Dec 19, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (Part 1)

Philip's first item this week is a sophomoric piece on Mike Aguilar and the passing of his blog, Going Underground. Typically this condescending piece is as much about Philip and his opinions as Mike Aguilar:

As we were the first on the block...

That is until others came along and knocked off Philip's block.

A good friend of mine before he died, Victor Rogers, once told me this after I was blasted by the Beaumont Enterprise Editorial Board : "There is one thing about newspapers - they are today's news and tomorrows bird dropping catcher." It has taken me a long time to understand what he said.

I knew Vic very well, but Philip apparently doesn't know what Vic really thought about him.

You might wonder why I say what I say about Mike.

Actually, I wonder more about why Philip spends so much time talking about himself and his opinions, rather than Mike.

Did Mike ever offend me?

Anyone who disagrees with Philip offends him. 

This was particularly funny:

So Mike - a tip of our hat over here at the Review! You are gone now and you cannot come back.

In reality, Mike can "come back" whenever he wishes.    As I recall, this is the third time he's gone on hiatus from his site. 

Here's my personal favorite:

Not many of you know this, but other than Sam The Eagle and Operation Kleinwatch, we all have back channel communication.

Philip has never answered my messages, which I sent regularly to his reader mail address until the messages started bouncing. The bigger question is this, however: how would Philip know whether I have no "back channel" communication with other local bloggers?  I suspect Philip would be shocked if he knew the real truth.

By the way, Philip - you never revealed the identity of Sam the Eagle, even though you promised your readers that you would investigate every aspect of Sam's life for a month and post it on your website.

We're still waiting.

To be continued.

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