Gallery will work just fine) and provide a video that I can post on YouTube (in Kleinspeak, that's U-TUBE). If the guards haul you off, you have to get that on video as well. 

Regarding David, you wrote:

This man has done more damage to Republicans than anyone has ever done in the history of the party.

I suspect that Richard Nixon, John Mitchell, and George W. Bush have hurt the GOP more, but more inportnantly, I've seen similar complaints leveled against you locally.  In fact, a reader left this very complaint about you on Operation Kleinwatch in the past! And, you claim you never read Operation Kleinwatch!

Let's take a look at resumes, shall we?  Your previous experience in politics amounts to volunteer work on a presidential campaign, in which the candidate received the fewest votes of any Republican  in over 40 years.

Tish, on the other hand, has a much more impressive resume, which included an elected position while still in undergraduate school:

  • First student Republican elected to the Urbana City Council in 1979, while still a student at the University of Illinois
  • Served on the Finance Committee for the 2008 Reelection Campaign of Michael Williams as Railroad Commissioner
  • Served on the State Republican Executive Committee
  • Appointed to the Texas Tax Reform Commission by Governor Rick Perry
  • Served as President and Legislative Committee Chair of the Texas Orthopedic PAC
  • Served as the Chairman of the Committee on Professional Liability for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons - readers may remember this group was instrumental in the passage of Proposition 12 on tort reform that capped subjective non-economic damages in medial liability suits
  • Co-Chair of the Beaumont ISD Citizen's Advisory Bond Committee
  • Served as the managing editor of the Orthopedic Medical Legal Advisor,
  • Served on the faculty of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, and Baylor University
  • Served in the Army, where he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf, the meritorious Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal and the Southwest Asia Campaign Ribbon with Oak Leaf.
  • Served as President of the Texas Orthopedic Association
  • Served as President of the Jefferson County Medical Society
  • Served as Chairman, AAOS Committee on Professional Liability
  • Served as a Texas Delegate to the American Medical Association
  • Served as a delegate to the Texas Medical Association

By the way, Philip, whatever happened to that threat in 2005 that you intended to run for the Jefferson County Republican Party Chair?  I've heard the subject discussed on several occasions, usually as a joke.

However, you yourself stated:

We wonder when the message will be sent? Now is the time to move them out and to start a new line up. This election is about flushing the political toilet and watching the waste go down the tube. And maybe Jefferson County should do the same?

Now's your chance, Philly boy - care to step up to the plate?  Or, are you just another crackpot and chronic whiner with manufactured complaints and no solutions?



Nov 11, 2008

TABC (Another Philip R. Klein Conspiracy)


I'm still researching Philip R. Klein's RINO story, but he writes of a misdemeanor on Crockett Street over the week-end in his latest article:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that local TABC agents that raided Crockett Street this past weekend and confiscated alcohol because the venue was not licensed are "pissed off" and taking the case to senior supervisors in Austin. According to sources - attempts by "well know" individuals in Southeast Texas have attempted to have the citation issued to spokesperson and front woman Christina Delgadillo dismissed. All to which have seriously angered the TABC agents that conducted the raid.

Philip draws this conclusion, based on his conspiracy theory:

Okay - big dogs own the joint downtown. It has been NOTHING BUT A FAILURE (attention to those that want to build the big ditch in downtown). You cannot make up your own rules. We like Christina - but if she went off the tracks and did whatever she did to insure that the party was on - well she has to take the fall. If it really is an administrative error - it will come out in the wash.

Ironically, the Neches Room was granted its liquor license on Monday, according to Channel 6:

Christina Delgadillo says on Monday the Neches Room received its permit to sell alcoholic beverages. Delgadillo says she had applied for and paid for the liquor license through the TABC and was told it had been issued Friday.

No conspiracy theory, except the one manufactured by Philip R. Klein. Regarding Philip's claim of FAILURE, it's interesting to note that the Scout Bar, the Neches Room, the Spindletop Restaurant, and the Dixie Dance Hall are all opening.  Perhaps Philip could have saved his Dairy Queen franchise if he'd relocated to Crockett Street in time. 

I particularly liked this part of Philip's story:

And Christina is not answering her cell phone and her mailbox was full? If she speaks we will pass it along.

For those who can't wait, Christina talked to the Examiner, Channel 6, Channel 4, and the Beaumont Enterprise.  Apparently, Philip's insecurity is showing again, so he's lashing out (see the BIG question below).

BIG Question for Philip: Raided by whom?  The TABC! The same people who never check Mae's, Essence, or Expressions. However, I doubt you've ever heard of those clubs, even though they're all in Beaumont and frequented mostly by young African-Americans, many of whom are allegedly under the legal drinking age.

Have you ever heard of a murder at the Neches Room?  Of course not.

That's the real story - check it out, if you dare.

Special Note: The Philip R. Klein Conspiracy™ is a production of Klein and Associates Political Relations. © 1995 - 2008 PRK Enterprises, Inc. Any rebroadcast or reproduction of his crackpot conspiracies is strictly forbidden without Philip's express permission.

Nov 10, 2008

Marine Division - The Real Story Behind Philip's Story


Philip R. Klein claims that his many US Coast Guard sources have told him that patrol boats with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office have been beached for the last two or three weeks (depending upon which day it is).

However, the truth is that the boats have been out of service since late July, when Jefferson County Commissioners refused to fund the unit with taxpayer money.  This is Philip's entire point!  How funny, but Philip is typically a day late and a dollar short.

From the Beaumont Enterprise:

Funding woes stall boats

August, 3, 2007

BEAUMONT - Boat patrols on Jefferson County waterways are stalled until a way is found to generate revenue to pay for them. That was the decision of county commissioners, who are coming to the end of a long week of budget hearings. They had been asked to fund a $1.3 million marine unit for the sheriff's department. Homeland Security grants will fund boats and equipment, but won't pay personnel costs, Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods said.

Woods, whose office has jurisdiction over Jefferson County waterways, began to see a need for a marine unit after the 9-11 terror attacks. "The importance of these waterways and their vulnerability became clear to me," he said. The sheriff's department regularly works with the U.S. Coast Guard, but Woods said the effort is not sufficient because the Coast Guard does not enforce state laws and make arrests.

Woods proposed a unit of seven officers with two boats that would patrol 24-7, but met with cold reception. Commissioner Eddie Arnold said since an armed escort no longer is required for LNG ships, the urgency to create a marine law enforcement division had abated. "We didn't feel like the county should be obligated or needed to get into it without having a revenue source," he said. One possibility would be a Navigation District user fee for commercial vessels. Woods said he has been in contact with the district's board of directors and hopes they will sign off on the plan. Otherwise, Woods said he was pleased with the way hearings went. Woods oversees four separate budgets: the jail, the crime lab, alternative school and the sheriff's department.

The four proposed budgets combined equal about $33.7 million - about 8 percent more than last year's $31 million. The big-ticket items on the department wish list included 23 new vehicles, two new deputy positions to beef up patrols in the county and three clerical positions to cope with increasing paperwork. An expected $375,000 increase in medical costs was one of the biggest factors behind increases in jail expenditures. About $161,000 was anticipated for salary adjustments for detention officers. Maintenance and utility costs were expected to rise $150,000. The Jefferson County Regional Crime Laboratory asked to increase pay for lab personnel by a total of about $147,000, noting that employees continually are wooed away by higher paying private industry jobs.

The budget issues presented Thursday are separate from the collective bargaining the Jefferson County Sheriff's Association has been undergoing with commissioners on behalf of deputies and jail correctional officers. Budget hearings wrap up today.

More importantly, either our US Coast Guard didn't know that Jefferson County hasn't been patrolling those stretches for the past three or four months, or Philip made up his sources again.  I'll leave it to readers to make their own decision.

Readers should also note that the the picture on Philip's front page isn't one of the Jefferson County Sheriff's boats, which are much more modest than the one pictured:

The boat says "Police," not "Sheriff," so Philip has posted an inflammatory picture, solely intended to deceive his readers.  Great poll question, too!

Nov 9, 2008

Marine Division


Philip R. Klein was never very good with advanced math concepts like multiplication and division, marine or otherwise (see article on his bogus hit counter below).

From his latest article in the Southeast Texas Political Review [emphases are mine]:

According to sources in the USCG and the Jefferson County Sheriffs office - the Marine Division is having a hard time getting off the ground. Two of sources we spoke with at the Coast Guard tell the Review that the boats have not been moved from the moorings in two weeks.

Philip apparently believes those boats should be searching for the 300 bodies he claims are still missing from the Bolivar Peninsula.

Listeners should note the differences between Philip's account in his weekly Nitwit Tidbits on Friday:

The US Coast Guard called us this past week. Seemingly the NEW BOAT FLEET has not moved from its moorings in three weeks?

So, is it two weeks or three weeks?

I spoke to my own source in the USCG after Philip first posted this on Friday. I was told that the JCSO has jurisdiction over about 200 miles of navigable waterway, including 30 miles of coastline out to 9 nautical miles offshore.  Depending upon whether Philip's alleged source is in the VTS unit or the MSU, I'm told that it's possible, perhaps probable, that the units from the USCG and the JSCO would only infrequently see each other.

On Philip's Bogus Hit Counter [Kudos to Sam The Eagle]


On a fairly regular basis, Philip R. Klein makes exorbitant claims about the number of hits on his website. As an example, Philip wrote in a short-lived editorial (more below) on November 3, 2008:

"This past month we had over 163,000 direct and indirect hits."

Readers will note that a "hit" is defined as:

Any request from a file or a web-server. A single page likely contains multiple hits as multiple image and text files are downloaded from the web-server.

Readers will also notice there is no such thing whatsoever as an "indirect hit." As I've previously pointed out, every page on Philip's website generates approximately 12 hits, so this is why a server hit is not a reliable measure of website traffic. 

But, don't take my word for it. Here's a warning from

Don't use the term hits unless you want people to know you don't know much about Web analytics or Web measurement.

Hits are not a useful or reliable form of Web analytics in a business context. They don't really tell you anything useful. They are only really useful if you're a Web server administrator and you want to find out why a page is slow to load.

Surely a private investigator who charges clients $80 per hour for computer forensics understands this simple concept, so we can assume that Philip is either intentionally deceiving his readers or he's greatly overcharging his clients based on his limited skill set.

Website traffic is more properly measured in terms of page views, visits, and unique visitors.  Based on 12 server hits per page, we can conservatively extrapolate that Philip's site generated about 13,500 page views in October. 

Furthermore, since most visits probably consist of at least two page views (Philip's Front Page and his Top Story page),  we can further extrapolate that Philip's site registered only about 6,250 visits during October. 

See how misleading Philip's claim is?  And, these figures are only accurate if Philip is honest about the numbers. However, I suspect that Philip simply made those figures up, like much of his content.

Remember this?

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that as many as 27,000 cases will have to be refilled [sic] in Hardin County.

Other examples of Philip's falsehoods are legion, but this is still one of my favorites.

Unfortunately the numbers that Philip quoted concerning his October hits didn't match the numbers on his hit counter. Sam the Eagle produced actual screen shots of Philip's website on the same day that Philip published his editorial, which conclusively proved that Philip's statement did not match the figures on his hit counter. 

On Oct. 5, 2008, Philip's hit counter measured 197,210 hits. A month later on Nov. 3, 2008, Philip's counter had advanced to 218,803, a difference of 21,593, not 163,000 as Philip claimed.

Philip pulled his editorial down within two hours of Sam's article, but based on 12 hits per page view, we can extrapolate that Philip actually had only about 1800 page views during the month of October.  And further extrapolation of two page views per visit (Front Page and Top Story) shows that Philip's site registered only 900 visits during the entire month of October.

Readers will note that this is only true if Philip's hit counter is accurate. This is further complicated by the counter itself, which increments itself by one whenever a page is loaded anywhere on Philip's site. This implies that the "hit counter" is actually measuring page views, but the numbers on this hit counter are apparently manufactured as well.

I've long suspected that Philip is manipulating the numbers on his hit counter based upon my own close observation. However, Sam the Eagle has masterfully documented one such incident in an article here.  In this case, Philip's "hit counter" advanced from 218,803 to 230,351 in the middle of the night.  In other words over 11,000 hits were registered sometime after 11:00 pm. 

Maybe this can be attributed to the time differential from all of Philip's worldwide readers who regularly visit The SETPR to find the latest "story behind the story" in Jefferson County politics, but Occam's Razor suggests that Philip simply changes the numbers on his hit counter. 

By extrapolating the response rate to Philip's polls,  Sam determined in another article that Philip is actually getting only about 24 visits per day.  Consider the response rate to Philip's most recent poll:

Readers can decide for themselves whether Philip's claims are true, based on a response rate of only 46 votes over an entire week.  As noted above, Channel 4's poll registered 254 votes in only one day.

On a personal note, I'm looking forward to Philip's expose of Sam the Eagle, not because I'm interested in Sam's identity, but because I'm more interested in seeing this display of Philip's expertise. Consider Philip's rate card for a background check:

Security Clearance Check ($500) – This includes all of the above as well as Education/Military history check, seven source check (interviews with former employers and known associates), a full profile of the perspective employee or customer, on site interview of the perspective employee or customer with our background interview system. (This product should only be used when hiring a CEO, COO, CFO, or a high level entry lawyer)

In my opinion, he's already proven that he's fairly incompetent since he had to offer a $1,000 dollar reward for a stool pigeon just to get Sam's identity. But, Philip now has a vested financial interest in following though with this promise:

"I will assign one person from my office for an entire month to look into every aspect of their lives. And I will post it."

Isn't your time up, Phillip?  I'm particularly interested in seeing how that "on site [sic] interview" with your "background interview system" goes. Is that system "copy writed [sic]" as well?

Nov 8, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (Pt III)


Philip's Nitwit Tidbits this week are an excellent example of his typically vacuous gibberish, which Philip apparently believes is shrewd and engaging political commentary. Consider this item:

Welcome To Reality For The Obama has changed for the Obama family :

Or, this one:

Foreign Policy - Overnight foreign leaders have started "putting in" their two cents.

Or, this one:

Lampson On 4 - Drinking in the morning is not good.

A stiff belt before breakfast apparently works just fine for Philip on most days.  It's interesting to note, however, that Nick clearly pointed out that speculation about a local office is purely rumor, but Philip didn't mention that.

Speaking of Drinking - David Bellows got the boot for his drinking petition...Stop and get that can of beer on the way home!

Perhaps Philip will invite David Bellows over to crank his hot tube if David brings a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Philip's favorite.

But seriously, folks, one could find more insight in a homework  paper from a middle school government class.

How Is That Bail Out Working For You - Let's see. Congress gave everyone $600 bucks. That was going to fix it. It did not. Now they pump in 700 billion. That was going to fix it. Now another multibillion gig .....uh no. How about this - leave the financial systems alone and let it fix itself? Now that is a thought. How is that bail out helping?

Ironically, Philip argues the same position as Herbert Hoover in 1930.

Beating Up Palin - We love it. The media is still freaked out about Governor Palin? Are they that scared? Great interview this morning with Palin's body person (girl). Says the media is lying - nothing like is being described is happening? Wow! The media made it up? Is that not what the detractors in the media and web sites say about us?

Oh, look - Philip still considers himself a member of the mainstream media.  Since Philip is making comparisons, I thought this was particularly apropos:

She particularly lashed out at the anonymous Republican campaign sources cited in a Fox News report who said she did not know Africa was a continent, not a country, and could not name the three countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement — Canada, the United States and Mexico.

"I consider it cowardly" that they did not allow their names to be used, she said.

Sound familiar?   Let's not forget that Philip believes his anonymous sources are credible, but anonymous criticism of those same sources is not.

Of course, Palin claims the purse in the photo of her daughter is cheap knock-off and not a real $650 Louis Vuitton purse.  I'm sure the Louis Vuitton company is happy to know that a former vice-presidential candidate supports counterfeit products manufactured without proper licensing in China.

While Palin may use the Philip Klein defense and deny everything, the truth is that the GOP has dispatched a lawyer to inventory and retrieve most of those clothes.

Oprah - We recommend that you tell her to shove it. It sends a message. You are now a player. It is more news worthy than coming to her house.

Oh look, Philip offers free advice to Sarah Palin! Hope that works out better than Philip's adivce to Bugs Coe in Hardin County!

Since Philip has endorsed Sarah Palin, we can safely assume that she'll probably end up as a comical footnote in history, made famous by Tina Fey.  I find it interesting that Philip's heroes are Dan Quayle, Bob Dole, and now, Sarah Palin.

Raham Emanuel - Took the job as Chief. "Change." Didn't he serve on the board of Freddie Mac while....oh never mind - CHANGE !

Isn't his name Rahm Emmanuel, Phillip?

BISD Liars - We told you....we told you....we told you! Beaumont's Historical South Park School will be torn down. Go back in your d**n archives and find the stories. BISD leaders are liars. Plain and simple. It is about black and white. South Park is the last standing reminder to the community of what was in the 60's and 50's. Little by little they are killing Port Arthur...oh...sorry....Beaumont.

Typically, Philip is confused.  That wasn't the BISD Board of Trustees who called for a new school. From the Beaumont Enterprise:

If the Beaumont School District was uncertain of what needed to be done at South Park Middle School, the students, parents and community members made it very clear Thursday.

Tear it down.

"We all have memories. We all want to hold onto things, but that day is gone," said Councilman Jamie Smith, who represents the South Park community.

More than 300 students, parents, teachers and community members showed up at the middle school at 4500 Highland Ave.

While Philip may believe the building is a reminder of the '50s and '60s, the building was actually constructed in 1923.  If Philip is truly concerned with preserving Beaumont's cultural history, why has he previously argued that the McFaddin-Ward house should be torn down?

Jefferson County Boats Not Moving - The US Coast Guard called us this past week. Seemingly the NEW BOAT FLEET has not moved from its moorings in three weeks? Wait? We thought there was a big push for patrol? Keeping us safe? Twenty four hour patrols for our waterways? Story next week.

Sure, I believe that! The US Coast Guard personally called Philip R. Klein to report on the patrol boats fo the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. More rebuttal next week.

Koch Goes To Pokey - Darline Koch got three years for stealing? What? Was that a former county employee that was stealing? And she got three years? What about the others....oh.....we forgot. One works at the School District now?

Philip apparently doesn't see the difference between embezzling $77,000 and using county-owned resources for personal reasons.  Has Philip has ever used the resources of the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department before?  Actually, that's a rhetorical question, the answer is yes.

Philip's weekly poll.

Philip didn't mention his poll this week, but readers may find this interesting:

No comment necessary.

Blogger Issues of Interest :

Al - Said some very nice words on Jack Pieper. Al Caldwell is a classy guy.

I would agree, based on the rumor that Al once fired Philip R. Klein after giving Philip a chance to be a real talk show host.

I loved Philip's response to Bob at Texas Gulf Coast Gab (emphasis is mine):

Bob - Had to go. Our best wishes to Bob. Seemingly - attacks on Bobs web site has caused Bob some issues. We had some back channel communications with Bob. A nice guy! But we do not want to Bob's site to be attacked by the anti-Klein's that are wimps. So...Bob goes. We hope that you book marked it. now - as for Bob's comments a week ago :

"I don't agree with Mr. Klein on his methods of reporting certain events but that is his right and privilege to go out on a limb and say what he says."

The Truth is simple sometimes hard to hear Bob. No sugar here Bob. Just the hard cold political reality. And ask yourself this question - if it really did not bother the power structure - why then would they have sites dedicated to us here at the Review? Bob?

Philip has gone completely off the track!  Apparently, he now believes that Operation Kleinwatch is a conspiracy of the Jefferson County "power structure," and that we're all out to get him.

Readers will, of course, remember that Philip originally claimed that Operation Kleinwatch was a conspiracy among plaintiffs in his defamation trial:

A new web site appears on the Internet. It is named “The Decline of Klein.” The site is written anonymously by a pen name of “Gus Pillsbury.” The site is originally headed according to Google Security from Lamar University Systems computer. The site abruptly changes its name to “Operation Kleinwatch” post enquiry [sic] from Google Security. The site keeps the following themes through all stories : (1) made up [sic] sources, (2) liable [sic] issues towards individuals or governments, (3) the purposeful inability to get stories correct, (4) and that “Klein lies.” The “writer” notes themselves as a retired professor.

This "writer" has never implied that I'm a retired professor, nor has Philip ever produced that communication from "Google Security." Likewise, Philip claimed that Operation Kleinwatch would disappear when that trial had run its course, but that didn't happen either, did it Philip?

Open note to Bob: Philip is obviously reacting to your entire statement, which he conveniently failed to include (emphasis is again mine):

As I've stated before, I don't agree with Mr. Klein on his methods of reporting certain events but that is his right and privilege to go out on a limb and say what he says. And to be up front about it, he is usually wrong on most things that he reports.

But that's quite typical of Philip's half-truths and manufactured sources.  I'll note that traffic to my site actually increased after Philip dropped my link.  I'm sure you'll see the same thing.