Jan 14, 2009

Reading Philip's Mail

In another self-written letter to himself, Philip R. Klein raises the issue of Nitwit Tidbits on his Reader Mail page of the Southeast Texas Political Review:

From Orange Texas :

I really missed Tidbits this week. I look forward to it every Friday...I know, I know, I should not gripe.

Answer : Well you are not alone. We changed things up a little. There are so many stories right now. We might do something different later - but change is a constant around here. Tidbits is gone.

Phillip missed the lecture on subject/verb agreement in middle school; that should be, "[Nitwit} Tidbits are gone."  Readers will also notice two of PRK's signature grammatical train wrecks in the actual message to himself.

Klein offers some encouragement, however.  Since "change is constant around here" and "[Nitwit] Tidbits [are] gone," we can only hope that the entire Southeast Texas Political Review soon follows.

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