Dec 7, 2008

Another Open Letter to Philip R. Klein

Dear Philip;

I'm back!  I hope you had a great week, - I did!  I'll have more on that below.

I had a chance to read over this past week's postings. I noticed nothing new; as an example, you're still making wild claims about the new security system at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

However, you failed to put this into proper perspective. Here's a list of the Top 20 most populated counties in the state - which have no courthouse security system in place?

  • Harris: 3,935,855
  • Dallas: 2,366,511
  • Tarrant: 1,717,435
  • Bexar: 1,594,493
  • Travis: 974,365
  • El Paso: 734,669
  • Collin: 730,690
  • Hidalgo: 710,514
  • Denton: 612,357
  • Fort Bend: 509,822
  • Montgomery: 412,638
  • Cameron: 387,210
  • Williamson: 373,363
  • Nueces: 321,135
  • Brazoria: 294,233
  • Galveston: 283,987
  • Bell: 276,975
  • Lubbock: 260,901
  • Jefferson: 241,975
  • Webb: 233,152

No comment, buddy? 

I was greatly amused by your latest article, where you predicted the death of the Beaumont Enterprise.. You stated:

You see - as much as the editors and news directors hate this place we call the Southeast Texas Political Review - we have done what they have not done in a long time. And that is become a better advocate for the people - rather than the message voice for left wing political groups

I see you're still suffering from megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur. While you may call "this place the Southeast Texas Political Review," most who are familiar with it call it a joke.

Let's look at the real numbers, shall we?

In your Nitwit Tidbits on Friday, you claimed that The Southeast Texas Political Review generated this traffic over the past month:

Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
348,712 137,412 54,954 156,346

I noticed by extrapolating the page loads or page views that you're claiming your daily page views averaged about 11,623 each day for the past 30 days.

I think it's interesting to note that you're claiming more people visit your site than the Beaumont Enterprise's site, whose average daily page view rate is 9,841.  Channel 6's website generates 14,716 daily page views.  

According to my sources, your site only generates 83 page views per day, not 11,623 as you claim.

Site Daily Page Loads
KFDM.Com 14,716
Beaumont Enterprise 9,841
Southeast Texas Political Review 83

This is further corroborated by Alexa site rankings:

I'm sure that even you can see the disparity in numbers between a ranking of 18 million and a ranking of 77 thousand.

Ironically, your statement doesn't match the numbers on your hit counter either:

According to your visible "hit counter," you had a total number 34,875 visits, not 348,712 as you claimed.

All of this is further corroborated by the very low response rate on your weekly "Polling Questions."  Fore example, here is your response to last week's question:

Note that total respondents in your poll (as of today) amounted to 31 participants. In the case of the "polling question" on David Bellow, your poll generated only 24 votes after a week:

Since studies have shown that the average response rate for online surveys is about 26 percent, the response rates on your online polls suggest a weekly readership approximately a hundred, not hundreds of thousands as you claim.

Here's an easy way to verify your claim. The information that you're allegedly quoting comes from the Stat Counter on your site.  The icon is clearly visible at the top of your page:

In the admin section of your Stat Counter, you can simply choose to allow anyone to see your stats, as shown below:

So, how about it, Philip? Care to document your spurious claims over the next month? Then perhaps we can have a more credible discussion about who's truly representing the interests of the greatest number of people in Southeast Texas.


Gus Pillsbury

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