Jan 7, 2009

Done (Deja Vu)

After Philip R. Klein alleged that a purported affair by a district judge in the Jefferson County Courthouse resulted in multiple lawsuits and investigations, he now claims in the latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Sources close to one of the parties confirm to the Southeast Texas Political Review that the court reporter has been paid (not sure by who or how much) and an agreement has been reached by both parties not to file any suits or to say anything public in their ongoing squabble and lovers triangle issues that faced one of the district courts in Jefferson County.

Readers can revisit all of Philip's outlandish claims here.

Since the truth is the first defense against defamation charges, I suspect we now know the real reason that Philip refused to reveal the names of the parties. 

Philip also claims:

It is like Payton Place with armed guards around the courthouse. Seriously, sex, corruption, lies, stealing, cheating and spending others money like it was their own.

Did Klein mean Peyton Place?  If so, I suspect Philip is actually referring to his own marriages.  This comment was particularly funny:

First, we hate nobody. That is so common when you the reader hear comments about us. We really do not hate.

As any regular reader knows, the Southeast Texas Political Review is full of hateful and pejorative speech. Here's just one example from the very same article (the deleted expletive is mine, Philip used the complete version):

And to those of you in the Jefferson County Bar whom have written us or pulled aside and said thank you for exposing "one arrogant son of a b***h." You are welcome.

Despite Philip's bizarre and hysterical claims, we're actually left with an unsubstantiated rumor concerning an affair that may or may not have happened, much the like the rumor concerning Tom Gillam that Philip R. Klein reported as fact.

It's deja vu, all over again.

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