Dec 11, 2008


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein proves the economic downturn has affected his business, since he apparently has nothing better to do than sneak into the Jefferson County Courthouse:

Two times the Review was able to make access into the building unquestioned and through the front doors of the old courthouse by doors left open by employees. In fact, one time, a citizen that was leaving the courthouse held the door open for the Review and two other people walking into the courthouse to do business.

After reading that, I had some questions:

  1. Did "the Review" have to turn sideways to squeeze through the door?
  2. Did "the Review" leave their concealed handgun in the car(s)?
  3. Would "the Review" get stuck if "they" tried to squeeze through a window?
  4. Was "the Review" at the Courthouse for the trial of that "Linden boy?"
  5. Is this an example of hard-hitting investigative journalism by "the Review?"

On this subject of security, I noticed that Philip has moved his office (again) to a new storefront in the  900 block of Nederland Avenue.  As I remember, that's the third move in as many years, with each new office cheaper than the last. I think this latest office is a converted Dairy Queen, but I could be mistaken. No doubt this new office is closer to "the Review's" budget, but I wonder how hard it is to sneak in the back? Maybe the empty bottles serve as a burglar alarm.

Like his Enterprise subscription, I suspect Philip keeps downgrading when the bill comes due.

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