Dec 17, 2008

Real Readers Write (On Philip R. Klein's Idiocy)

Out of my inbox:

FYI, Gus, this stuff on Loma George is very old news unless Klein really is saying she had an affair with Ron Walker or some other made-up b*******. Loma has only one suit filed against her which was originally filed over a year ago. You can look it up on the county number 109923. The case had some movement on it this past week, which is what Klein is referring to. You are right...he is an idiot since he got this one completely wrong and since no one in the courthouse has ever discussed Loma as a candidate for office.

Hey, Philip, care to provide the case numbers on those "two lawsuits [that] have been filed against Loma George?"

Another reader wrote:

Six tips to investigate
Three independent sources confirming
Two tipsters tipping
Sources close to the law firm confirming
And a partridge in a pear tree?

Philip must be full of holiday cheer, or full of cheer, or full of something.

And, that's not to mention four investigators investigating and five SBA loans! 

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