Dec 26, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

Not much of interest in Philip R. Klein's Nitwit Tidbits this week, although he failed to mention his latest "Polling Question:"

Readers should remember that his poll has been up for two weeks, yet Philip has generated only 50 votes.  I predict he'll break 100 votes by July of 2010.

Here are some recent comments from real readers of Operation Kleinwatch:

The death toll due to Ike has reached 37 and at least 11 still are missing. Every life is precious, but isn't the number far short of PRK's estimate? Didn't Klein write "cover up" ?

Philip's words:

Sadly - the officers that I am know and are friends with in that area tell me that over 300 bodies will be found.

I suspect that if a "cover up" is at work, it's not by the media. Rather, Philip won't acknowledge this irresponsible prediction.

Another reader wrote;

A muckracking talent wasted in a corrupt, backwater corner of Texas: Philip Klein should work for a supermarket tabloid and enlighten the world on the latest Elvis sightings and his one-on-one conversation with a UFO pilot.

Philip's words:

Strange? I think not. I firmly believe in the business I am of the 6th sense.

Perhaps we should ask how many of Philip's sources come from "the other side.'

Another reader pointed out one of Philip's errors in an article earlier this week:

I enjoyed reading PRK's latest Freudian slip of the typing finger. This week's gem is from his rant about the courthouse security and Jerry Jordan:

"Second, we believe this courthouse security plan is the most ill deceived plan we have ever seen. In fact, it is embarrassing."

Was he thinking about how he tries to deceive the public with his own brand of anonymously-sourced news?

Perhaps he conceived that article while "cranking the hot tube."

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