Dec 18, 2008

Ho No!

Philip R. Klein keeps rehashing the same innuendo in the guise of "new information" on that "breaking scandal" in Jefferson County:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned today that another woman has come forward in the scandal rocking the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Sources close to the court tell the Review that another woman has come forward and "is willing to tell her story too."

Other sources that have called the Review and work at the Jefferson County Courthouse have confirmed that the first woman that was fired as a court reporter, and her now husband who was also fired [sic], have made the decision to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Jefferson County and the Judge.

Challenge to Philip Klein: Well, Philip, if they're really filing lawsuits as you allege,  now's your chance to get into the media fast lane and write a balanced story fairly, just like Anderson Cooper! 

Go ahead and publish those names, since the First Amendment will protect you (if this is all true). After all, you claim the media is ignoring the story:

And the mainstream media? D E A D I N T H E W A T E R!

Wow! Do we have a media cover up going???????

I suspect not, Philip. Instead, I'm pretty sure they're waiting on something of real substance to report, rather than rumor, innuendo, and hearsay.  

By the way, Philip, how's that big scandal with Christina Delgadillo's ticket going?

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