Jan 30, 2009

Nitwit Tidbits (Updated)!

From the "If They Only Knew PRK" department concerning Philip R. Klein's investigation (I use the term loosely) into the disappearance of Patrick McDermott:

"But, it turns out, some of the specific information in the coast guard report contradicts Klein's own claims and theories about the case."

Especially the part about McDermott having presumably drowned at sea.  Ironically, Olivia Newton-John wouldn't let Philip get within two continents of her:

Klein wants to speak to the women in McDermott's life. But Yvette Nipar and Olivia Newton-John both decline his requests.

So much for Philip's credibility, but Olivia's spokesperson had an interesting observation after the show:

The singer's LA representative Michael Caprio said Newton-John, whose nine-year relationship with McDermott ended the day before he disappeared on a fishing charter, did not want to comment on Klein's claims that her former partner was alive.

"After nearly a two year investigation, there was no evidence or proof provided by the investigator hired by Dateline as to the truth in this story," Caprio told The Daily Telegraph Online.

Meanwhile, Dateline comes to a stunning conclusion:

"The problem is, our tapes of Philip's interviews with these witnesses do not bear out his claims."

Not to be deterred, Klein resorts to a gimmick that we're all familiar with:

"Philip tells us that he had additional, off the record conversations with the witnesses, in which they recounted seeing McDermott get off the boat. "

"Oh, look! It's deja vu all over again," said the anonymous source. Meanwhile, Philip's articles this week show he's still on that three-hour boat tour:

Both sides the isle say it...

Perhaps if McDermott hadn't been standing in the aisle at the wrong time, he wouldn't have fallen overboard and drowned. Back in Jefferson County, I see that his weekly poll experienced a massive influx of eight people, based on Klein's TV exposure (pun intended) over the past days:

I hope Dateline got copies of the receipts for Philip's vacation!

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