Jan 4, 2009

A Klein Conspiracy Revisited

We're still waiting on those investigations and lawsuits from December - let's recap for the new year.

Klein first claimed on December 15, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of an investigation regarding a sitting Judge at the Jefferson County Courthouse. And this one may be a big one.

Philip alleged that a "love triangle" existed which also involved wrongful termination and sexual harassment:

The Review has learned late this afternoon that a report has been made to authorities and that investigators "may be" assigned to the case. It is under review at this time. Another source has told the Review, to which the Review has not confirmed, that a complaint will be sworn out in the next ten days with the Judicial Commission regarding the matter.

How's that investigation and complaint coming along, Philip?

On December 16, 2008, Philip claimed:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that according to three independent sources this morning - the scandal that was reported by the Review this morning has grown ten fold in the last 24 hours.

I wonder how the scandal could have grown ten-fold in 24 hours if Philip first "reported" the story "this morning."  Actually, Klein first published those initial claims on the 15th, then posted this follow-up on the 16th. In this addendum, Klein claimed:

The Review has learned that two law firms have been contacted by both the accused and the accuser and that a Lawsuit may be filed in the next week concerned the almost $10,000 that is being held in lue [sic] of payment to the former Court Reporter.

How's that lawsuit coming along, Philip?

Philip then claimed on December 17, 2008:

The Review has also learned early this morning that a Houston area law firm has been shadowing the "situation" and that they have a "vested" interest in getting to the bottom of the story. According to sources close to the law firm, "they" have been placed in the middle of this "very difficult" situation and may have to file further action against not only Jefferson County, but the court reporter involved.

Philip never explained how the "Houston area law firm" could file further actions, when no actions were filed at all.

On December 18, Philip claimed yet another lawsuit was being filed:

Other sources that have called the Review and work at the Jefferson County Courthouse have confirmed that the first woman that was fired as a court reporter, and her now husband who was also fired, have made the decision to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Jefferson County and the Judge.

Furthermore, the husband is contemplating a wrongful termination suit.

A source very close to a practicing lawyer in that court has told the Review that the talk in the particular defense bar that the judge has now been effectively "castrated" and should at least step down during the investigation and litigation.

So, how's that litigation going, Philip? We'll keep watch over this story - since no lawsuits have been filed, we'll consider this story "in development" for the time being.

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