Jan 12, 2009

Another One

Philip R. Klein invents a bogus issue regarding the Marine Division of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, based upon his gross ignorance of the issue.Klein also compounds his error by manufacturing sources who are as clueless as he.

For instance, Klein has no idea about how the new port tax is to be applied:

So now - Jefferson County and the Sabine Neches Commission will tax ships on their cargo in order to fund the Jefferson County Sheriffs Navy. Commissioners voted on this this afternoon. To the giggle of many in industry.

Philip quotes his purported source in Louisiana:

"They are going to tax us if we use the river. And we have to use the river but we get zero benefits and we are going to pay most of the tax. It is very strange but we understand where it comes from over there," said the source.

Meaning - Louisiana companies are going to pay for patrol boats with deputies that cannot do anything - including come into their State.

Klein is abysmally confused over the nature of the port tax, which is applied, not on passage, but only to ships docked in Jefferson County Ports.  So, perhaps Philip can explain how "Louisiana companies" are paying a tax on cargo at the Port of Beaumont or Port of Port Arthur.

By Philip's own logic, Jefferson County can't collect taxes in Louisiana:

Such as if you are on the other side of the river from Sabine Pass - the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department can do nothing but call for the Louisiana authority to come "help." 

Now who would officers with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Maritime division call in Louisiana?  Why, they would most probably call the Marine Division of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office! 

Ever heard of that, Philip? 

Calcasieu Parish has  three full time, one part-time, and five reserve boat captains who command the parish's fleet. Readers should also note that through an interlocal agreement, the marine division of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office also patrols the waterways of Cameron Parish.

Astute readers may ask Marine Division of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office is funded. The funds are generated through a security fee charged on all ships docked at the Port of Lake Charles, which amounts to six percent of total dockage fees assessed per port call.  Fees on cargo amount to .13 cents per short ton on breakbulk, .0275 cents per short ton on bulk, and .0275 cents per short ton on liquid bulk. A container fee of $2.60 per unit is also levied.

Obviously, Philip's Louisiana sources  missed those details.

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