Jan 24, 2009

Look Who's On YouTube (Part II)

As noted in the article below, Philip R. Klein with the Southeast Texas Political Review appeared on a roundtable discussion concerning the PNG ISD school board's decision not to initially release the list of applicants for the district's Athletic Director opening.  You can see the actual roundtable in the posting below.

After a review (pun intended) of the discussion, here is the bottom line, found at the very end of the roundtable in segment two:

Gabe Pruett: If they go out and get the best coach possible and if's he's not on the list, that does not matter to me, that doesn't matter to me one bit...

Philip R. Klein (interrupting): But again, the law is the law, and just because it's football, you don't throw the law out.

Gabe Pruett: They did no breaking of the law. They put in for a waiver, the waiver said no to them, and what did they do today, they released the list.

During this exchange, Chad Cooper with The Examiner can be seen laughing when Philip breaks into the "same ol' think, over and over and over again."

Throughout the discussion, Philip steadfastly maintains that this is more evidence of why "Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in the state of Texas," even though the point is clearly made that PNG was protecting some of the applicants, who were uncomfortable with their names being publicized:

Gabe Pruett: ...In a lot of cases, these guys will be scrutinized by their community, their fellow coaches, and their players, who now know they're looking for another job...and now their names are strung out there in four or five different places - of course, their loyalty at their position right now has been in question. I'm glad that PNG came out with the list today, they have broke no laws, they looked for a waiver, this is not the only governing body entity that asks for waivers in this system. This is not a first time deal, now that they have been told by the AG they have to release the list, they have done that.

Did Channel 4 misspell Philip's name?

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