Dec 18, 2008

Real Readers Write

A funny comment from a real reader:

Scandals. Ruined careers. Compliant media. County's corruption confirmed by "Houston Attorney." Wow! PRK must be cranking his "hot tube" 24-7!

Here's the backstory!

Another reader posted an interesting observation on one of Klein's many inconsistencies:

Gus, check out the letter on Phillips mail page where he said "It is important that the media take this story. It is a big one. So far many are looking but nobody has it. They are close...the storm is coming."  Now he claims it's a media cover up.

The confusion is just beginning - I suspect Philip will allege a "cover-up" by the District Attorney's office in the next several days.  More of Klein's "same old think, over and over and over again."

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