Jan 23, 2009

Look Who's On YouTube!

A real reader writes:

Oh lawdy!  Channel 4 made the huge mistake of inviting PRK onto their newscast last night to talk about PNG trying to keep from releasing the names of the candidates for it's head football coach.

PRK is invited WHY? 

The reader included links to the videos on YouTube (or U-TUBE in Philip's mangled grammar), which you can watch below.

I think we can assume that Channel 4 is having a hard time finding enough content to fill that 9-10 PM newscast, but I must admit, Philip looked right at home sitting next to an inebriated sports writer. After watching, I think Philip definitely needs to lose about 300 lbs - the way the buttons on his shirt were strained almost to the breaking point to hold his prodigious stomach is always a dead giveaway.

For those readers who may be unfamiliar with the issue, the PNG School Board applied for a waiver to avoid releasing the names, apparently because some of the candidates requested that their application be kept confidential. After the local media filed official requests for the list of candidates, the PNG-ISD asked the Attorney General's office for an opinion. The opinion was published on Wednesday, and the PNG-ISD released the names yesterday. 

While this process is entirely legal, even pedestrian, Philip published an article on the Southeast Texas Political Review where he claimed this was more evidence of "CORRUPTION IN JEFFERSON COUNTY!" I've previously posted the link to an interesting discussion concerning Philip's article on this site. You can read the opinion from Assistant Attorney General Melanie J. Villars here.

While PRK has blown this out of proportion, Gabe Pruett with the Orange Leader and the SETX Sports website exposes Philip's stupidity. You'll see that Philip blindly keeps hammering on "corruption of our public officials" with no understanding of the real issue. Fortunately, Pruett gets the last word in at the end of segment two.

The segment includes such high points as Philip's statement that "Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in Texas,'  but his funniest remark had to be this claim:

"I'm a politician, I've been in politics for a long time."

Oh really, and what elected offices has Philip held?  Somehow, Phillip has made the transformation from a self-proclaimed political consultant to a self-proclaimed politician.

Other high points comes after Philip points out on several occasions that he knows little about sports, but interrupts to give his opinion on coaching.  Typically, Philip tried to monopolize the conversation, but that doesn't work well for Philip when he's dealing with people who are actually knowledgeable on the subject.

Segment One

Segment Two

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