Dec 28, 2008

2008 Gadfly of the Year Award

Before commenting on Philip R. Klein's latest article, here's a quick pop quiz: can you name the winner of the 2007 Gadfly of the Year Award?  I couldn't either, so I had to look it up.  Answer: Galen Key and Kyle Hayes.

Klein chose Linda Makin for his silly award this year, but his article is as much about Philip as it is about Linda:

We like her because she is the real deal. Silent, running under the radar, giving her time and the best of all - she is a anti-Klein. And she makes it well known to anyone who will read or listen. She does not irritate us - we just admire from a distance. And we monitor her activities.

I'm reminded of a line from an old movie, "That's enough about me - let's talk about you. What do you think about me?" 

Since Linda is apparently one of many whom Philip stalks "monitors," perhaps he's forced to "admire from a distance" because of a restraining order.  According to several rumors, he's quite familiar with those.

Philip again has a hard time stringing together enough words to form a coherent sentence, so I suspect he's TWI (typing while intoxicated) again:

With that comes some anonymously [sic] that sometime irritates some of those in the democratic [sic] party.

If some can figure out some of what Philip meant sometime, please let me know. Here's my favorite example:

And the place where Gadfly's [sic] life [sic] and breath [sic] life into a corrupt system.

Did he mean "...Gadflies live and breathe life...?"

On a similar subject, Philip has written another letter to himself. From his Reader Mail section:

"...........and I had never read your site. After reading it I must say that your stories are always five days ahead of any of the media in the area. You may be one of the reasons that many people are reading sites like yours rather the arrogant media in this area."

Real readers will notice several of Klein's signature grammatical mistakes and hackneyed phrases, including the one I've emphasized.  No less than 17 of the letters that Philip has published over the past year have used that phrase, "I must say...."  Two such instances can be found on the page right now.

Of course, when Philip is actually referring to himself and not a fictitious reader, he uses the plural "we must say:"

Say Hey Willie Bae!!!!  It was close - and a recount will be had we hear late tonight....but we must say...he has nine lives!!!

Blogger Report - Dumpster is looking good. Welcome back and we must say how great it is to hear from him.

However, there is a bigger problem with the logic in Philip's letter.  If this purported reader had never read the Southeast Texas Political Review, why would he or she think that Klein's "stories are always five days ahead of any of the media in the area?"   Like most of Philip's logic, this doesn't make sense.

I must say (snicker) that it's sad when a person is so insecure that he has to write letters to himself to bolster his poor self-image(s).

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