Jan 22, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits Are Back!

First of all, I'd again like to thank my many readers for making Operation Kleinwatch the top two most Googled sites in the world for "Philip R. Klein." This really means a lot to me.

As a way of expressing my gratitude, I've decided to continue Nitwit Tidbits, even though Philip R. Klein has discontinued his most popular feature of the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Here are some of Philip's best Nitwit Tidbits this week.

The title of his editorial:

"Painted Black."

He's misquoting the Rolling Stones song, Paint It Black.

And Doves belief in "talking."

Do they believe in talking, too?

And so it is written and so it is done.

Another of Philip's deep thoughts.

So - to start the first day off of our new president.


Remember - "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." But that was another day and a conservative democrat.

Since when has any Senator from Massachusetts been conservative? Isn't that why LBJ ran on the ticket?

Well, the economy today is being effected by Government.

I hope the government can affect the economy as well.

Where did you come from? Why are you here? If you do not like it haul ass where you came from!

Hey, Philip, how's New Jersey this time of year?

Are you stuck on stupid?

Philip has proven time and again that this is possible.

Obama is half black and half white.

And Philip is all racist.

Obama wants to open the boarders.

Oh boy, free room and rent! Or, did he mean "Obama wants to open the borders?"

Who do you want to have control the guns or for that matter who do you want controlled since guns are things and people own things.

Apparently, this makes perfect sense to Philip.

Cut your expense back now buddy. We here in the business community have.

I love the new offices of Klein and Associates on Nederland Avenue. Didn't that use to be a Dairy Queen?

A half black is in the Whitehouse now!

Racism usually stems from ignorance, like mistaking "Whitehouse" for the White House.

You have to read, write and count numbers before you can learn a trade.

Philip loses on all three counts (pun intended), hence bankruptcy!

Opps....we were wrong.


We had to put the paper down and then pick it up again and read it again.

If "we" were reading the paper, how many hands were holding the paper and wasn't that rather crowded? 

The bottom line to this story is that Alan Coleman has to come out this week against the Red Light Camera's and...

The "red light camera's" what? Or did Philip mean red light cameras?

After all Councilmen - tonight's top story is that a dog was shot in Evadale?

Did Philip mean "councilman," or is he as sexist as he is racist?

As for us Web guys - we are the future. And the future is ours. It is how you hear about the news and what goes on because we could careless about advertising or who reads - to which it seems that we are taking the market.

I think Philip meant "we could care less...." Here's the latest result from Phlip's "polling question" with results daily and up to the minute!

Oh, look - Klein's poll has 41 votes this week! At this rate, I predict that Philip will "take the market" by the year 2525, if man can survive.

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