Jan 31, 2009

Coleman Slaps Ames


So claims Philip Philip R. Klein, world-renowned finder of lost celebrities and perennial rumor monger. Unfortunately, specific information contradicts Klein's own claims and theories:

"Although it has been interesting hearing rumors that I was running for Mayor, and encouraged by some to run, there is no truth to the rumor," said Dr. Coleman in a statement he e-mailed to KFDM News.

Maybe Philip could investigate the source of that that rumor by tracking "hits" to his website. It's also interesting to examine Klein's previous comments on Mayor Becky Ames. From an article he wrote on August 11, 2008:

We have said it before and will say it again - we like Becky Ames. We like her a bunch.

Actually, this is what Philip said "before" on February 28, 2000, when he predicted she would not be reelected to her city council seat:

"Becky the ----- as she is known in some circles....we supported her in two elections. Before ore our please [sic] fell on her deaf ears. She will be hard pressed again this May to get our support. She will have to make the movement," says our source with the Fire Department.

Cops say about the same. "Let me put it to you bluntly. Her husband is a criminal, she acts like a criminal by covering up what her husband did. If we could have gotten her, we would of. She hates the Cops and we hate her. So no, we are not going to support her. In fact, we would support Alan Lee before her. Well...maybe not."

Maybe Philip had some additional, off the record conversations with the witnesses.



Jan 30, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits (Updated)!


From the "If They Only Knew PRK" department concerning Philip R. Klein's investigation (I use the term loosely) into the disappearance of Patrick McDermott:

"But, it turns out, some of the specific information in the coast guard report contradicts Klein's own claims and theories about the case."

Especially the part about McDermott having presumably drowned at sea.  Ironically, Olivia Newton-John wouldn't let Philip get within two continents of her:

Klein wants to speak to the women in McDermott's life. But Yvette Nipar and Olivia Newton-John both decline his requests.

So much for Philip's credibility, but Olivia's spokesperson had an interesting observation after the show:

The singer's LA representative Michael Caprio said Newton-John, whose nine-year relationship with McDermott ended the day before he disappeared on a fishing charter, did not want to comment on Klein's claims that her former partner was alive.

"After nearly a two year investigation, there was no evidence or proof provided by the investigator hired by Dateline as to the truth in this story," Caprio told The Daily Telegraph Online.

Meanwhile, Dateline comes to a stunning conclusion:

"The problem is, our tapes of Philip's interviews with these witnesses do not bear out his claims."

Not to be deterred, Klein resorts to a gimmick that we're all familiar with:

"Philip tells us that he had additional, off the record conversations with the witnesses, in which they recounted seeing McDermott get off the boat. "

"Oh, look! It's deja vu all over again," said the anonymous source. Meanwhile, Philip's articles this week show he's still on that three-hour boat tour:

Both sides the isle say it...

Perhaps if McDermott hadn't been standing in the aisle at the wrong time, he wouldn't have fallen overboard and drowned. Back in Jefferson County, I see that his weekly poll experienced a massive influx of eight people, based on Klein's TV exposure (pun intended) over the past days:

I hope Dateline got copies of the receipts for Philip's vacation!

Jan 29, 2009



In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes of contract negotiations between The United Steel Workers and over 60 different oil companies nationally(emphasis is mine):

What in the **** is the Southeast Texas Union Leadership thinking? Seriously - a STRIKE? As a caller from the rank and file told us today : "There are many of us that think these guys (union leaders) are stuck on stupid!"

Readers may notice the similarities between this comment from Philip's purported "caller"  and his response last week to Chris' letter in the Beaumont Enterprise (again, emphasis is mine):

Chris Kelley, 21

"I'd like to see the gas prices stay down low...."

[Klein's] Answer : Hey Chris - how is it going? Are you stuck on stupid?

Coincidence? I think not - as I've repeatedly pointed out, Philip and all of his so-called sources make the same grammatical errors and use the same trite expressions, "over and over and over again."

Philip is also typically confused about the real issues. Readers will note that this is a national negotiation, not a local contract dispute with the "Southeast Texas Union Leadership." In the case of Exxon Mobil, not only is the Beaumont refinery affected, but refineries in Louisiana,  Montana, and California. Perhaps Philip is just too stupid to realize that "The Southeast Texas Union Leadership" has nothing with operations in those states.

Klein's bottom line:

You get zero respect from us here at the Review - as well - as your fellow union member said - you guys must be stuck on stupid.

Oh, look! Philip mentions "stuck on stupid" again; I don't think it takes a seasoned private investigator as big as Texas to figure out the pattern in Klein's bogus callers, letters from readers, and sources.

Jan 28, 2009

That's Enough


Philip R. Klein writes of another arson case in Port Arthur:

And we agree here at the Review. It is time to say enough. It is time to turn the punk or punks in that are burning down the school houses. Go smoke your pot. Go sell your crack. Go screw up whatever you want to screw up - but stop holding the kids back is the opinion of the Review.

Instead of complain, perhaps Philip Klein, Private Detective, could investigate?

By the way, how's that investigation into the 2007 Central Mall mugging coming along? Maybe you could set up a website and track the "hits!"  

Jan 27, 2009

Team Lampson Speaks


Apparently, Team Lampson is only speaking to Philip R. Klein and the Southeast Texas Political Review (anonymously), however:

"He can have his day in the media. We will have our day," says one source to the Review this afternoon.

"Nick will get his day also. And then we can debate the issues," said the source.

The rest of the article is about Jeff Branick:

Branick showed up on KBTV this morning and hit some pretty strange topics....

Typically, Philip makes up facts to match his manufactured sources:

Also - the unemployment rate in Jefferson County which is DOUBLE the Texas Average.

According to the latest  numbers from the Texas Workforce Commission, the state unemployment rate is 5.7. The unemployment rate in Beaumont-Port Arthur is 7.9 percent, not 11.4 percent as Philip claims. 

I'll revisit when Nick Lampson actually announces that he's running for an office. Until then, this is simply more of Philip's premature speculation while "cranking his hot tube."  Next time, perhaps Philip should fix his shirt and zip his pants.

Jan 26, 2009

Some Explanation is Needed


A recent rumor sweeping Jefferson County suggests that Philip R. Klein, well known political consultant politician, editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review, and village fool, is undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

No one seems to be sure about the reasons, but recent sightings of Philip suggest that this wild rumor might actually be true.

Such medical treatments are used for a number of reasons, including cancer treatment, reducing the effects of menopause, and sex reassignment therapy. Readers can find more on the various types of hormone replacement therapies here

Any comments, buddy? It seems to me some explanation is needed to all of your loyal readers!

"Buffalo Boy" and "Surprise"


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein invents another conspiracy to explain why Raj Ataya declined to run for an at-large seat on the city council:

We believe that Raj got called the carpet by those that somehow convinced him that he could not make it in the political world. Did they threaten him? No. Did they suggest to him that he might not make it in his due time? Yes. Or maybe deals were cut?

Anyway you look at it - a businessman backed down and that is sad. And should never happen.

So we are left so far with the players at hand in Beaumont. Get and Bubba. It would be nice to see either of them stand up and cut back rather than grow budgets....but you know....this is Jefferson County.

So for Raj he is back in the kitchen serving food and enjoying life. And we are all waiting to see who they are going to run against Mr. Pate. Any day now?

Philip has a past history with Bubba Pate, who is a well-respected conservative with a long history of service to Southeast Texas and his country; in short, he's all the things that Philip wishes to be. 

We'll revisit Klein's statement in the future, but I'll note that we're still waiting on those two candidates to announce their races against Eddie Arnold. According to Klein on Dec. 3, 2007:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Actually, no one ran against Eddie Arnold, either Democrat or Republican, who won reelection by default in the March primaries.  However Eddie Arnold and Bubba Pate are both established and respected Republicans in Jefferson County, both of whom have previous  histories with Klein. Anyone see a similarity?

Then we have this prediction from his "Surprise" article about Judge Ron Walker:

Nick Lampson came home from DC after getting the boot in Sugarland. And announces in the backrooms that he is going to run for Jefferson County Judge. And then.....well guess what? Panic sets in. A big name Lampson may come in and clean the frigging house. So - they go into emergency mode  and leak out that Walker will not do another term and ----- shhhhhhhhhh - might leave early and endorse Branick for the job thinking it will be a shoe in.

We'll revisit that one, too.

Even though Klein claims to have these connections and that he's a "politician" and a "political consultant," depending upon the current phase of the moon, he's apparently wasn't aware of the makeup of the Beaumont City Council:

So we made some calls and guess what? There are two at large seats.

If he'd read the Channel 6 news articles here and here, he could have saved a few phone calls:

The city's at-large council members are Gethrel Williams and W.L. Pate, Junior.

Jan 24, 2009

Look Who's On YouTube (Part II)


As noted in the article below, Philip R. Klein with the Southeast Texas Political Review appeared on a roundtable discussion concerning the PNG ISD school board's decision not to initially release the list of applicants for the district's Athletic Director opening.  You can see the actual roundtable in the posting below.

After a review (pun intended) of the discussion, here is the bottom line, found at the very end of the roundtable in segment two:

Gabe Pruett: If they go out and get the best coach possible and if's he's not on the list, that does not matter to me, that doesn't matter to me one bit...

Philip R. Klein (interrupting): But again, the law is the law, and just because it's football, you don't throw the law out.

Gabe Pruett: They did no breaking of the law. They put in for a waiver, the waiver said no to them, and what did they do today, they released the list.

During this exchange, Chad Cooper with The Examiner can be seen laughing when Philip breaks into the "same ol' think, over and over and over again."

Throughout the discussion, Philip steadfastly maintains that this is more evidence of why "Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in the state of Texas," even though the point is clearly made that PNG was protecting some of the applicants, who were uncomfortable with their names being publicized:

Gabe Pruett: ...In a lot of cases, these guys will be scrutinized by their community, their fellow coaches, and their players, who now know they're looking for another job...and now their names are strung out there in four or five different places - of course, their loyalty at their position right now has been in question. I'm glad that PNG came out with the list today, they have broke no laws, they looked for a waiver, this is not the only governing body entity that asks for waivers in this system. This is not a first time deal, now that they have been told by the AG they have to release the list, they have done that.

Did Channel 4 misspell Philip's name?

Jan 23, 2009

Look Who's On YouTube!


A real reader writes:

Oh lawdy!  Channel 4 made the huge mistake of inviting PRK onto their newscast last night to talk about PNG trying to keep from releasing the names of the candidates for it's head football coach.

PRK is invited WHY? 

The reader included links to the videos on YouTube (or U-TUBE in Philip's mangled grammar), which you can watch below.

I think we can assume that Channel 4 is having a hard time finding enough content to fill that 9-10 PM newscast, but I must admit, Philip looked right at home sitting next to an inebriated sports writer. After watching, I think Philip definitely needs to lose about 300 lbs - the way the buttons on his shirt were strained almost to the breaking point to hold his prodigious stomach is always a dead giveaway.

For those readers who may be unfamiliar with the issue, the PNG School Board applied for a waiver to avoid releasing the names, apparently because some of the candidates requested that their application be kept confidential. After the local media filed official requests for the list of candidates, the PNG-ISD asked the Attorney General's office for an opinion. The opinion was published on Wednesday, and the PNG-ISD released the names yesterday. 

While this process is entirely legal, even pedestrian, Philip published an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review where he claimed this was more evidence of "CORRUPTION IN JEFFERSON COUNTY!" I've previously posted the link to an interesting discussion concerning Philip's article on this site. You can read the opinion from Assistant Attorney General Melanie J. Villars here.

While PRK has blown this out of proportion, Gabe Pruett with the Orange Leader and the SETX Sports website exposes Philip's stupidity. You'll see that Philip blindly keeps hammering on "corruption of our public officials" with no understanding of the real issue. Fortunately, Pruett gets the last word in at the end of segment two.

The segment includes such high points as Philip's statement that "Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in Texas,'  but his funniest remark had to be this claim:

"I'm a politician, I've been in politics for a long time."

Oh really, and what elected offices has Philip held?  Somehow, Phillip has made the transformation from a self-proclaimed political consultant to a self-proclaimed politician.

Other high points comes after Philip points out on several occasions that he knows little about sports, but interrupts to give his opinion on coaching.  Typically, Philip tried to monopolize the conversation, but that doesn't work well for Philip when he's dealing with people who are actually knowledgeable on the subject.

Segment One

Segment Two

Philip On Banking


In an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review this week, Philip R. Klein again proves that he slept through most of his formal education:

They call it wealth redistribution. Or - socialism. And then you can take your money you are given to the bank now owned by the government. Stress? We are going to take that away from you - we now own the banks, the car companies and the credit markets. It snuck up on ya huh? You work, live and now deposit to the government.

Readers will note that the Federal Government does not currently own any interest in any bank anywhere, however Philip is absolutely correct:  centralized and government-owned banking has happened before in the United States.

Through dedicated research, I've discovered that the notoriously liberal administration of George Washington actually ran a national bank. as proposed by left-wing Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton.

Not only did Washington and Hamilton collude and conspire to implement the socialist-leaning First Bank of the United States, the first Congress, dominated by well-known socialists like John Adams in the Senate, actually issued a charter for the bank on February 25, 1791.

Furthermore, the issue was compounded when the original charter ran out in 1811 and radical president James Madison, the Father of the U.S. Constitution, renewed the bank's charter again in 1816 to ensure that socialism in the United States would continue with the Second Bank of the United States.

The funding scheme of this bank is an excellent example of how corrupt these socialist governments can become - even Jefferson County Commissioners wouldn't try to pull off something as brazen as this. The first national bank was funded through the sale of stocks. But 20 percent of the stocks were bought by the federal government and since the government didn't have the money to purchase the stocks, the government-owned bank actually loaned the federal government the money to buy its own stock!

Philip, can you look into this for me - we need to know the real "story behind the story!" And thank you for being ever-vigilant!

Jan 22, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits Are Back!


First of all, I'd again like to thank my many readers for making Operation Kleinwatch the top two most Googled sites in the world for "Philip R. Klein." This really means a lot to me.

As a way of expressing my gratitude, I've decided to continue Nitwit Tidbits, even though Philip R. Klein has discontinued his most popular feature of the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Here are some of Philip's best Nitwit Tidbits this week.

The title of his editorial:

"Painted Black."

He's misquoting the Rolling Stones song, Paint It Black.

And Doves belief in "talking."

Do they believe in talking, too?

And so it is written and so it is done.

Another of Philip's deep thoughts.

So - to start the first day off of our new president.


Remember - "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." But that was another day and a conservative democrat.

Since when has any Senator from Massachusetts been conservative? Isn't that why LBJ ran on the ticket?

Well, the economy today is being effected by Government.

I hope the government can affect the economy as well.

Where did you come from? Why are you here? If you do not like it haul ass where you came from!

Hey, Philip, how's New Jersey this time of year?

Are you stuck on stupid?

Philip has proven time and again that this is possible.

Obama is half black and half white.

And Philip is all racist.

Obama wants to open the boarders.

Oh boy, free room and rent! Or, did he mean "Obama wants to open the borders?"

Who do you want to have control the guns or for that matter who do you want controlled since guns are things and people own things.

Apparently, this makes perfect sense to Philip.

Cut your expense back now buddy. We here in the business community have.

I love the new offices of Klein and Associates on Nederland Avenue. Didn't that use to be a Dairy Queen?

A half black is in the Whitehouse now!

Racism usually stems from ignorance, like mistaking "Whitehouse" for the White House.

You have to read, write and count numbers before you can learn a trade.

Philip loses on all three counts (pun intended), hence bankruptcy!

Opps....we were wrong.


We had to put the paper down and then pick it up again and read it again.

If "we" were reading the paper, how many hands were holding the paper and wasn't that rather crowded? 

The bottom line to this story is that Alan Coleman has to come out this week against the Red Light Camera's and...

The "red light camera's" what? Or did Philip mean red light cameras?

After all Councilmen - tonight's top story is that a dog was shot in Evadale?

Did Philip mean "councilman," or is he as sexist as he is racist?

As for us Web guys - we are the future. And the future is ours. It is how you hear about the news and what goes on because we could careless about advertising or who reads - to which it seems that we are taking the market.

I think Philip meant "we could care less...." Here's the latest result from Phlip's "polling question" with results daily and up to the minute!

Oh, look - Klein's poll has 41 votes this week! At this rate, I predict that Philip will "take the market" by the year 2525, if man can survive.

Special Announcement: Number One (and Two)!


I'd like to thank all of my readers for making Operation Kleinwatch the top two most Googled sites for "Philip R. Klein."  Here are couple of other links that you might find interesting.  Both this site and this site apparently think Philip is an idiot, too.

Special thanks to the readers who pointed this out to me!

Guest Editorial


Philip has pirated a purported editorial "British Editorial without permission or proper attribution." Unfortunately, he doesn't tell readers that this editorial allegedly came from The London Daily Mail.

The British tabloid is analogous to The Enquirer here in the U.S.  A cursory glance at some of today's headlines will give readers a good taste:

Here are some headlines on Obama from the London Daily Mail over the past few months:

Sounds like a newspaper that Philip could truly embrace, doesn't it?

Here's the punch line, even though that editorial is all over the web and attributed to the Daily Mail, it  never actually appeared in the London Daily Mail.  As such, it's another Internet myth, much like most of Philip's content.

Jan 21, 2009

Hawks and Doves


Readers can find "more of the same old stuff, over and over and over again" in Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Determined to find a cloud in every silver lining, he again spins a number of news events "his way" concerning Inauguration Day.

Well the media did not report it - but Wall Street sent a very cold message. The Dow went under 8,000. Not a good day for the President. Not a good day at all. The only other day the Dow took that big of a hit - was when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Readers will note that yesterday's slide on the DJ was well reported, but probably not from Klein's usual news sources, like "The Guy from Boston."

Klein clearly manufactured that item concerning Kennedy's assassination, since yesterday's four-percent drop doesn't match the seven percent the DJ lost lost in one day last October or the six percent drop last September. Furthermore, that's still not even close to the largest one-day percentage drop since 1914m, which happened October 19, 1987, when the average fell 22.61 percent.  But don't take my word for it, see for yourself

Neither was the sliding average based on Obama's inauguration, but rather news that banks may still be undercapitalized. As an example, stocks in Wells Fargo and Bank of America lost 23 percent of their total value when the firms announced they would have to acquire new assets to recapitalize.

Klein offers another interesting take on an incident yesterday:

"...the screw up [sic] in the timing of the swearing in, the screw up [sic] of the words of the oath..."

There was no "screw up in the timing of the oath, and the "screw up [sic] of the words of the oath" came from Chief Justice John Roberts. Ironically, the Presidential Oath is the only specific oath of office enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, and our Chief Justice misquoted the oath, but President Obama caught the error and paused where the proper words should have been. Chief Justice Roberts then misquoted the Constitution yet a second time, but Obama repeated Robert's original wording. Read more about it here.

Philip again resorts to his anonymous sources as to what's on the President's agenda today:

Day two we hear from insiders in Washington that we spoke with tell us that the second day will make the first day even more fun.

The joint chiefs are meeting - and will be told that don't ask goes out the window. And bring the troops home in 16 months. As well abortion issues will be lifted by executive order and a various other assorted executive orders will be signed.

But most of all - a group of Doves will take over State and Homeland. And Doves belief in "talking." So now we will talk and carry a little stick by a bunch of libs that are simply going to be completely unorganized and talking?

Klein has already missed the big story: the freeze on prosecutions of Guantanamo detainees, until the new administration rethinks its approach. I suspect the "Guy from Boston" didn't mention that one either, but considering the abysmal track record in obtaining convictions in military tribunals thus far,  perhaps prosecution in a criminal court is indeed the way to go. Here is a less biased and more accurate description of President Obama's first day at work.

Philip lack of substantive comment is another example of why Klein has ceased to be a gadfly, but simply irrelevant.

Jan 20, 2009

Dear Mr. President


Philip R. Klein plumbs new depths of idiocy in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review. After complaining about editorial content of the Beaumont Enterprise, he pirated an entire article and added his own unsolicited opinions.

Some of the low points:

Remember - "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." But that was another day and a conservative democrat.

I don't think there has ever been a conservative senator from Massachusetts. Certainly not in my lifetime, which is why the Democratic Party paired John Kennedy with Lyndon Johnson on that ticket.

Well, the economy today is being effected by Government.

Did Philip mean "affected?"

Here's an excellent example of Philip's typical hate speech:

Where did you come from? Why are you here? If you do not like it haul a** where you came from!

Perhaps Philip should take his own advice and return to New Jersey.

More hate speech:

No cost to you but we are going to bend over the middle class and folks who provide jobs. That is a fact. So you keep sitting in that fine town of hand outs called Port Arthur. No child left behind - I cannot help you with. That was a guy called Bush. And the boys and girls of the military - they are coming home in 17 months. It is time to fight a war on our soil. And it is coming.

Philip invokes class warfare; only an extremist would advocate a domestic war.

More hate speech:

Answer : Hey Chris - how is it going? Are you stuck on stupid?

An excellent example of Klein's failure to grasp even the most basic of economic principles (not to mention Klein's hate speech):

The gas issue was created by speculators when congress wanted to cut back drilling off our shores. And that little group called OPEC - cut back production. Then - Bush opened by executive order drilling - which will be revoked in the next few months. And get this - gas prices dropped. Imagine that? Drill here - drill now? Wow! Stop being stupid Chris and take some classes at a college....oh....never mind Chris - they are just a bunch of government believing libs. You are fine. Oh yes you are. BTW Chris - how much of that you are paying per gallon is tax? Ouch!

The issue with gas prices lat year was created when speculators moved their investments from housing into oil futures. Beyond administering mineral rights on national properties such as ANWAR and offshore, Congress has absolutely nothing to do determining oil production. Drilling rights offshore and in the ANWAR have been the same for at least 40 years. Perhaps Klein should take his own advice and enroll in some college courses; that is, pending any academic suspensions on his record.

Here's an excellent example of Philip's racism:

Obama is half black and half white. So celebrate half way? Do you mean by diversity the color of someone's skin? If so is that not racism? Are you racist Ms. Beard?

If Obama is the son of a couple from Kenya and Kansas, shouldn't President Obama be considered a true African-American?  Since when are African-Americans only considered as such if they have no white ancestry? I'm sure Klein is proud of his Aryan pedigree, but I suspect Obama is just as proud of his cultural heritage.

Obama wants to open the boarders.

Did Philip mean free room and board for all? 

There are many more examples, but this is an excellent overview of why Philip R. Klein will never find himself in the mainstream of politics.

Open Letter to Philip Klein


Dear Philip;

I felt compelled to respond to your latest letter to yourself on your Reader Mail page since you specifically mentioned Operation Kleinwatch. You challenged your readers:

Do this - send them an email and ask them why they do not print their names. Proud of their content? We think not or they would sign their names faster than you can say Boo.

I've answered your allegations before, but let's revisit since you have a short attention span.  Also, note that I'm the only one responsible for this site - there is no "them." I don't need to hide behind an ambiguous pronoun like "we"  because I don't have a weak sense of self or a poor self-image.

You've never really explained how you arrived at the conclusion that Gus Pillsbury is not my true name. Have you been running another "investigation"  or did you have to pay a $1,000 dollar reward to find out that Gus Pillsbury is a nom de plume?

This anonymity underscores your own hypocrisy.  You frequently refer to anonymous "sources" who make the same grammatical mistakes as you, most of whom also make wild and unsubstantiated claims. As just one example, you claimed an unnamed source in the Texas AG's office substantiated the issue of names on cop cars, even though AG Gregg Abbott had rescinded that previous opinion upon which your entire article was based.

Yet, quoting manufactured sources "who demand anonymity" is credible, but I'm not. Like most of the gibberish you publish, this logic makes sense only to you.

This anonymity underscores your lack of credibility. You can't muddy the waters with a personal attack, so you're required to either address the issues themselves or ignore them. As an example, let's consider your simplistic and sophomoric analysis of the red camera issue in the Beaumont City Council presented in your first article this week entitled "Stupid:"

You see - Coleman runs in the same social groups as Beaulieu. It is that simple. And what you have is a bunch of social ninnies with nothing better to do than try and bring Beaumont to a more lawful place.

Calling Coleman names has nothing to do with forcing a vote on an issue for which there is little support, but you missed that, didn't you?  As I've repeatedly shown, your grasp of politics is limited to wingnut opinions based upon bumper sticker mentalities, or throwing mud based upon unsubstantiated rumor and hidden agendas.  Without the logical fallacy of your ad hominem attacks, you're left to discuss these issues on their own merit, something for which you're poorly prepared.

Lastly, this anonymity simply bugs you, enough that you purportedly offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to Sam The Eagle's identity.  Even though you claimed you had a response within 24 hours, I suspect we all know that your statement was balderdash. We're still waiting on for you to make good on that promise.

Here's a challenge for you:

Those who know this web site know the content and the fact we do the best we can with what we have."

If lies, half-truths, hate speech, rumors reported as fact, rampant racism, and and gross ignorance is the best you can do, perhaps you should hang it up. I challenge you to poll readers on whether the Southeast Texas Political Review should hang it up permanently.

That is, if your fragile ego can stand the truth.


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. You never answered the charges that you lied about those 21,000 cases to be "refilled" in Hardin County.

I also noticed this contradiction: the header on your "Reader Mail" page clearly states (emphasis is mine):

If you have questions that you would like us to answer - and we will answer any question sent to us...

But in this spurious letter, you stated (emphasis is again mine):

As for lying - we get emails all of the time. I ignore them.

So which is it? Do answer any question, or do you ignore the hard ones? Didn't you claim

We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.

Jan 19, 2009

Painted Black


In Philip R. Klein's latest purported editorial on the Southeast Texas Political Review, his own words speak more eloquently about Klein's racism and hate speech than I:

Let's put the cards on the table - President Obama is half black. He is not an African American - he is an American. The train ride this weekend which is the same train ride Lincoln took on the way to Washington is also a message - as well as the bible [sic] that he will be sworn in on - that is slavery. That is the undertone of racial issues that have faced the United States. And if you continue to look at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial and the players - it is more of the same. A racial undertone that nobody will talk about of race.

Name another President that was hailed for being "white." They were hailed for their history in public service and their history as successes in business and what they have given to the United States of America. The media? They do not talk about what he has given - which maybe is not a bunch - but it is something.

What is it all? Well in my opinion it is reverse racism. It is sad and it is sick for the United States of America to continue to point out Anyone's skin color. If you were truly against racism - you too would have the same opinion.

The media is all of this in both the national press and even our local press. Calling Obama the "first black American" ever elected to office. Again, a lie. He is half black. When the media says this they are being frankly disingenuous. They are exaggerating the story. And they are trying to create something that is simply not there.

Or, as another example, Klein still apparently believes that all Latinos are "Mexicans:"

Barak Obama is the President of the United States. Not the Black President of the United States.  Not the African American President of the United States. Not the Mexican President of the United States.

Yet, Philip claims:

Trust me - I have not one racial bone in my body.

Until approximately 50 years ago, most states defined a person of African-American descent as one who had at least 1/16th black ancestry. That includes Texas, but I'm not sure about New Jersey.

Readers should note that, contrary to Philip's thesis, most African-Americans who break racial and sexual barriers tend to be pretty remarkable people.  W.E.B. Dubois, Jackie Robinson, Count Basie, Shirley Chisholm, Eugene Bullard, General Colin Powell, Sidney Poitier, Condoleeaza Rice, Thurgood Marshall, Tiger Woods, Ella Fitzgerald, and Booker T. Washington are a few that come to my mind.

Klein doesn't recognize that a country such as the U.S. finds strength in its cultural diversity while extending its promise of freedom and justice for all. 

Jan 18, 2009



Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review is about Beaumont City Council member Dr. Alan Coleman, not PRK, as the title seems to imply.  Philip purportedly exposes Dr. Coleman's support of red light cameras in Beaumont and his primary reason:

You see - Coleman runs in the same social groups as Beaulieu. It is that simple. And what you have is a bunch of social ninnies with nothing better to do than try and bring Beaumont to a more lawful place. They think that if there is more big brother than they can (1) create Revenue [sic], (2) punish those bad people that break the law, (3) be responsive to something that has not happened yet (accidents).

Philip didn't cite his sources, but his entire point of reference is an article in The Examiner here. Readers will note that the item was originally tabled in April 2008.  Dr. Coleman clearly stated his reasons for revisiting the issue:

"I don't like things left hanging out there," Coleman said. "I think we need to look at it and make a decision if this is what we want to do."

At this point, it's quite obvious except to Klein that there is not enough support to pass such an ordinance; by forcing a vote on the issue, the issue of red light cameras in Beaumont is laid to rest for good.  Isn't is interesting that Philip R. Klein, shrewd political analyst, somehow missed that?

Philip's bottom line is an arrogant ultimatum to Dr. Coleman:

The bottom line to this story is that Alan Coleman has to come out this week against the Red Light Camera's [sic] and must distance himself politically from Nancy Beaulieu. And we mean distance.

As Philip becomes more of an irrelevant anachronism, he's becoming more shrill and hysterical. Philip R. Klein is Jefferson County's equivalent of a Scud missile: : no guidance and no payload.

Jan 16, 2009

Speaking of Nitwit Numbers...


In Philip R. Klein's latest message to himself in his "Reader Mail" section, he claims:

Today - we see 129 hits in about an hour during the day.

As I've pointed out before, Philip is either confused or intentionally misleading readers with his references to hits, when he's clearly referring to page views. Readers may remember that the last time Klein mentioned traffic to the SETPR site, he claimed 348,712 page views for the 30 days period ending on December 5, 2008. 

By crunching those numbers, readers can see that Philip is again making up numbers. Consider that there are 720 hours in a 30-day period:

348,712 page views / 720 hours = 484.3 page views every hour in the month

And if Philip truly meant server hits, the numbers become even more bizarre, considering that each page on the SETPR generates at least 8 server hits per view.  In this scenario, Klein's site generates 3,874 hits every hour of a 30-day period. 

Consider PRK's claim on November 3, 2008:

"This past month we had over 163,000 direct and indirect hits."

As I've noted, there is no such thing as an "indirect hit." However, this extrapolates to 226 "hits" every hour during the month, not 129.

Bottom line: Philip's numbers don't add up, which is typical of most of his rumors, lies, and half-truths. 

I suspect the numbers from Website Outlook are more accurate than Philip's outlandish claims, which measures SETPR traffic at an average of 119 page views per day. Considering that most visits consists of two page views (Philip's Front Page and Top Story page) or more, then he's clearly averaging around 40 to 50 readers per day. This is further verified by the participation in his weekly polls, which usually generate between 30 and 60 unique votes.  Special thanks to the Sam The Eagle Political Review for his diligence in tracking Philip's traffic.

Numbers that Speak for Themselves


Philip's latest poll generated only 37 votes after a week, despite Philip's claim that:

"We see 129 hits in about an hour during the day."

Jan 15, 2009

Death Rattle


Philip R. Klein speculates on the demise of the Beaumont Enterprise in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Right before a human body dies - there is a systematic function the body goes through. They call it the death rattle. And many in the political community have begun to question if the Beaumont Enterprise has begun that process.

Obviously, the "political community" to which Philip refers is solely limited to Klein's multiple personalities and imagination (emphasis is mine).

As we see it if the current management continues their tactics they will end up closing shop or selling off which is also another rumor running through the community. As we see it if the current management continues their tactics they will end up closing shop or selling off which is also another rumor running through the community. Backroom sources say that Hearst will try to sell off the paper within the next year after getting their numbers stabilized and at least hitting bottom on the decrease of subscribers. In the wings are the owners of the "Examiner" we are told.

More manufactured rumor reported as fact, but we'll revisit next year at this time. Wikipedia notes that the death rattle is a strong indication that someone is near death, but can also be produced by other problems that cause interference with the swallowing reflex such as brain injuries.  I suspect Philip's parent probably dropped him on his head too many times as a baby:

The Examiner will be the advocate for Southeast Texas. And you know what? From what we read - they are. At least they are not scared to take on BISD. Or County Government. Or City Government. Look at the stories they break.

Philip doesn't mention the stories they miss. Here are a few from The Enterprise's website today, which doesn't include coverage of street crime:

Regarding street crime, here's the latest story in total from The Examiner:

Caught in the act
Citizen captures Beaumont man burglarizing vehicle
By Examiner staff report
2009-01-14 09:39:57.0

According to a report from the Beaumont Police Department:

On Tuesday Jan. 13 at 9:30 p.m., officers of the Beaumont Police Department responded to the 1400 block of College Street in reference to an auto burglary  suspect being detained by the complainant. 

Upon their arrival, officers learned the complainant had caught Michael Anthony Jones, a 23-year-old man from Beaumont, burglarizing their black Honda car. 

Officers arrested Jones and brought him to the station for a statement.  They learned while taking that statement that Jones had burglarized another car at that same location the night before.  Jones was booked into the Jefferson County Jail for Burglary of a Vehicle (a Class A Misdemeanor) and bond was set at $500.

The Examiner printed the contents of a Beaumont PD Press Release as news, citing one source. 

Here's the latest crime story from the Beaumont Enterprise:

Fifth Port Arthur shooting suspect arrested
January, 14, 2009

The fifth of five men wanted in connection with a Dec. 8 aggravated robbery that left a Port Arthur man with seven gunshot wounds was arrested about 3 p.m. Wednesday in Lake Charles, La.

According to a news release from the Port Arthur Police Department, Jamal Joseph was found at a residence based on Crime Stoppers tips.

Joseph was taken into custody without incident.

The victim, Norman Berry, was shot after 8 p.m. in the 3500 block of 15th Street Dec. 8.

Officers responding to the scene chased a red car through the city, but lost sight of it. The car was later found wrecked at the intersection of 17th Street and Stilwell Boulevard, according to Enterprise archives.

According to Port Arthur police, Berry is still recovering from the wounds.

Ashford Chester was arrested Jan. 1, Kalup Scott was arrested Dec. 30, Andrew Mercadel was arrested Dec. 31 and Silas McCall was arrested Jan. 6.

The Enterprise cited three sources, including a press release, a previous story, and a comment from the Port Arthur Police.

Philip's ability as a media analyst rivals his ability as a hamburger chef.  I wonder what sort of "death rattle" those Dairy Queens made?

Jan 14, 2009

Statement by the Editor


Philip has a new editorial up:

This week the company that owns the Southeast Texas Political Review was informed that the investigation has been completed by agencies looking into violations of federal law. These violations were reported by a third party, and not the Southeast Texas Political Review.

The first issue was an email that was doctored and posted on a web site called "Sam The Eagle" that is owned by Google. With the cooperation of the companies security division and government agencies - it is our understanding that a violation occurred under federal statute. The original email was voluntarily produced by Klein Investments, Inc. in voluntary cooperation with the investigation. The original email was a email to a witness in the Wendell Radford case to which was posted originally on the public talk back line - and then doctored to show that it may have come from a witness. The Review editors have given testimony to it's original form and provided documents to such.

The second issue was a letter received by the company lawyers. It was perpetrated to have come from the US attorney in Tyler Texas. It was a fake letter - it was sealed upon arrival and given to the FBI field office in Beaumont, Texas, and transferred to Tyler Texas as well as forensics labs. Again, the Review editors have given testimony and provided documents to such.

Both issues are related to each other.

I believe in the cause of freedom of speech. I believe in the laws of the United States as well as the State of Texas. As the next days unfold the Review continues to press forward with cooperation with the agencies involved and the prosecution of such. In no way or form are the unfolding issues a retribution towards free speech to any one person. Yet it is cooperation in prosecution of violator (s) of Federal Law.

Neither myself or anyone associated with the Southeast Texas Political Review will make any further statements due to the gravity of the situation and the request by officials involved. We thank you for your understanding.

Philip's latest version is so convoluted that even someone "of the sixth sense"  like Klein can't follow. His story has changed considerably over the past 16 months or so. Compare with his original explanation of the incident in September of 2007:

The matter surrounds a post on the talk back line in 2006 from a person that is involved in the Helena labs scandal. We were made aware of it from emails to me from those who follow the web site "The DOKS" or as they like to call themselves, Operation Klein Watch. A copy of an email was posted on their site to which this web site responded. In that post, it was suggested that there was an ongoing investigation into emails sent to this web site. We have since learned that the information was false.

Apparently, as part of the ruse from the DOK site or the person that is provoking the DOK Web site to post information (RE " Philip Klein Has Some Splannin [SIC] To Do"), this letter follows to the day that the post was made. I will not make any accusations towards the DOK site - and frankly I just do not read them. However, when an issue as sensitive to suggesting that I was involved in an operation or our sister company was - we will answer.

The only question that will now need to be answered is if Gus Pillsbury made up the email post and attempted to garner a story - or if Gus Pillsbury is involved with others that have committed a criminal act.

The "Philip, You Got a Lot of 'Splaining to Do!" article is here. I also documented the rest of that incident as it occurred here, here, here, and here. As I've pointed out, I have the original emails in question as they were posted to Philip's "talk back line" - several are reprinted in the articles above  However, Klein's purported investigation has somehow shifted from Operation Kleinwatch to the Sam The Eagle Political Review over the past 16 months.

Furthermore, Klein claimed in November of 2007 that the investigation had been completed and arrests were imminent before Christmas:

And yes - we caught the person responsible and they are getting a Christmas Surprise (hint - turn yourself in now to avoid the crush of what is going to happen to you).

I do find it interesting, however, that Klein now admits that Lisa Hahn was indeed corresponding with him through his "talk back line." And, if Lisa Hahn was indeed using Klein's distribution list to find information on the Radford investigation, perhaps this sheds some light on why Philip's mailing list is now defunct.

Lastly, we're still waiting on Klein to reveal Sam's true identity, only 87 days after he originally stated he'd reveal everything.  We'll revisit this in the future, many times I'm sure.

Question for Philip: Isn't "the company that owns the Southeast Texas Political Review" the same company that went bankrupt back in the '90s? If so, that certainly says a lot about PRK Enterprises and the Southeast Texas Political Review.   I also noticed you changed your "Reader Mail" letter after I mentioned it in the article below, but I didn't change the original version below - let me know when you get finished with the rewrites.

Time Warner


Philip again comes down on both sides of an issue:

Well you thought the brain children at Time Warner were stupid. Really stupid. But now they make a move that reflects the stupidity of government - and it is going to cost you $12 a year.

Get this - Time Warner is going "Green." Now that is funny. What they are really doing is getting more of your "Green."

Here is the set up. They want to save the trees by cutting down on paper. So if you choose to pay your bill online - you will see no changes to your bill. However, if you like to have your bill paid by paper (meaning you send them a check) it costs you .99 cents.

Philip frequently argues that he's pro-business. Apparently, that only counts if it doesn't actually cost Philip anything - first he complained about the increase in subscription costs for the Beaumont Enterprise, and now, a service charge on paper bills from Time-Warner. 

Typically, Philip is confused about the issue:

That was until the PUC in Texas got wind of it. Is it legal is the question. After all - all taxes and fees must be approved by the PUC. And that leads the question if the PUC has approved the fee increase?

This isn't a fee increase as Philip ignorantly claims, but rather a service charge. Philip's source at the Texas Public Utilities Commission apparently didn't take the time to explain the difference between the two, since the source was probably trying to get off the phone as quickly as possible without actually hanging up on Klein.

No matter how Time-Warner frames the service charge, it's obviously a move at making their billing department more efficient by reducing costs.  Maybe that's not such a bad idea when faced with reducing the company's payroll in the middle of a recession. I admit, however, that I'm biased. I've been paying via online banking for the past five years or so and wonder how I ever got along without it.  I think it beats having to deal with all that paper.

Note to Philip: Maybe you should consider a lawsuit! Got anything else to whine about?

A real reader left this comment today:

I started several times to comment on Philip's "Time Warner" post. It is wrong in so many ways that I ultimately let it all go as so much dribble. Then I see this comment in his reader mail "Today - we see 129 hits in about an hour during the day."! HAHAHAHA, what more can one say? Further, I wonder if Philip could back his statement by producing a copy of the Review from 1993? My guess is no.  

Probably not, especially since he apparently wrote that same question to which he responded. Look for the Philip's signature grammatical train wrecks:

Thank you for what you do for our area. I am only 18 years old and a Senior Government student at Westbrook. My teacher showed us your web site. My class follows it every week. We all laugh at some of your stories because they are unbelievable. But they we find out they are true after doing our own research into them. I am going to ask to do my paper on your web site. Can you tell me why you do your site. And when it was started?"

Perhaps I'm revealing a secret, but Philip has problems with improper capitalization and compound sentences. Those are always dead giveaways for me.  I'm sure Sam the Eagle will have more on Philip comments concerning those 129 hits per hour that usually occur between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, oddly enough.

Reading Philip's Mail


In another self-written letter to himself, Philip R. Klein raises the issue of Nitwit Tidbits on his Reader Mail page of the Southeast Texas Political Review:

From Orange Texas :

I really missed Tidbits this week. I look forward to it every Friday...I know, I know, I should not gripe.

Answer : Well you are not alone. We changed things up a little. There are so many stories right now. We might do something different later - but change is a constant around here. Tidbits is gone.

Phillip missed the lecture on subject/verb agreement in middle school; that should be, "[Nitwit} Tidbits are gone."  Readers will also notice two of PRK's signature grammatical train wrecks in the actual message to himself.

Klein offers some encouragement, however.  Since "change is constant around here" and "[Nitwit] Tidbits [are] gone," we can only hope that the entire Southeast Texas Political Review soon follows.

Jan 13, 2009

Violent Crime Down


Philip R. Klein comments on this story from KBMT/Channel 12 in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Readers will note that this is not what PRK claimed on December 12, 2008:

Crime Stats : We are told get ready for a shocker this February when the numbers are leaked. If there was no more crime in Jefferson County from December 1 to 31 - and not one cop wrote one report - we would still be up 8%? Wow!

Readers will note that Klein wasn't even in the ball park with his hysterical prediction, nor did he get the month right. However we can always depend upon Philip to do the right thing:

We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.

We're waiting, Philip!

Jan 12, 2009

Another One


Philip R. Klein invents a bogus issue regarding the Marine Division of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, based upon his gross ignorance of the issue.Klein also compounds his error by manufacturing sources who are as clueless as he.

For instance, Klein has no idea about how the new port tax is to be applied:

So now - Jefferson County and the Sabine Neches Commission will tax ships on their cargo in order to fund the Jefferson County Sheriffs Navy. Commissioners voted on this this afternoon. To the giggle of many in industry.

Philip quotes his purported source in Louisiana:

"They are going to tax us if we use the river. And we have to use the river but we get zero benefits and we are going to pay most of the tax. It is very strange but we understand where it comes from over there," said the source.

Meaning - Louisiana companies are going to pay for patrol boats with deputies that cannot do anything - including come into their State.

Klein is abysmally confused over the nature of the port tax, which is applied, not on passage, but only to ships docked in Jefferson County Ports.  So, perhaps Philip can explain how "Louisiana companies" are paying a tax on cargo at the Port of Beaumont or Port of Port Arthur.

By Philip's own logic, Jefferson County can't collect taxes in Louisiana:

Such as if you are on the other side of the river from Sabine Pass - the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department can do nothing but call for the Louisiana authority to come "help." 

Now who would officers with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Maritime division call in Louisiana?  Why, they would most probably call the Marine Division of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office! 

Ever heard of that, Philip? 

Calcasieu Parish has  three full time, one part-time, and five reserve boat captains who command the parish's fleet. Readers should also note that through an interlocal agreement, the marine division of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office also patrols the waterways of Cameron Parish.

Astute readers may ask Marine Division of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office is funded. The funds are generated through a security fee charged on all ships docked at the Port of Lake Charles, which amounts to six percent of total dockage fees assessed per port call.  Fees on cargo amount to .13 cents per short ton on breakbulk, .0275 cents per short ton on bulk, and .0275 cents per short ton on liquid bulk. A container fee of $2.60 per unit is also levied.

Obviously, Philip's Louisiana sources  missed those details.

Stupid Decisions (Stupid Articles)


Philip R. Klein revisits several of his standard themes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Last week it made headlines. You know - Jefferson County is on a list of one of the most unsafe rail crossings counties in the United States. So the media jumped on it and it was headlines and top stories on all of the TV stations.

We hear at the Review stayed very quiet. We wanted to AGAIN teach all of our readers and you that are naive in the political business ANOTHER lesson on how you get your news and what they.....well either forget the news or cover up?

FLASHBACK : The City of Beaumont City Council votes to have "Quiet Zones" around rail crossings in the City of Beaumont citing that folks cannot sleep that live near the railroad.

What this shows you again is the stupidly of Government. When government gets involved they screw it up. Even simple things like railroad crossings. Risking peoples lives so others can sleep. And the media does not even mention it? A political agenda by the media? Or maybe just (again) stupidity? Who knows - but just do not wait to hear about the story at 6 and 10. It might embarrass a city council member or two - and those party invites....you know?

Philip's trite themes include the ever-popular media cover up, his arrogant presumption that he has something to "TEACH" ignorant citizens, government is bad, and government is ignorant.  More of the same "old think, over and over and over again."

What this really shows is Philip's stupidity, not the Beaumont City Council. Readers can find relevant facts in the Beaumont Enterprise article concerning the Texas Rail Relocation and Improvement Association's rankings on rail safety. 

Here are few things about which Philip is confused. Those quiet zones are limited to just two areas in the City of Beaumont:

One quiet zone has been established in the West End. Another one is planned for a corridor from the North End to the Old Town.

Jefferson County is included on the list because of 222 accidents and incidents, resulting in eight deaths and 154 injuries. Philip apparently isn't aware that that none of these accidents or incidents have been reported in the two quiet zones that exist in Beaumont. Rather, the incidents occurred elsewhere in the county where no such quiet zone exists.

Philip compounds his error with a misunderstanding of what a quiet zone really is:

So now you have one of the most unsafe crossing counties in not only Texas - but the United States. And a city council that is pushing to shut down the warning systems that warn people driving cars and approaching intersections of an oncoming train?

The warning systems aren't affected by a quiet zone - rather the speed of trains and how they sound their whistles are.  When Council members first discussed the issue, they discovered that my trains routinely blasted horns in the late night and early morning hours all over the area instead of focusing on cars approaching crossings.  I'm not sure why it's necessary for a train to speed through a residential area at 3:00 AM while playing "shave and a haircut, two bits" on their horn, yet such an incident was actually documented in another county in Southeast Texas who also adopted quiet zones.

Lastly, such quiet zones are routine throughout the U.S. The Department of Transportation has offered guidelines for communities who seek to adopt such ordinances.

If you want good government that's accountable and transparent, then commentary from someone who professes to hate government seems rather ludicrous.

My conclusions were shared by a reader who left this comment on Klein's latest:

Reading Philip's latest fabrication "Stupid Decisions", I would suggest he rename it "Idiotic Assumptions". Philip, as is typical, creates a story by indicating the recent train whistle ordinance is responsible for the dangerous railroad crossing designation in Beaumont. Without providing statistical data to support his allegation our dear flapjack rumbles off into another tirade blaming city government, a media cover up, and ignorant residents. Philip's frustration shows in his statement " We wanted to AGAIN teach all of our readers and you that are naive in the political business...". If only they understood I come here to save them? Scary! 

Jan 9, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits Canceled Due to Lack of Interest?


Since the first of the new year, Philip R. Klein has failed to publish Nitwits Tidbits on Friday.

What's up with that, Philip?

Jan 8, 2009

White Rabbit


In lieu of an actual article, Philip R. Klein posted this gibberish on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Logic is gone and proportion spending is our [sic] the window. And the white knights are talking backwards and the people will call for the politicos heads.

He's obviously TWD (typing while drunk) again.

Real Readers Write


Regarding Philip's rumor-mongering, a regular reader noted:

Philip has certainly developed a template for his regurgitations.

  • Step 1: report a rumor as fact.
  • Step 2: accuse the media of a cover-up.
  • Step 3: accuse the DA's Office of conspiracy.
  • Step 4: claim to have "broken" the story.
  • Step 5: embellish on the original rumor.
  • Step 6: report a secret settlement.
  • Step 7: blame county government, the Democratic Party, citizens who "just do not care", and again blame the DA's Office,
  • Final Step: take credit for being the only person/source that cares enough to expose the "TRUTH".

While we laugh at his ranting, we should acknowledge the creativity! Some people simply spread rumors, Philip has refined the process considerably.  

Excellent observation on Philip's winning formula!

Another reader asked this question:

I probably missed it but a couple of years ago, Klein talked about being followed around by Dateline NBC.

Did NBC ever do a show about Klein. I know they were doing a series called " To Catch a Predator ".  

I couldn't verify this - the only episode I can find done in Texas concerns a predator in Murphy, TX, from 2006.

After looking over the episode, I didn't see Klein. It's interesting to note that NBC lost a $105 million lawsuit over this episode, so it certainly sounds like Philip could have been involved! Please let me know if I missed something.

Note that Philip has made a number of similar claims through the years. From the Klein Investigations website:

Mr. Klein has been featured on media programs including Dateline NBC, CNN, Fox News, the Nancy Grace Show and is a media resource for the national media.

Of these, the only one I can verify is the Nancy Grace show, where Philip Rogers Klein was interviewed over a missing persons case involving Joanna Rogers (You can read the transcripts here).  

Philip makes similar claims frequently that never pan out. On one occasion, Philip purportedly claimed he was filling in as a guest host on a talk radio show in Dallas-Fort Worth, but was never heard on the air there.

Here's another one that I documented myself:

From The Talk Show Grave - Dominick Brasha [sic] comes from the talk show grave and will be starting his new show back on KOLE Radio on Monday the 5th of May. Good luck Dominick. The Review has been asked to do the Tuesday the 6th show as a co-host thing. We will be there.

Klein never appeared to do the "co-host thing," since Philip's information was totally wrong - Brasica never returned to the air at KOLE.

On October 10, 2008, Klein quoted this question on his Poll:

Should The Review Accept An Offer To Return To The Radio?

Yes - I Enjoyed The Show:  78 %

I'm still waiting for Philip's return, but I challenge PRK to poll readers with this question: "Should the Review shut down permanently?"

Jan 7, 2009

Done (Deja Vu)


After Philip R. Klein alleged that a purported affair by a district judge in the Jefferson County Courthouse resulted in multiple lawsuits and investigations, he now claims in the latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Sources close to one of the parties confirm to the Southeast Texas Political Review that the court reporter has been paid (not sure by who or how much) and an agreement has been reached by both parties not to file any suits or to say anything public in their ongoing squabble and lovers triangle issues that faced one of the district courts in Jefferson County.

Readers can revisit all of Philip's outlandish claims here.

Since the truth is the first defense against defamation charges, I suspect we now know the real reason that Philip refused to reveal the names of the parties. 

Philip also claims:

It is like Payton Place with armed guards around the courthouse. Seriously, sex, corruption, lies, stealing, cheating and spending others money like it was their own.

Did Klein mean Peyton Place?  If so, I suspect Philip is actually referring to his own marriages.  This comment was particularly funny:

First, we hate nobody. That is so common when you the reader hear comments about us. We really do not hate.

As any regular reader knows, the Southeast Texas Political Review is full of hateful and pejorative speech. Here's just one example from the very same article (the deleted expletive is mine, Philip used the complete version):

And to those of you in the Jefferson County Bar whom have written us or pulled aside and said thank you for exposing "one arrogant son of a b***h." You are welcome.

Despite Philip's bizarre and hysterical claims, we're actually left with an unsubstantiated rumor concerning an affair that may or may not have happened, much the like the rumor concerning Tom Gillam that Philip R. Klein reported as fact.

It's deja vu, all over again.

Piper [sic] Gone (and Update)


Philip sources apparently missed the boat again. In his latest articles, Philip discusses Jack Pieper's departure from KBTV/Channel 4 after only 60 days:

Piper [sic], who quit KLVI, and was rumored to be retiring at the end of the year gave TV a shot over a less than 60 day period which included getting up at 3 a.m. to get to work and start prep for the show.

My advice to Philip: try using punctuation occasionally. Philip quotes his sources:

Piper [sic] was said to fit in with the schedule just fine according to sources.

If Pieper was fitting in "just fine," Philip needs to ask his source why Pieper wasn't given a two-week notice - there are other rumors on the street that Klein's apparently not familiar with.

Pieper's departure comes after Klein first claimed on Oct. 29, 2008:

It was a Friday shocker that even we did not believe and had to make some phone calls. But after talking to those close to the decsion [sic] - we seem to agree that this may be a huge move for KBTV.

Klein also quoted another source in his latest article:

We contacted a source at KLVI and they stated that they did not have a position full time for Piper [sic] but would "always have a place for Jack," said the source.

I seriously doubt that anyone at KLVI would talk too Klein after he wrote this in October:

And as for you rumor people - no - the Review has not been contacted by KLVI to do a show. They do not have guts. It would be like putting the chicken in the hen house. The phones would not stop ringing and they cannot afford that right now. Stop calling with the suggestion. And they do not have that kind of money. Even if they are "Clear Channel."

Chicken in the hen house?  Perhaps this explains why Philip R. Klein is always a few eggs short of an omelet.

So, how's that radio show coming along, Philip?

Jan 5, 2009



In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein dismissed Governor Rick Perry's conservative credentials with his brilliant analysis:

So what as conservatives is left? Where was Perry this last week? Why was he not on the phone? Because here comes Mr. Compassionate Conservative?

Oh God ... not again.

Of course, Rick Perry cut state programs rather than raising taxes during the budgeting shortfall in 2003. He advocated property tax reform as a necessary component for the funding public education in the state of Texas, and his biggest constituency during his 2006 reelection campaign was the evangelical right.

Of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Philip writes:

And so - now as a conservative in Texas without a leader - Kay - my check is in the mail. And please accept it with my honor as maybe one of the last conservatives in Texas.

Hutchison, of course, is a pro-choice Republican who voted for the Wall Street Bailout and the Democratic bill that would have expanded eligibility for the federal Children's Health Insurance Program for families up to 300 percent of the poverty level.

Since Philip enjoys repeating unsubstantiated rumors, here's an interesting one that's been circulating for several years. During his time in the Dairy Queen business, Philip donated $1,000 to Hutchison's senatorial campaign in 1994 and allegedly pledged an even larger donation to follow. Unfortunately, he apparently never honored his  promise and they're still sending him letters to collect the pledge.

We'll revisit Klein's promise that the "check is in the mail" after the next campaign reporting cycle closes. 

Note to Philip: I wouldn't place too much credence in those letters - they send them to everyone, even me:

Jan 4, 2009

A Klein Conspiracy Revisited


We're still waiting on those investigations and lawsuits from December - let's recap for the new year.

Klein first claimed on December 15, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of an investigation regarding a sitting Judge at the Jefferson County Courthouse. And this one may be a big one.

Philip alleged that a "love triangle" existed which also involved wrongful termination and sexual harassment:

The Review has learned late this afternoon that a report has been made to authorities and that investigators "may be" assigned to the case. It is under review at this time. Another source has told the Review, to which the Review has not confirmed, that a complaint will be sworn out in the next ten days with the Judicial Commission regarding the matter.

How's that investigation and complaint coming along, Philip?

On December 16, 2008, Philip claimed:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that according to three independent sources this morning - the scandal that was reported by the Review this morning has grown ten fold in the last 24 hours.

I wonder how the scandal could have grown ten-fold in 24 hours if Philip first "reported" the story "this morning."  Actually, Klein first published those initial claims on the 15th, then posted this follow-up on the 16th. In this addendum, Klein claimed:

The Review has learned that two law firms have been contacted by both the accused and the accuser and that a Lawsuit may be filed in the next week concerned the almost $10,000 that is being held in lue [sic] of payment to the former Court Reporter.

How's that lawsuit coming along, Philip?

Philip then claimed on December 17, 2008:

The Review has also learned early this morning that a Houston area law firm has been shadowing the "situation" and that they have a "vested" interest in getting to the bottom of the story. According to sources close to the law firm, "they" have been placed in the middle of this "very difficult" situation and may have to file further action against not only Jefferson County, but the court reporter involved.

Philip never explained how the "Houston area law firm" could file further actions, when no actions were filed at all.

On December 18, Philip claimed yet another lawsuit was being filed:

Other sources that have called the Review and work at the Jefferson County Courthouse have confirmed that the first woman that was fired as a court reporter, and her now husband who was also fired, have made the decision to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Jefferson County and the Judge.

Furthermore, the husband is contemplating a wrongful termination suit.

A source very close to a practicing lawyer in that court has told the Review that the talk in the particular defense bar that the judge has now been effectively "castrated" and should at least step down during the investigation and litigation.

So, how's that litigation going, Philip? We'll keep watch over this story - since no lawsuits have been filed, we'll consider this story "in development" for the time being.

Not Electable


In his latest fantasy article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that top leaders of the democratic party have come to a political conclusion over the past few weeks. That is - law and order Judge Layne Walker is "not electable" to the position of Jefferson County District Attorney. And sources tell the Review that they are making their point in the back channels of the democratic party.

Did Judge Layne Walker Make an announcement that I missed?  Philip's anonymous sources continues:

"Layne is a great guy. His dad is great. But I think Layne has to come to a political reality - he has made no friends over the past few years and his support is zero," said a source in the Jefferson County Democratic Party with knowledge of the party system.

Does anyone believe that a member of the "Jefferson County Democratic Party with knowledge of the party system" would talk to Philip R. Klein about this?

Jan 1, 2009

Update on Hurricane Ike Fatalities


Philip R. Klein's prediction on casualties from the Bolivar Peninsula during Hurricane Ike provides an excellent example of how he publishes hysterical and unsubstantiated rumor with a reckless disregard for the real truth. Typically, Philip quotes anonymous sources concerning the victims on the Bolivar Peninsula:

Sadly - the officers that I am know and are friends with in that area tell me that over 300 bodies will be found.

I certainly hope that no one in local law enforcement was so irresponsible as to repeat this rumor to Philip R, Klein.

Here's the reality: 20 people from Galveston County have been confirmed as dead.  Another 11 from the Bolivar Peninsula are still missing, as of December 30, 2008.  That's about one-tenth of what Philip R. Klein published on several occasions.

Philip's callous and untrue claims trivialize the deaths of these real victims.

Political Stupidity


Philip R. Klein quotes another manufactured source in his latest aptly-named article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

The Review has learned that there is an internal movement to put up red light camera's [sic] in Beaumont - even after the report in almost every single paper in Texas that Red Light Camera's [sic] cause MORE accidents at intersections where they are installed.

"There are a few people that are pushing this thing. It is a political disaster for any of them to even say that they are looking at this program right now. It is political stupidity," said a source from inside the Beaumont City Hall this past week.

"We are getting a few do gooders [sic] that want to see these cameras put up to try and raise money for the city. It is simply stupid," said the source.

We'll revisit this in a few weeks, since I doubt there is an "internal movement" in the Beaumont City Council behind these cameras as Philip claims.  Isn't it ironic that Philip's source didn't mention the existing camera locations in Beaumont:

Beaumont Texas Red Light Camera Locations
  • US-96 N and Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-69 S and College St
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-69 S - and Washington Blvd
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-69 N and Delaware St
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-69 N - and Washington Blvd
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-287 S and Laurel St
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-287 N and Fannett Rd 1
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • I-10 W and Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • Eastex Fwy and Lucas Dr
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • Eastex Fwy and Dowlen Rd
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-69 and College St
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera
  • US-287 and Laurel St
    Fine: $75
    Camera Type: Red Light Camera

A Philip Klein Challenge: Research the accident statistics before and after the installation of those cameras and let us know if the rates are up or down.  I have the real data, so I'll know if you're manufacturing numbers again.

Time will tell if Philip is inventing another issue, like the "Tax Abetment [sic]" That Never Was or the Obama v. Clinton lawsuit in Jefferson County.